1. Hopefully something else is added for Wattson, seems pretty disappointing if that’s it for 2 seasons

  2. Damn, came for the cool Ash skin stayed for the random account conspiracy/mystery.

  3. So they can list it as a feature whenever they bring it back

  4. When do we usually get the gamespot, gaming sites, patch notes release. Last few seasons the devs have given them portions of the gun changes and things I thought usually the thursday before the season but I forget

  5. Last 2 seasons they didn’t drop the patch notes until the day before

  6. Who said barrel stabilizers we're being removed?????

  7. SMGs can’t equip them anymore. New laser sight attachments are being added

  8. Just started Abbot Elementary, 2 episodes in. It’s pretty good.

  9. I’ve only been playing since the season that Storm Point/Ash came out, but I feel like this is the 5th Hemlock skin they’ve given us since then. Need them to put this many Havoc skins in

  10. Nice! I’m still trying to get the 2k badge lol. I’ve gotten so close several times, keep falling like 20 short

  11. I really like Abbot Elementary but I’ve only seen 2 episodes so far. So I’m gonna go with The Good Place or Brooklyn 99.

  12. I've been saying for YEARS now that they literally could have made a 1:1 live action adaptation of Justice League War and it would have sold well.

  13. Why does everyone keep saying that you get a prestige tier after 700 levels? In the trailer it showed the tracker going from 500 --> 1, like in here. Am I missing something?

  14. The original leak a while back stated that they were just increasing level cap by 200 and no prestige system. I guess they are conflating the two

  15. What I ask my boyfriend when we go to bed every night.

  16. really dont like that last change, both aesthetically and lore wise, i mean it looks like an last minute patch job the seams on that mountain and also "theres now mountain where there wasnt one" is uhhh stupid

  17. And you can clearly see where the new one was added

  18. I feel like the people who hate it aren’t Wattson mains

  19. I think they have to do a big pass on her entire kit tbh, maybe not touch her tactical, but her passive and ult need tanking imo.

  20. The jet pack should be her tactical, get rid of the missles altogether. Her passive is to scan while flying

  21. No no, Jabba was at least a successful business man

  22. I have it. But now I wish I saved so I could buy the Naruto skin.

  23. At least you’ll be able to make the Naruto skin whenever though, I used my points for outlands explorer over the Naruto one. Thematic events skins stay in game after the event and are still craftable. 2 seasons after it’s passed it will go down to the normal legendary skin price

  24. what animal is it going to be and why is it already decided to be a human

  25. They aren't the protagonists but they're the good guys. Except Paris. Fuck Paris

  26. Cross progression won’t happen I don’t think. I bet, at the most, you’ll be able to use your account on multiple platforms. I doubt there will be account merging.

  27. Isn’t using your account on multiple platforms cross progression?

  28. I don’t know if I can’t read but I don’t see thunder kitty will that return?

  29. I think it should return for the anniversary event every year

  30. I love you respawn but you really need to improve the leveling badges. There should be level 5000 already, so the ones grinding hard have a new goal. You can look into rewards later on, to avoid bots, but badges are easy to make

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