1. What kinda logic is that 😂 look at this girl, she is the poster child for white girls who say the n word

  2. I’m not saying she hasn’t but you said “ya right” like you be using the word too

  3. That makes no sense lol “ya right she’s never said” is more what my comment meant. It’s just phrased the other way around 😂

  4. The back arch for her “bump” She’s like 3 days pregnant PLSSSS I’m crying😭😭😭

  5. Me at 39+3 FTM, I can’t tell what’s concerning and what’s not, I’m in physical pain with every MOVEMENT, my tummy is tightening. But they don’t feel like real contractions so I’m just chilling in pure agony 🙂🙂🙂

  6. Same 39+3 and same on the symptoms!! Also I wake up basically having already peed myself a little and every time I’m like “is that water or is it pee??”

  7. He was for sure trying to score you as a rebound:( f that, he’s a douche. I’d cut him off completely

  8. I hate her so much. She’s so in your FACE with unnecessary attitude. She’s just mean

  9. Love how she ditched her daughter to go live in Spain with this loser. Her poor daughter doesn’t have any parents that give a shit about her.

  10. Are you kidding me?! That’s so terrible. I was just watching before the 90 days and I was rooting for her bc Tim is so stupid. That’s so fucked up.

  11. Nobody doxxed her 😂 someone posted “I could dox her if I wanted but I won’t” and also said they have the bfs number. The person has been banned permanently and the post was removed anyways. No information was leaked bc we do not stand for that at all.

  12. The person who posted that has been banned. We do NOT stand for doxxing of any kind. But this is a snark page😂 we are gonna talk shit. If you don’t like it, you can leave or better yet… we can ban you too!

  13. That’s still odd to me because what they met when she was like 20 and he was in his mid 20’s I’m in my mid twenties and I’m not dating a 20-21 year old

  14. Oh helllllll nooooo. If he can put his hand on your kid no matter how old, who knows if he can put his hands on YOU or maybe even do worse to your son when your not home. Get tf outta there.

  15. Omfg same but it made me SOOOOO tmi constipated like I couldn’t poop for days

  16. I’m due September 22nd I took my mat leave august 20th 😂 I was sore tired and didn’t wanna work anymore

  17. probably not cause if they’re both in toddler beds then they’ll be able to do things as soon as they get out of bed and she’ll have no choice but to wake up and be a parent

  18. Right!!!! But So dangerous if he falls out 😓she’d rather comfort than safety.

  19. The only reason is because she was a yt girl

  20. Girl, this’ll get ya banned bc wtf lmao. STOP SYMPATHIZING IN A FUCKING SNARK GROUPPPP. So annoying. I know tons of white girls who grew up in a black area and didn’t say that word. Not only was she saying the n word but MULTIPLE black people called her out and said stop and she didn’t. She profits off using strong AAVE in all her content, faking a blaccent, regifting packages sent from poc’s small business in “give aways” and her light skin son. No matter how she’s saying it whether it be “malicious” or not, she shouldn’t have said it. So please enjoy your ban, courtesy of me!

  21. I always hated these type of videos also the you’re invited to the cookout comments 🙄

  22. “It says entrance right there” he really hate that girl😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Well the page was also only at like 300 people yesterday and now it’s at 900. It’s hard to keep up. Maybe offer to be a mod.

  24. HONESTLY me too, bc I want this snark page to thrive, I’ve always wanted one for karly

  25. This is a SNARK page, no? Yet so many people in here are defending her..? Where’s the mods lmfao

  26. NO SERIOUSLy lMFAOOO, all these comments “I’m gonna get downvoted but I love her so much she’s grown!” Where these modssss atttt

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