1. -to-prevent-auto-thefts-on-saturday.... what about the other six days of the week?

  2. I saw some cool photos on twitter:

  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is this a live performance or like a dj set? I was interested in going, but I can't find any info on the Cooperage website.

  4. I was excited when I saw OP's post with a scene from Eraserhead so I too Googled....

  5. Capitalization and punctuation can be important for clarity in the message!

  6. Yes! I still remember how lovely it was to play in the shaded streets with a gorgeous green roof over head. You could only see small patches of the sky and the light that filtered through the leaves was soft and beautiful.

  7. And cars were shaded so they didn't heat up while parked.

  8. Good to know. Thanks. My whole block goes all out for Halloween every year. We (most off us) decorate the fronts of our homes. We dress up to hand out candy and when Trick or Treating ends everyone has a sort of "open house" for all the adults to gather and drink in costume and hang out together.

  9. Thank you! I love this series of mid-century restaurants. I remember them well.

  10. I find these really interesting. Thanks for sharing these.

  11. Thanks, I read up some on this myself and it’s in fact a position determined pure by distance to the monarch and also has nothing to do with the line of succession.

  12. Serious question: Then why is Princess Anne not included on this list?

  13. Dude she's a horse keep up smh

  14. What horse? I don't get it. This is about those chosen to assist in ruling should the reigning monarch be unable to perform duties.

  15. Sherman Blvd and Miller Park Way are not the same road. They aren't connected. They aren't even that close to each other.

  16. No, the 68th Street between National and Greenfield. It's been a nightmare there.

  17. We could reduce stress on the Deep Tunnel system significantly by replacing concrete with semi-permeable surfaces (especially for things like parking lots). This decreases the amount of water that drains into storm sewers. Also, we can start replacing ditches and concrete storm sewers with semi-natural features like swales. These slow down drainage and help smooth out the immense peaks in inflow caused by storms.

  18. And rain gardens! I've see rain gardens being put in parking lots in the newly constructed shopping centers in the suburbs.

  19. Where are these vintage condos in Milwaukee, or even Wisconsin, that are still standing? I'm curious. How do you get that the "entirety of development" was condos? Do you even live in Milwaukee?

  20. Do you have no idea what main streets looked like in 1800-1930? Your questions alone make me think not only do you not live in Milwaukee, you've never even been outside of a suburb, let alone been to Germany.

  21. The link you posted show exactly what I was talking about: Vintage apartments, mansions, factories, and warehouses that were converted to condominiums decades later. They were not built as condominiums!

  22. Cermak is good, so is Sendiks on Downer. I’ve been curious about Pete’s…

  23. Pete's Southside is great. The best deals are buying the plastic buckets of fruits.

  24. I've had great experiences adopting at both MADAAC and the Humane Society. Would highly recommend.

  25. I worked at The Milwaukee Inn! The helicopter pad did service helicopters.

  26. Nice work. At first glance I thought it was Hawaii. We have a beautiful lake here.

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