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  1. The show that The Daily Bugle calls “A Must Watch” for pedophiles

  2. It might - MIGHT - help to treat all of these obstacles as job duties. Like, just for an example, I struggle with picking up literal animal shit but if my dog has an accident in the kitchen it's part of being a pet owner and part of being a home owner - I don't want piles of literal shit in my house.

  3. I always love your input. One day im going to find out youre my gsm in disguise

  4. For a 6 month period i was the only person we had so I was really burnt out . Now we have help and i actually like them so its been better now.

  5. I had someone interrupt a deal and demand i roll up my sleeves and fix her car. My customer finally got tired of it and snapped on her for her foolishness

  6. When times are slow every conversation is worth it to me. I have some mechanic background so conversations about repairs intrigue me a lot.

  7. This is more of a general statement but its amazing how much things are considered overpriced but cars are the only thing people refuse to pay the listed price.

  8. You go into a dealer during bad weather, the assumption is you are a buyer because you are out in it. Be prepared

  9. I hear this all the time but when it rains for me, they are going to use it as an excuse to leave.

  10. Those aren't usually true objections, they're reactionary. You can't get the true objections out of every person but it should be very rare for them to be leaving on one of those objections.

  11. I appreciate your positivity and the wordtrack. Admittedly I go into it negatively because why would someone come to a dealership where they think all the sharks are in the rain unless they are ready to do something. I feel i could try those things but if a customer is just bsing, they will do whatever to get out.

  12. Of course inventory will correct but it won't correct back to where it was - manufacturers have realized there's more demand for "custom orders" than they thought and dealers have reinforced the idea that limited inventory raises prices.

  13. Been hearing that too. Pre orders were huge for us. Loved to be at the end of the month and just have 6 get delivered back to back to back and crush my goals.

  14. Its been a decent month for everyone else but slower for me personally. People say the tide is turning but i dont really know. I just try to do the same thing every day

  15. They advertise with phrases like "BAD CREDIT? NO CREDIT? WE DON'T CARE. NOBODY WALKS"

  16. What they dont tell you is the type of person that believes that stuff doesnt have the 6k down required for the approval.

  17. Is Saul Goodman’s office in that shopping center?

  18. Pretty dead. I was stuck at 2 for majority of the month. Had a nice spurt and bumped my numbers up but still off of my goal and bonuses but hoping to pull it out today and tommorow

  19. 1 - If you're telling "harmless and obvious jokes" that result in you almost getting fired and customers blowing up then guess what: they aren't harmless or they aren't obvious or both. Humor is hard, especially with strangers. Nobody comes to a car dealership for a comedy show they come to buy a car. Focus on that.

  20. The joke i had made just wasnt professional. I thought i had a better relationship than I did. In hindsight it was me being goofy but you sre correct in what you said as that was what I was told in the meeting. I had been getting complimented on how much personality id been showing and how i have a good banter with my customers and i thought i was just leaning into that.

  21. I'll need a little context for how and when a customer would get up and leave after you said "this is my best price." As I'm sure you know "best price" is a meaningless statement - after all the "best price" for you is $10,000 over MSRP and the best price for the customer is free. Your job is to find the number between those best prices that both of you will be happy with.

  22. It is possible these are made up worries in my head.

  23. I want a daughter but terrified to have a daughter

  24. You guys put up with alot of shit from all ends. I appreciate what you do

  25. Haha i just imagined Tyrone Biggums coming in and seeing the quarters

  26. I heard that Monday and he actually bought 3 cars, that day, cash.

  27. Exactly. First thing lady told me yesterday was “Just Looking” and on the test drive asked me if it was possible she could buy it and take it home today. Bought it

  28. If they talk they are lying. It’s the most toxic relationship

  29. And we are supposed to be subservient to them

  30. A christmas basket. Made a special trip from an hour away just to give it to me. I asked why and she said “because you are who you are” was a very sweet gesture.

  31. “No id rather call my bank 1000 times and never get through, set up an appointment next week, and sit three hours waiting for an officer”

  32. Not sure, if you want your payments at a certain spot they may want to run credit to see if you can otherwise you may be wasting each others time talking about a vehicle that wont work.

  33. “Hey can you get me some numbers on this vehicle?”

  34. “Hey can you get me some numbers on this vehicle?”

  35. Is non-commissioned sales in auto/truck/heavy machinery just not a thing?

  36. Bro salary or commission, people arent getting paid enough to compensate for the bs thats in the business. Customers dont know and they arent going to be any less insufferable when you tell them.

  37. I would have preferred that because then I have a chance to give the website listing another look though, and he would have had more info to go on

  38. “Hey FlameRiot i hate to be the bearer of bad news but that car got sold a few minutes ago by one of the guys down the street. I know you live a little ways away so i wanted to catch you before you got too far. Id love to show you other options if you are open to other vehicles. Anything else in mind?”

  39. Video is unwatchable for me. Been loading for 5 mins

  40. Customer side we'll come get you when we're ready. I don't like people coming up to me in general though

  41. On the flip side, on average, people are purchasing a vehicle approximately two weeks from when they start looking. As a sales person don’t know if this is your first day first week or if this is day 14 but I know if I don’t talk to you there’s zero chance i ever earn your business.

  42. As a buyer, I don't care how long it takes to be approached, as long as the sales person takes their queues.

  43. Cues in car sales is different than social cues in real life IMO. Id never call a woman that ignores my call for a month because its obvious shes not interested. I can get ignored by a customer 11 times but that 12th time I call they happen to answer and now ready to buy. It doesn’t make sense.

  44. Man id love a Cabriolet. What a cool idea

  45. In my experiences its a status car. I get mostly blondes that would push their mother down the steps for one only to want to trade it in a year or two because it drives like shit. They then progress in the next step of their evolution…. The Toyota 4Runner

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