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  1. It depends IMO, how much time you have. If you are young and dumb(under 25). There is nothing wrong with playing fast and loose and taking on risk because time is on their side and you can always come back from getting hit.

  2. Well 2-3 years isn't the end of the world, you'll be aight lol.

  3. I actively avoid all of these pills.. blue red purple or whatever because these are just internet things that are largely irrelevant in the real world tbh just something to argue about

  4. Based on the details you’ve given, I’d spend the next 5 years trying to nail the crucial stuff first I..e. A good deposit and solid savings before considering doing something like that. At least then you might appreciate it more because it’d be a reward rather than a yolo moment you might regret

  5. Crypto is as transparent as it is brutal. Unfortunately you can only see where the funds went but do nothing about them mate. Expensive lesson but it's a rite of passage it seems.

  6. Crypto is not in itself brutal, negligence is brutal. I don’t care if it’s an ad on the government’s website I’m at the very least gonna take a close look at the domain and triple check I’m putting my details into something legit every time

  7. Not sure what you’re talking about, it’s there. Next to assets click on trade then drop down menu to advanced trade then btc to usdt then sell

  8. Replace "Bitcoin" with dollars, gold, spices, or any other currency in history. Do you sound like you're a crazy person? Would you want to have a conversation with someone who used the exact same sentances, but with those words replaced in?

  9. Astagfirullah brother my fellow members at the dollar church are going to be insulted by this comment

  10. Wait so are you suggesting I should get rid of my ‘all I do is lift heavy sh!t and put it back down again!’ t shirt?

  11. Down voting b/c you think technical analysis always was and always will be total BS is a perfectly valid response.

  12. What I don’t get is you can look at patterns or whatever to decide how things are going but surely all it would take is some whale to wake up one morning and decide to dump on the market heavy to invalidate everything you’ve been monitoring. Or Elon musk randomly decides he wants 10$ billion dollars of btc out of the blue?

  13. No don't you see, the actions of lunatic billionaires are built into the technical analysis already! It's just a matter of finding the right tea leaves that tell you what you wanted to hear in the first place.

  14. An Algerian politician and a bmw driver.. he probably pissed at least 5 people off on his way to park on the sidewalk

  15. This can only be done through a centralized middleman otherwise we'd be swimming in refund and recovery scams.

  16. If they could crack this idea without sacrificing anything else like decentralisation they’d leave the competition for dead

  17. I don’t know none of us are tech experts to say for certain what they can or can’t do, they may have a slim chance true but a chance nonetheless who knows

  18. Yoloing money into blockchain to try and get rich > getting into debt for a degree in blockchain

  19. Property and Crypto is the winning combo.

  20. going for broke in crypto so that You can buy property and have crypto so you have the winning combo>>>> (NFA, educational purposes only)

  21. I feel like the longer we use this level as support, the more likely it is to eventually fail. We need some upward momentum.

  22. I’ve been feeling the exact same about it too, it feels like we’re standing on a trapdoor that a whale is ready to just open on us whenever they feel like it 😭

  23. Yeah I’ve paused my DCA for now, especially with how weak the pound got I’m looking at coming back in lightly if it drops to 16-17k, weve been sitting at 18.9k-19k for daysss now and we can’t even push past that 19.3k resistance I can’t see no upward moment coming for the short term

  24. Last night I traded all my sol for algo….I woke up like 8 percent negative because algo was down 6 and sol up 2 ….I’m only mildly infuriated because I am long on Algo and not so much on sol….I just like using the algo blockchain

  25. Right now it might not look good but in the future it may be the best decision you ever made

  26. Thanks for the hopium :)

  27. Tbh I’ve always been shit at economical stuff but I’d say that we’re simply buying crypto that’s a bit more expensive than it used to be. Like if you were buying a crypto worth exactly $1 per token a few month ago, it would have been around £0.8 for us. Now it’s closer to the dollar so if you put £100 in your DCA a few month ago and today, you would get less crypto today even if the token was the same price in dollars both months.

  28. Same mate, it was only until I got into crypto I started learning, I had no idea what the purpose of interest rate hikes even was 😭. And that’s what I thought as well, so if the pound gets stronger again would the fiat value of the crypto we’re holding go down or something?

  29. That’s fucking shit then to be honest what’s even the point DCAing now then, we get less crypto and whatever crypto we buy goes down in value when the pound recovers…

  30. Avoiding volatility in crypto is an oxymoron, we’re at a 80% correction the bottom is somewhere around here. 12k I’d say is worst case scenario, not a bad idea to DCA if you’re assuming we’re gonna be hitting ATHs when all this blows over. Tbh at 20 I’d have been yeeting all my shit at this if I knew it existed (not financial advice, entertainment purposes only)

  31. Started DCAing after 80% correction, gonna stop DCA at 25k and I’m just completely guesstimating that bitcoin at some point will break ATH so around 60k and onwards I’ma start DCAing out slowly. Stay sidelined till another 80% drop and keep rinse and repeating

  32. Might not turn out to be a terrible decision, I mean look at the charts 😂

  33. You don't invest in an inflationary period. You invest during a recovery.

  34. It’s fine to invest now if you DCA, everything is discounted. Investing now is better than trying to time the market which is near impossible to do accurately. Once the economy recovers you’ll see gains regardless. Just buy solid things

  35. Index funds are virtually fool-proof. You just need to stay in it long enough. And requires minimal research. Just pin your investment to the general trend of the market, or specific industries.

  36. Yeah index funds are known to be reliable. I can’t speak for the broader space as I’m only involved in crypto but the basic premise remains the same.

  37. You need to just dive in head first, just throw yourself in all those difficult situations and you’ll get accustomed

  38. This might be a hot take but I swear they did so well with the F chassis that they are left wondering how they could make a car look different and better than that. Thus leaving us with some real random ass designs.

  39. Real g don't announce their every other move on reddit.

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