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  1. Why it says 3889 holders on coinmarketcap. 2 or 3 days before now there was only about 3250 holders for 2 days and than again 3889 as before. What's wrong?

  2. Let’s go im still down 2500 … can’t wait for a zero to come off

  3. out of all my tokens, RBIF is the only one with an upward trajectory this past month.

  4. That's what they call organic growth, most of other token just hype than die, RBIF is a project with a real company behind:sunglasses:

  5. Is it true that there is a 10% selling tax on RBIF?

  6. It would help if got to major exchanges, why hasn’t it?

  7. You can buy easily roboinu throughout uniswap, there is a tutorial on the official website

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