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  1. some people seem to be totally immersed that they forget they are standing in their living room. So if there is no wall in VR, there is no wall. I wish I had that kind of immersion.

  2. That's also why it's essential to coach anyone using VR for the first time and be ready to intervene if they're about to hurt themselves (or you could just film it and do nothing if you want the free internet points i guess). Eventually we'll have neural implants or something interfacing directly with our brains so that we'll be able to move freely like in a very realistic dream. Our brains already have the capability of making us truly believe we're in a real alternate reality, we just need a way to control it. No clue how long that will take tho

  3. That’s pretty cool, why does the background not touch the bottom of the frame?

  4. You can see it clipping/glitching around at the bottom left of the frame. It's just a matter of training data and synthesizing the background to fill it in or doing a better job of masking

  5. But they've started filling up the art subs with AI generated shtick, sometimes without even stating that it's AI made

  6. That's why I always specify. In reality, nearly all pro artists are actively experimenting with Ai tools for inspiration or a starting point. Hating it or being in denial are utterly pointless at this point. We're possibly at a technological turning point just as any technology before. When digital painting/art creation began, plenty of established artists scoffed and said it would never be as good as traditional art mediums. Those same artists soon looked silly and lost work to artists embracing improved workflows. It's all about speeding up output to get more work done faster. Everything should be left on the table as an option and nothing excluded based solely on not understanding it

  7. Yeah but if you wait for quest 10 you get 100mah better battery.

  8. Quest 10 is implanted in skull. I hear Q11 will be less painful tho

  9. It'll be hard to fine a veteran industry professional who would ever recommend film school over actual job experience. Having a degree will not get you a job -the only thing that matters is your demo reel/what productions you've worked on. People straight out of film school are looked down on because: 1. they think they know way more than they do, 2. They learn bad habits and don't understand how things actually work on set. My advice would be to instead use whatever you would have spent on university and use that to finance your own project(s) and have something to show your skill.

  10. Don't bend your arms too much, it's counter intuitive as this is how you would do it in real life but your body seems to get caught when you pull yourself that way. Try keep the ledge at a distance while holding on and crouching helps sometimes.

  11. That's the irony -everyone keeps saying that it's supposed to have accurate physics that emulate how your body moves irl. That's BS it's just bad implementation and they (SLZ) need to accept its janky and get over their the false opinions about it being superior to how games normally assist with movement. I'll try your tips tomorrow because they make more sense instead of the way others explained it. I seriously hope they listen to the feedback (and stats/data showing a small percentage of players being able to progress) and fix this mess. I thought I had strong VR legs but this jank especially climbing and clipping through stuff made me sick af

  12. People were trying to unseat Trump because he’s a factual traitor, you’re an ass

  13. The only thing factual is that most of the allegations against him (that you people based your hatred for him on) were fabricated lies (Russia collusion and all the other major ones) which is a disgusting type of evil that's hard to fathom. Imagine having to pull allegations out of your diseased asshole to justify defamatory statements. Fuck corrupt politicians and fuck the sheeple gobbling up their shit. And I'm not some trumpkin fanboi i simply loath blatant lies more

  14. Exactly! I think it’s a lot to do with the fact us chicks are never really “done” kwim? When it comes to P intha V, after my O all I’m thinking about is getting another lol

  15. I greatly envy that tbh. Ever had a squirting O? It's the female equivalent of a prostate O for men. If so, do you find it more satisfying/longer lasting? I envy the lack of refractory time whereas us guys have to wait 1-2 hours to go again

  16. Who wouldn’t right? There’s a trade off tho I do believe. In trade, chicks are stuck in PNC mode most of the time and sometimes even a nut doesn’t get us out of it lol

  17. I want to get prescription lenses, but I forgot what prescription I am.

  18. Just call your optometrist or go in person and ask for a copy of it. They should print it for free and then you just type in the numbers online and should receive them pretty quickly. After my eye exam i ordered glasses and then the custom inserts. The inserts arrived in 1 week and my glasses in 2 weeks. I was shocked how quickly they arrived tbh

  19. One thing that helps is understanding that different animals have different refresh rates (or fps) and therefore perceive time and motion differently. E.g. birds see in a much higher frame rate than us and we appear to move very slowly to them. If you approach slowly they won't perceive the movement and you can get very close. When i was a kid i frequently caught wild birds and would feed them a then let them go. I also rescued many birds that were injured and even rescued a baby bat once

  20. I didn't wanna be racist to the roaches, but I despite them

  21. I've always been disgusted by them but did film some captive ones for several hours (for work) and watching hours of closeup and slow motion footage of them did lead to a certain level of understanding them. It's interesting to watch them navigate and problem solving. They have compound eyes with close to 360° vision (although very low resolution compared to human vision) and

  22. I love it. I'd recommend renting some good cinema lenses over renting a camera because the lens/glass is always the biggest factor of the final image

  23. Right?! Either this is an elaborate troll that loves making up stories or it's just true and we'll get even more information soon

  24. Look at her bio/profile. She's absolutely legit and actually an internet legend in her own right.

  25. It absolutely does use the same chip as Q2, although they've relaxed the thermal limits a bit so it will run faster than the Q2 version.

  26. It's hard to believe because the Quest Pro is $1,100 more expensive than the Q2 so I'd expect a good increase in performance for that price. No way in hell I'd pay $1,500 for the same outdated hardware

  27. Outdated? It's literally the best chip available. You don't get to call the most recent, fastest chip on the market "outdated" just because you were hoping for a magic upgrade that doesn't exist.

  28. out·dat·ed /ˌoutˈdādəd/ adjective out of date; obsolete. "outdated equipment".

  29. Agree. Chasing GTA5 style "animation priority" in VR games is so dumb. You keep moving around after you stop moving and you kinda fall off of stuff cause your legs are doing their best to QWOP their way around pathways etc..

  30. Yeah the climbing and manteling royally suck in BoneLab. With external full body tracking or extra sensors (e.g. hips etc.) perhaps it would work better. The 3rd level is horrendous and so unpleasant because of needles jank. They should have played to their strengths and left out anything overly clunky. Hopefully modders will develop significantly better levels

  31. Nothing in the United States is free. If someone tells you you will get something free, is because there is a hitch to it.

  32. Nothing in any country is ever free. You either pay upfront for services you'll probably never use (with higher taxes) or pay substantially less taxes but bare the burden of outrageous fees if you do require help.

  33. I let one of my friends play on my computer many years ago and he still spoke fondly of it for years after

  34. I'll never understand why (especially high selling items) on Amazon and other online stores, the sellers are too lazy to pay even a few dollars for a proper translation. It's a turn off for me because it comes across as making up bs about the product and damages credibility imo

  35. It starts with the guy that got 34 watermelons in the math questions. Why can't they take something we relate to. I am not gonna buy 34 watermelons.

  36. Your last statement sums it up perfectly. Some basic classes need to be universal (e.g. learning to read) but anything more advanced than the fundamentals should be tailored to the person's strengths/talents. Public schools in particular are simply factories creating identical products. The education system is horrendously outdated and ignores scientific evidence of many things including how early the school day starts and how long it runs. Teens in particular have very different sleep cycles than adults and greatly benefit from starting later. I think most subjects should be 'gamified' to present subjects in engaging ways that track measurable progress and do away with the nonsense that is frequent tests. Schools in the US are obsessed with teaching for the test because it dictates their funding.

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