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  1. You could just stop doing things that get you punished...

  2. Silky mitts, fantastic crossover, how could anyone not love this man!

  3. I got this sweet cheat sheet on Reddit for turns and stuff. I added notes about terrain on the back too. Thanks PhanotmPhiker!

  4. Holy shit....this is a perfect layout! I gotta figure out how I can use this for DG.

  5. I find it weird with how much we know in this day and age that people still believe in ghosts.

  6. RIght!? This shit makes me eye roll so fucking hard...

  7. Religion, the #1 impediment to both social and intellectual progress in the world

  8. This isn't a both sides issue. There is plenty of evidence out there as to which party is being ran by terrorists...

  9. I want to be that high....

  10. My 2018 has tearing by the lumbar area. Really disappointed by it as it started wearing about 2 years into ownership (purchased new).

  11. Well this is something....😅

  12. Fried rice is amazing! 🤤🤤

  13. Norman gets playful too but filth has that special performative flair to him lol

  14. 🤣🤣🤣 that's amazing! (The story anyways)

  15. I like the idea of every unit having their stratagem. It is kinda like a power-up baked into their profile.

  16. Ohhhh this is actually a really good idea!

  17. The issue is not ynnari, but ynnari including drukhari units. The codex says they are craftworlds for secondaries, but the neph gt book overrides this and says it is a mixed army now.

  18. Yep no problem! Like I said Ynnari rules are just an absolute mess right now.

  19. Forgeworld doesnt have outdated rules at all.

  20. Also they have the HH plastic model which can be used in 40k.

  21. Your army looks so amazing on the table!

  22. No but our prices are fucked here...

  23. The religious people are so weird...the fact that they so blindly follow their religion that they can't even use actual facts to justify anything.

  24. And that in a nutshell is the problem with religion. It requires a total lack of critical thinking skills. Nothing but obedience and not asking questions. Think of it this way... if there was a minimum age limit required to learn about religion, how long would religion last?

  25. This isn't news, it's gossip...

  26. Yeah I'd say that's a large wedge, looks like it's moving fast as well.

  27. The eternal 40k gamble. Do you split fire and risk not killing your target, or do you focus fire and risk overkilling your target.

  28. That's the joy of 40k! When it works you feel like a genius, when it doesn't...feels bad man. 😅

  29. We also brought in a ton of high ranking nazi scientists after the war who helped us with our space/nuclear program. Seems like these folks would be more culpable than some fleeing Russian civilians, no?

  30. Yeah just walk into NASA sometime and yell "Heil Hitler!" WOOP! They all jump straight up!

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