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  1. Cut every single one of them off bro, you shouldn’t have to put up with these selfish fuckers. If they want to be greedy and then try guilt tripping people saying they are going to off themselves well fuck them. I’d block the lot of them.

  2. Pink Floyd at Maine rd it absolutely blew me away. It’s the reason my uncle Mike was and still is my favourite uncle took me to a concert that still makes me grin from ear to ear thinking about it.

  3. You are being used big time, this tale has more red flags it’s unreal. This person is playing on your emotions, you have spent 4 years speaking to them but they will not FaceTime etc come on.

  4. I appreciate your advice, I'll ask to FaceTime one last time and if it does not happen, I'll just stop this, my mind still keep finding justifications for all red flags, but something I cannot deny is he does not trust me enough to be honest, even though I have been an open book to him for close to 4 years, so yeah probably this won't be what I wanted it to be.

  5. You really need to either end this or FaceTime . It’s not healthy for you to live this way. Good luck.

  6. That just works with ds games not 3ds

  7. Liver, my mam n dad used to love liver and onions, they were friends with a Chinese couple who owned the local chippy and loved the liver and onions from there. I hated the smell of it and at nearly 50 years of age have never tasted it and always say I hate it when asked

  8. If you are in the uk Tesco today had Toshiba 50 inch 4k tvs for £239 , I grabbed one for my son as an extra gift for xmas.

  9. Type in a browser yandex search image. That will take you to Russian search engine yandex . I just searched the image on there and it come up with at least 5 different instagram accounts using that image . Alexanjra, Paula, polina and Charlie .

  10. I think as well that sometime in 1989 Afflecks became mostly about 'Madchester' with all the clothes and posters and shit. Suddenly the place that was a haven away from the laddish gobby manc dickheads was all about celebrating them, and being their gentlemen's outfitters, then you get Bowl haircut wankers in Joe bloggs flares tramping though there laughing at a goth lad because he's got big hair wearing black lipstick.

  11. You are spot on mate. Yeah afflecks did seem to change in late 80s. I’m 50 in April so 1989 was the year I left high school and I remember afflecks started changing then 1st with acid house where it was tie dye, glow sticks and 2 billion smiley face posters then secondly as you say the madchester phase which you described so brilliantly.

  12. Yep- bit more context- I left school in 1990, from about 1988 I was totally into the indie music stuff, grew my hair and was hoping make a living being a guitarist in a band. So the look was Skinny jeans Band t shirts, DMs/ baseball boots. Flannel shirts etc. Kurt Cobain didn't invent the look, it was around already.

  13. Fuck I’m sorry you had to go through that shit for just being you, I’ve always had a skinhead since I was a young kid so I just kept with that, but once me and my mate were walking down the street once and some little chav spat in my friends face and said sort your fucking hair out curtains, I couldn’t believe it and I know it really knocked my maté’s confidence not only in his appearance but of being out and about. It’s disgusting that people feel they have the right to abuse and assault people for the way the look. Sadly it seems it’s even worse nowadays. Take care mate, thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  14. Methadone does not block at all. Also if you are methadone and take a few bags of heroin you will feel that fine, but if you take pain type tablets like morphine or codeine then they want really do a thing. Never have in my experience anyway.


  16. Thanks so much for posting the link, my ps5 is working great again now. I never would have thought about them holes but it is definitely them what causes the problem when they are clogged up.

  17. Awesome, hope it keeps that way!

  18. Still going fine, I would have never have known about cleaning them holes was the problem. Now it’s done it’s working great.

  19. I feel so sorry for you guys in the states, here in the uk it’s free if you’re unemployed or you pay per prescription which is every 2 weeks and that is £9.35

  20. Some states. At my clinic 99% are on Medicaid or grants. The few who do self pay might pay like $10 a week. Also we never refuse to dose anyone who can’t pay either. It all depends what state the person lives in and more “liberal” states have better coverage

  21. Oh right I didn’t know that, from what I had read previously I thought you had to pay for your scripts no matter what.

  22. Really smart mate, done a brilliant job on it 10/10

  23. What a great giveaway. Thanks for sharing, sorry I don’t have no Halloween 🎃 stories

  24. These romance scammers are not just some random person trying to fleece someone for a few quid/dollars, these people are schooled how to do this they treat it like a full time job and are good at it sadly. Get your mam to use a grabify link to snag the guys ip address I bet you they are in Nigeria, Pakistan or slim chance the Philippines.

  25. Went to bed in my new order t shirt and woke on a blue Monday

  26. Soon as they mention army it’s a massive red flag, it’s so they can bs you that they are out on exercise etc so can’t call or chat etc but they are fine using text

  27. Yes, I've been telling her this for weeks but I got very concerned once he started promising her a downpmt on a house etc

  28. I’m sorry your friend had to endure what she has, maybe it’s best sticking to meeting people in real life. Good luck to her

  29. Who remembers Quattro?. If I remember correctly the advert went along the lines of it’s a miracle but we made it. Oh and hedgehog flavour crisps

  30. Wow I hope you have a beautiful day, I’m glad you are no longer in the chaos.

  31. Stop catfishing people simple, life’s hard enough without people like you fucking with peoples heads

  32. I think it’s just the once we pay, annoyingly I should have known this as my business is importing material from Europe. We postpone the vat as a business but most people have to pay at the point of entry. I just don’t think it’s made clear when you buy the product, should be a separate section for buying from outside the EU explaining the process. Needless to say when they emailed me to say I needed to pay to clear the goods I was a little surprised and at that point you don’t have a choice really. Anyway, it was worth it and I love my steering wheel and I’m sure your son will appreciate the effort and costs.

  33. Thank you, yes it’s all so confusing now since brexit happened. I bet you got quite a shock when they sent you the bill, but like you say you don’t have much choice when you want your wheel. My son wants the gran turismo dd pro drive base, club sport steering wheel v2.5x and just the standard csl pedals, I hope it’s a good set up and he enjoys it, when I manage to get hold of it.

  34. To be clear, the VAT will be removed automatically when ordering on Fanatec's website, when they detect that you are ordering from the UK.

  35. Thanks so much for this reply mate and for clearing things up. I thought wow ups will be getting a few quid out of me here if they charge 20% of my order, now I know that’s vat and it’s removed from my order at point of sale.

  36. Wow a grown man moaning about paying £250 a month for a roof over his head, utilities all payed and food. Sounds like this man child wants a wake up call on the reality of being an adult and taking care of responsibility’s. Let him go to Spain and be molly cuddled by mummy. Ffs I wish my outgoings were that a week.

  37. How dare she even have the cheek to suggest that, she would be my ex in a heartbeat. Don’t accept her bs op or you are setting yourself up for a fall

  38. Let's be honest it's not going to change anything, I seriously wish it would but I've been beaten and abused to much by the system to even bother any more.

  39. Mate reach out to people, get some help. I know we are living in a system that's designed to fail. Like yourself I've been shit on by these big corporations, and the system, council etc, but mate you can't lie down and take it.

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