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  1. This is one of the changes I would be fine with should the Netflix series get the greenlight for a S2 and S3. Narratively I think it would make some sense for Zuko's crew themselves to have become somewhat disillusioned with the Fire Nation like Iroh once did and perhaps secretly be recruited into the White Lotus sometime during the travels in S1.

  2. I'm telling them to turn up the speakers and put on Coloratura, while I do my best to hold out for an extra few minutes to leave this crazy world

  3. I would like to think that as more stories get told with Avatar Studios slowly working their way to produce content, we get a better glimpse into the more finite aspects of the end of the war. Because I do agree with you. I've read some really cool fanfiction about just this sort of thing that really expands upon not only the issues people within the nation have, the common and more wealthy folk, but also Zuko's own struggles with trying to reel things in.

  4. Except he specifies that he's talking about the Rebellion immediately before his says he's been in "this fight" since he was six. And when we meet up with him in Andor episode one he's a grown adult who's definitely not in the process of fighting injustice.

  5. It's up to personal interpretation, I guess. To me it was clear from the narrative that Cassian has been fighting some sort of larger, oppressing force, atleast in his view, for a large majority of his life starting out on Kenari. The term "rebellion" is obvi often associated with the rebellion against the empire, but there are different kinds of rebels and rebellions. I'm reminded of s5 of the CW, the arc with Saw and his sister - they weren't fighting the Republic, but they were still rebels in their own right for going against what they saw as an oppressing government.

  6. My prediction for this show is that Dallas is going to absolutely have the best performance. I so can't wait to see his portrayal of the banished prince

  7. Why would he do that? He would just inject himself with compound-v and regain his powers. The only way I see him killing himself is if there’s no more V.

  8. My comment was with the assumption that for whatever reason, compound V, or any other way to potentially regain his power, is unavailable for him. Obviously if there's compound V around he'll do whatever he can to take it and return as his "true self" but if there isn't any way for him to do so - say, he's imprisoned with no powers - I think his journey ends with suicide.

  9. Given that most commenters seem to be viewing this post under the same assumption I didn't feel a reason to clarify any unsaid specifics, my b

  10. wow it feels like i haven’t seen that guy in ages

  11. He's sadly had to basically go dark on all social media because of the harassment from "fans" toward him and his family. I know the small amount of people who partook, and even now still partake in this behavior are in the minority of the fanbase, but with how social media is their voices can so easily made to be loud and vocal

  12. I agree that she doesn't "need" redemption, but I also think it'd be a powerful story to tell of another one of Ozai's victims finding a sense of inner peace and harmony.

  13. In my case I did have one assignments due during the break, and I do have some assignments that are due shortly after break, like later in the first week back. Thankfully I've been able to keep up with my work so that this week I would have nothing extraordinary to need to get done, and the assignments that are due later in the coming week are ones I am incapable of working on currently due to not having the necessary in-class material.

  14. I legitimately cannot believe people actually think Luthan is supposed to be Rael Averross. I have no idea why anyone would think Palpatine is stupid enough to let Dooku’s former padawan galavant across the Galaxy while in the possession of a Sith Holocron. At this point, Luthan has done more damage to Palpatine's rule than Maul and Savage did in The Clone Wars.

  15. The big thing about Palpatine is he's arrogant AF, especially now during the Empire where he's all but won and eliminated the Jedi Order. He's a smart, smart man but don't you think it's a bit dumb on his part to not fully investigate Padme's death and if she had truly lost the children, knowing who their father was?

  16. Okay this was seriously so cool. I know despite the ppl being affiliated with the project that this small snippet doesn't have much to do with it, I am still very much encouraged because this atleast shows us they know what they're doing in terms of visuals and actual performance for these moves.

  17. Quite honestly no one for me tbh. At the time of the announcement that Techno passed away I had pretty much fallen out of the fandom, only following along very faintly with what was happening, etc. Ever since his death I just haven't had the drive to watch any of these guys (I think I'd still watch Dream cuz of how rare he posts) because of how it'd remind me of Techno. Makes me think how I view some of the shows from my childhood - once upon a time I loved them, followed them, even lived them in a way, but I've reached a point in my life where circumstances have deemed it for me to move on.

  18. This is so cute, rlly can't wait to get their inevitable moment when they're first back together. In a saga full of romantic or platonic relationships ending tragically, I really hope this is one of the exceptions and we get to see Ezra and Sabine live peacefully some day.

  19. For a second I thought that was Brandon Marsh with that hairdo LOL

  20. I won't say I like one portrayal over the other because to me there is nothing different about what we received in both shows. I will say that overall I liked that they focused on Boba's sense of honor and his growth in learning to value companionship.

  21. It pretty much is a SW movie in and of itself. Four episodes that if you remove the intro and ending sequences would flow seamlessly

  22. How, he is only about to start his 2nd full pro season out of HS, not College.

  23. He's definitely going to be up at some point in 2023, barring injury or unfortunate circumstances. It won't be a full yr given his inning limitations but I envision the team would like him to pitch a bulk of those innings up here because of how legit his stuff is

  24. Look at the wording here. You’re making it sound like he was actively using her for his own ends when he wasn’t, a lot of these incidents were him acting out of insecurity or thinking Azula is playing games with him, or him making an ass out of himself and Azula happening to help him through it. And he did technically try to return the favor by trying to be nicer to her during The Search by the way.

  25. I have a lot to say on this manner because I feel many commenters in this thread are intensively (and I would argue, unfairly) biased against Zuko and biased in favor of Azula (which is fine, ppl are allowed to view media in their own ways). But to say it shortly, I agree with you. Zuko did some bad things in the series but I wouldn't classify his treatment of Azula as among the worst of those. And while I would agree that it is clear some part of Azula loves/cares for Zuko, I wouldn't say she doesn't act or behave towards him maliciously a many of times. The relationship between the two was strained on both ends.

  26. I gotchu. From Azula's perspective I think you mean, he would be like Ozai. And just from a behavioral standpoint.

  27. Oh my goodness, how have I not seen this theory before? Granted idk much about Master Rael but it does seem like there are similarities. Especially that Luthen was in possession of a kyber crystal.

  28. I had a small theory that he could've been a Jedi but I actually didn't know there was an existing character (Legends/Canon) that he could be paralleled to already. I know many might not like this if true but personally I think it'd be really interesting because on the animated/live action format we haven't really seen Jedi post Order 66 that have lost their way but not in a way where they fall to the dark side. I think this could provide a really interesting perspective on the whole "good and bad are more nuanced than those absolutes" theme.

  29. Don't think the series is coming out any earlier than Summer of 2023, so expect a trailer either then or sometime late 2023. Granted I'm no expert but I feel that if they do release in 2023 it's either going to be early summer or late fall

  30. Sadly I think we're gonna have to keep waiting, these past couple of yrs the offseasons have been different cuz of the covid situation, and then we had the lockout... now that things have returned to some semblance or normalcy, I wouldn't expect any of the big guys to sign until atleast the winter meetings commence

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