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  • By - rmma

  1. Is that how he got his shoulder injury? By being thrown under a bus?

  2. Pay someone to do it for you.

  3. I think people recommending FastAPI have never maintained a production codebase with FastAPI at scale. It shits the bed at scale.

  4. When it comes to blocking withdrawals, I don’t think M1 is storing it themselves and that it’s actually handled by Apex.

  5. No US start up business model works when it started... you think YouTube was profitable when Google bought them? The key is innovating and getting private equity money until they build a profitable business e.g Facebook or get bought out by someone who needs to access a growth market.

  6. I don’t think that example holds weight. The accusation is that Celsius was possibly using new deposits to pay rewards for old deposits. There is a difference between running a high-growth business at a temporary loss and allegedly redirecting Peter’s funds to pay Paul.

  7. You probably don’t need to use Selenium.

  8. Where CeFi seems to get in trouble is when they have more depositors than users seeking over collateralized loans. They’re then stuck with extra funds and have to pay the interest back to depositors. As the funds and liabilities pile up, they take riskier bets to earn yield.

  9. Yesterday they had $5.505B in liabilities and $4.319B in assets.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s just assets that would go up as crypto does. If crypto rises, that would also make the liability value rise?

  11. Yeah I think part of their "hole" is how much money they owe to us users in the amounts we put on their exchange. If crypto rises, they just owe us more money.

  12. Agreed. I do think BTC rising in price would help their Bitcoin mining payback plan if they would sell it for fiat.

  13. Protects against new lawsuits I believe.

  14. Who would have thought an image of a cartoon monkey wouldn’t hold up during a global recession?

  15. It's over bro. Alex is changing his name to Alejandro and moving to Mexico as we speak. He sold all our bitcoins and he's gonna use the money to binge on cocaine and margaritas till he has a heart attack and dies.

  16. As bad as the last few days have been, I needed the laugh.

  17. Any idea what time the main event will be?

  18. Genuinely curious, why should someone invest n both SPY and VOO when they both track the S&P?

  19. I haven’t personally but a friend of mine rented some instances from Vast AI for ML. He said the experience was easy and cheaper than AWS.

  20. Terrible comment. Have a heart.

  21. Then don’t come back? Also, what has Dana done for fighters? Screw MMA and making it big what has he done for his fighters?

  22. Not a Dana fan by any means but the amount they pay fighters is greater than any other MMA promotion.

  23. My friend texted me 1am saying she just cut her hair and sent a pic. I said damn youre so beautiful but saved it with an "as a friend" double text

  24. I currently work as a software engineer but want to change my career. After several sessions with a Career Coach, one of the clear matches was Stock Broker/Trader.

  25. Curious, why are you switching careers?

  26. I think the closer you get to retirement, the more important bonds will be with low risk. What is the three fund portfolio?

  27. A three fund portfolio would consist of ETFs that track US, world and bond markets. The reason people recommend this is because world markets could annually outperform US markets and vice versa.

  28. He is hands down the best dude they have on the panel and the only one I really sort of pay attention to. Love when he talks shit to the blonde haired lady. Reminds me of Mac and Dee’s ‘will they or won’t they’ gig at paddy’s pub.

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