1. Why did she talk about them touching a lot? Nipple grabbing butt grabbing he slapped her ass with something. They seem a lil too comfortable huh🗿☠️

  2. It's an old timey language thing. Nowadays, we often think of surgeons as more prestigious than a lot of other kinds of doctors, but, a few centuries ago, "surgeons" were a lower level healer than the more educated "physicians." Physicians are also talked about in Stormlight Archive with the old connotation. For example, in TWOK, Lirin tells Kaladin that they could move to Kholinar and that Lirin is "skilled enough to get work as a physician's assistant there." Lirin has the experience and has effectively done the work of a physician as the only medical professional in Hearthstone, but he doesn't have the med school degree to qualify as a physician.

  3. And I'm convinced that's when their fries started to suck. I'll concede the quality rests largely on the individual batch being prepared, but those fries used to be magic and now they're they're just okay at best. None of the major fast food chains around here seem to have anything better, either. Probably for the best for my health, though.

  4. While this would be absolutely hilarious, I think only Alethkar has this position cause they are a very “honorable” society that doesn’t mind backstabs in alleyways and insults in public, so long as it’s disguised as “honor.” Azir for example would much rather submit a formalized complaint against someone then try to insult them.

  5. I wonder if Vedenar has a King's Wit since it is culturally similar to Alethkar.

  6. Change the font size to get both parts of what you want to see on the screen at once.

  7. Info: What do you mean by "gleeful anger"? Was your wife mad or not?

  8. Tien would give the stone to Kaladin to cheer him up, and then Kaladin would be in charge of Szeth.

  9. ESH (except the kids) but you most of all for not intervening to stop the conversation as it happened and then after the fact acting so indignant. You know your daughter better than your sister or the driver, and it's your responsibility to look out for her, so why did you just sit there when she needed your help?

  10. That's why I got rid ofy Kindle, it was constantly trying to set all of my paper books on fire

  11. Will Teft's murder prevent Kaladin from ever finding peace away from the fight?

  12. That nearly got Kaladin, but instead of giving into Odium, Kal said his 4th ideal and now he is choosing to remember Teft by committing to open up in the group therapy sessions like Teft told him to. That should help him even more to make peace with his past.

  13. I will never read it because it'll just get muddled in my brain of what is canon and not canon.

  14. I was afraid of that, but the story is very distinct. I haven't even slightly mixed up the two WoK's in my memory.

  15. I didn't really the 2nd two Mistborn books, though I thought the first one was good enough. But I have enjoyed all the other Sanderson books I have read so far, especially Stormlight Archive which I am obsessed with.

  16. It's not so bad that I don't want to finish it. I bought the trilogy and I do want to see how things play out. I think the plot is fine and like I said, the magic system is really great. I'm just hoping this is early writing that builds and improves. I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fans but his first few books aren't great either

  17. Well then, as a Sanderson fan who liked Mistborn less than you do, I can confirm that Sanderson's books do get better!

  18. Alethkar has neither the power nor the time to conquer the rest of Roshar to use to fight Odium. That strategy has no chance of success. Their only chance is through making allies, so Dalinar or some other Alethi better learn fast.

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