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  1. I actually really like the artificial taste because it reminds me of cosmic brownies lmao

  2. For some reason I found the bit about some dogs being prescribed Prozac so funny, like imagine your dog taking the same antidepressants you do

  3. I absolutely get the finger insecurity, I want Tim Burton hands

  4. This looks like something they'd show you in medical school as an example of what not to do

  5. Krampus spawns so infrequently for me that I forget to check if I can take the risk and then I end up dying most of the time

  6. Gonzo is genderfluid but he's whatever gender would be funniest at any given moment

  7. I went to lunch the other day and ordered a fruit bowl. During the conversation I just figured that I had somehow ordered some spicy fruit bowl - I like spicy, no problem - but when i looked down it was all kiwifruit left.

  8. Still baffled by the fact that kiwis aren't just supposed to do that like pineapples are. And by the fact that there's just the ONE fruit that makes EVERYONE'S mouth hurt in that way so it makes those of us who do have mild allergies think that whatever we're allergic to think that it's just Another One of Those Fruits

  9. ... what fruit makes everyone's mouths hurt? What?

  10. Lemon Demon is exactly what you need. I recommend Spirit Phone!

  11. Agreed, even his love songs are good because they're not just about romance (No Eyed Girl, Soft Fuzzy Man, Aurora Borealis, Bill Watterson is a stretch but probably counts)

  12. She's a 10, but only because she's having a manic episode and her ego is through the roof, and in reality she's like a 6 but she's gonna think she's a 2 when she comes back down from this state

  13. 🥺 can mean wkrmtkirodkkrktkt, AHAHSBEHEJDOEFL, or even sodorirorororoorkwhshs and possibly more translations are available

  14. it can also mean hhhh, HHHHHHH, plsplsplsplspls, and hhhuuuuuuu IIRC, really depends on context

  15. My morbidly obese mother forced me and my dad to be her caretakers. She was completely helpless because of her weight, but still managed to have power over every aspect of our lives. It fucked me up in so many ways and even now I feel disgusting when pain or mental illness prevents me from doing something, because I convince myself that I'm faking it all to manipulate people around me just like she did.

  16. I wanted to collect the other rainbow Mafia letters

  17. I was the L then I was the B then I was the T and now I can finally be the G

  18. i thought it was because we all have bad posture dhdgdj

  19. I've never heard this one from anyone else, but when I got my period I hid it from my parents until they came and asked me if I had gotten it yet... I had myself CONVINCED it was "just a fluke" and a one-time thing, even when they became regular

  20. What's the difference between an artist's collection of work and a diseased stronghold?

  21. I never understood the pun of their names until this post 🤡

  22. If it makes you feel better I just learned today that Porygon, Porygon 2, and Porygon Z are all part of the same evolutionary line...... I somehow got it into my head that they were like Mew and Mewtwo or Sawk and Throh where they were just related

  23. Omg yes! Especially pans, chopping boards, and baking sheets (at least for me). And nothing worse than the dishes cumulating in the sink, then having to spend like two hours washing them.

  24. Oh god anything that's too big to fit entirely in the sink is a nightmare. I have issues with water already, now you want me to fumble with a giant dirty baking sheet WHILE I'm getting water everywhere??

  25. I have a thing with wet sleeves but also wet shirts in general. HATE the feeling. You just brought up a very visceral reaction as I read this because I know the exact wet spot you are talking about

  26. wetfabricwetfabricwetfabricWETFUCKINGFABRIC makes me so angry for no discernable reason!!!!!! That's why I have trouble doing laundry too, besides the time commitment (and forgetting the clothes in the washer for too long so they end up getting That Smell and you have to wash them again) I can't stand moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer, it's just... so bad

  27. Body hair gets thinner on hrt and waxing also makes it come in thinner.

  28. Finasteride/dutasteride will block the DHT that causes hair loss, and terminalizes hair follicles.

  29. Oh huh, good to know! Actually might look more into that since I'm mostly on T for the fat redistribution at this point

  30. The spray does have calories still though because if you look at the serving size it's a fraction of a second, so each 1 second spray is about 20-30 cals

  31. So, I know how to ladder down and fix things in previous rows in knitting, but how did you accomplish this in crochet? I always thought you could sort of compensate for your errors on the current row and move on with your life, but since the stitches are formed differently than knitting you can’t actually undo them without frogging back to them. Share your secrets!

  32. It was a little messy but the spot was a chain followed by picot stitches, I did the chain-6 for the next round and went into the spot where the picot should have been, then I attached it to the next stitch in that round and slip-stitched back to the end of that chain-6 before continuing on with the round.

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