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  1. Comme déjà dit: les IRA (indemnités sur remboursement anticipé). J’avais négocié de ne pas en avoir du tout et j’ai bien fait puisque nous avons finalement soldé l’emprunt au bout de 3 ans.

  2. Are you talking about inactivity fee? Yes, indeed I saw that you need to pay a fee if you don't use your account for 1 year.

  3. I didn't know about that. I completely stopped using it when they stopped giving rewards because I was using a curve card. Since June.

  4. De 1508 à 1561€. Soit 3,5% d’augmentation.

  5. Damn. He must feel so ashamed. And his wife even more. I hope his kids weren’t in the car 😟

  6. Do we really care to be tracked when we use google products and services ?!

  7. Does someone know where this photo come from ?

  8. Anyone (rightfully) concerned over this manifest 3 nonsense should switch to Firefox

  9. You have to know that, using chrome, you will contribute (in your own reach) to the development of a BigBrother society.

  10. It’s in this kind of situation that I’m happy to use Apple Sign in.

  11. OP only mentioned about blocking Ads, nothing about privacy.

  12. If it’s to nitpick like that, before asking specifically about ads, OP asked if AdGuard will still work. And AdGuard blocks ads and help to keep privacy too.

  13. Strange law 🤔 In France we don’t need to give a account number regarding eToro.

  14. Yeah Belgium doens't have much normal laws. Just out of interest, what do you have to give about etoro?

  15. I like the social trading part. If u don’t know or hv no time, you copy some expert and voila.

  16. Where are there still smartphones without image stabilization nowadays ?

  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/rttrbp/no_longer_any_need_for_the_clearurl_extension/

  18. CleanURLs still cleans stuff uBo cannot do: the tracking website in the middleman.

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/rttrbp/no_longer_any_need_for_the_clearurl_extension/hqxddko/

  20. I think clear URL maybe remove a bit more it's open source right so you can check its list.. But it would be possible to make the same list in adguard just have to write it in adguard syntax instead

  21. https://oisd.nl/excludes.php?w=dealabs.digidip.net

  22. So if the tracking websites are used by some website ( which they are probably all, justifying their existence ), we shouldn’t block them ?

  23. Now how do I link my uphold again. It says region not supported.

  24. AdGuard’s public DNS servers do not give you any control over the filtering, or make it able to see your DNS queries.

  25. You also can see queries in the AdGuard mobile app. You have some filter lists and you can add any list you want.

  26. You can use both for more granular control. There are some features you don't have too much control with on either side (for example, some DNS filtering lists are too large to load onto AdGuard mobile client. You only want to block specific domains on specific device, not across entire account), and using both features together would work better.

  27. You can block specific domain on specific device, using AdGuard mobile.

  28. That would explain why I cannot top-up since a few days, I try with my usual credit card, with my regular French bank account (I didnt reach the monthly limit and I hv money enough on the bank account).

  29. Yes, radical solution : stop to go on this carcinogenic website.😉

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