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  1. Hi! He must have a unique perspective. If it’s not trouble, can you share details on his past life?

  2. Wow!! You saw it phasing… awesome!! Can you give details on phasing? How did it appear? Was there any distortion?

  3. i guess she just walked right through as if it didn’t even exist. she just walked through with absolutely no distortion or anything like that. it’s as if the two things just suddenly went through each other. best i can describe it is i guess a hologram???


  5. Thank you so much for this! I think I just am so excited he's letting me in and I'm able able be there for him, for his whole life he didn't have anyone or any situation which would make "talking" an approachable venture.

  6. Your welcome dear! When karmic detox was happening we were attracting not-so-friendly energies. They affected our moods and energy levels. Grounding and protective crystals especially nuummite and coppernite helped us through that. Hope this helps:-)

  7. thank you!!!! I've just been opened up to the beautiful world of crystals/rocks/gems and it has helped so much in organization of my thoughts, feeling and intuition I will definitely look for those crystals thank you thank you thaaaank you 💙💙💙 this is literally making my morning all the support and information

  8. Thank you as well. All the best to you both. Have a wonderful day💕

  9. Britney had a mic in ‘oops I did it again’ music video and I remember thinking why does she have it? Now she has no mic and the song graphics changed as well, for me.

  10. What're song graphics? I don't understand.

  11. I have seen the music video many times over the years because it’s an awesome video song!! So when I heard about ME related to this video I was surprised. And behold she has no mic and the song appears the same except at few frames where her image appears to cut and zoomed at 1:18-1:22 mark, and again at 2:20-2:22 mark. This was what changed for me.

  12. That must be a scary experience. I consider mirrors to be portals.

  13. I experienced negative intrusive thoughts during the eclipse.

  14. It happened to me once. I was stalking a fly too and I saw it fly into another room but then within couple seconds it buzzed right beside me. Either they can move really really fast or they just phase.

  15. i’m convinced flies live outside of our matrix and do as they please without consequence

  16. I remember reading an article how they never found the baby few years back.

  17. I love what you are saying. I had an experience on Ayahuasca that awakened my body in a profound way. I wrote a

  18. It’s for one to experience it themselves. Everything is conscious in a way... it’s all about how to interact with it. Love crystals!! Hate the greedy practices of overpricing gems that come out of the earth naturally.

  19. Sage your home with a clear intention of them leaving. Make sure windows are open so they have exit points. After this, you want to make sure they don’t return into your space again. Place a line of sea salt at all the entry points or openings.

  20. I try to stay away from saying open the windows and doors, some people do this and that's totally fine. I encourage everyone to do what's best for them. Neg spirits and entities don't just come through the window or door cause we have them open they just appear however they appear it's all energy. So the act of opening windows and doors as an exit for them is just an intention. So I just want to let people know it's all about intention.

  21. I do agree that it is an intention based act. For me, opening of the windows ensures that these dark energies don’t get settled in corners of the house. A person who is afflicted by entities may not have the energy needed for intention to clear the space. These persistent entities bother if one is sensitive or going through tough times so as to feed on their energy. Shielding energy is important as it is an act of establishing boundary.

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