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  1. Did I get you correctly, do you want to play Xbox cloud game offline? Xbox CLOUD game?

  2. Lol well mainly I want to play Xbox games offline. So without the cloud...

  3. If you want to play Xbox pass games offline only choice you have is running windows. I would recommend checking YouTube how to install windows on SD card and run it on steam deck. That way you will still have you steamOS and you can run W11 from SD whenever you want to play Xbox pass game. There are good deals on SD cards at the moment.

  4. I feel this is normal. I'd say in 90% of games I don't even notice any of this, but for whatever reason some games are more noticeable with it.

  5. 400-600€ device ... I can bet they needed to compromise something to get pocket pc with that price tag... Maybe next gen will have few variants with more power... Or customization ( bigger battery, oled screen, better processor addons)..

  6. I have very high end pc and steam deck... Since I got steam deck i am using pc much less ... I feel bit guilty about it but having steam deck is so convenient... I think having both (if you can) is best way to go...

  7. Second this, Samsung Evo Select cards are my go to, and they’re cheap on Black Friday deals with Amazon right now.

  8. I can confirm. Works perfect. I got one for myself on Black Friday Amazon deal.

  9. The Steam Controller is basically that, but with only 1 analog stick. It's discontinued now, but you can still get them 2nd hand - for a price.

  10. I still have two of this and used them daily. Hard to get used to it, but when you do, feels so good ..

  11. Happens to me on all games, so I just click steam button ... And close it from there..

  12. LoL seen same screenshot yesterday but from enemy team. You bought are in cahoots.


  14. Samsung EVO Select 512GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 130MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card inc. SD-Adapter (MB-ME512KA/EU), Blue 37.99£

  15. JSAUX v2 dock Spigen rugged case Screen protector

  16. Near daily? I play Skyrim and some RTS titles when docked with my monitor and wireless KB/mouse. I have a few titles I prefer for on the go but mostly I play docked I'd say.

  17. Do what I $1000 worth at the ATH and then wait till it hits $100.

  18. The concept of crypto has failed, And you are still fantasizing

  19. Every time black swan event is happening I am hearing same shit... And each time after event crypto bouncing with new ATH...

  20. Bloody hell... This device still suprise me. So now I can get game running better by lowering speed of GPU.. did steam knew that, that's why they added that option to os, but didn't said anything and let community figure out themselves?. Mind blowing.

  21. I can't stand when news outlets can't even have facts straight... Shy didn't create SHIB FFS...

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