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  • By - Lay-C


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  1. I used to be a pretty shitty person in relationships. Cheated and generally whored around. I've since grown tf up and am happily married. One of my prouder moments is legitimately not cheating on my wife in my dreams.

  2. I'm glad you found your way back.

  3. Ohhhhh... The wet tyres are Free Practice tyres...

  4. It’s still Thursday in the USA. This is odd for me

  5. I love it. Primetime F1 is so cool! It's why I'm also pretty excited about Vegas next year.

  6. Give them time, it's like learning to walk...

  7. She kinda looks like an evil Arcee/Windblade hybrid.

  8. Same starting point as the ref and was outpaced by 50 yards

  9. Oh my god, that's embarrassing.

  10. 06-08, no question. Those cars looked like sculptures on wheels, it was incredible. Every single surface maximized for aero efficiency.

  11. Man it's so boring seeing this nonsense parroted here, it's not even slightly comparable.

  12. They see "team DQed, drivers not DQed" and stop reading.

  13. Weird that they'll take a decision after a race that might decide the championship, that'd be like waiting for the race to finish to see if you're going to give the race leader a penalty.

  14. Now, who would ever do that...

  15. From what I’ve read, I believe that’s an old timer who flies that out of respect/tribute for the Ibrox and Hillsborough disasters.

  16. Hopefully they beat us and stay clear of City, Haaland must be stopped

  17. As an Arsenal fan, it's fun to see so much cockiness coming from the fans of a team that sits 9th on the table against the team that sits on top. I guess past results have blinded logic around here. Yes I'm worried for this match because of past results as well but sometimes when things aren't going that well, the best thing to do is shut up and observe what happens. Firs of all, Liverpool is never going to "smash" us by any means. You can win but it'll be close. If anything it is US wo might just "smash" you.

  18. No way you're coming onto a rival sub to beef.

  19. So, not a Godzilla, in that case...

  20. Imagine all honda engines dnf this week

  21. Certified home Grand Prix moment

  22. If only they made it easy to watch over here...

  23. Yeah lol apparently if it’s not F1 immediately, it’s not worth it for these people.

  24. Perfect being the enemy of good once again...

  25. Tbf there’s an absolute handful of LFC fans on

  26. The LFC fans on that sub just twerk for rivals. We don't talk about them.

  27. Smuckers on this forum did not want a fancy league wherein we could make money without Man City stealing our lunch lol. Now we won't have enough money as we may not qualify for CL and at the same time, all that CL revenue will end up at teams like city who'd almost always make it to the semis. Talk about the utter stupidity of the supporters who think that being ethically right is worth anything today in the world of football.

  28. Just because they cheated doesn't mean the penalty should be losing the championship. When ferrari had the cheat code engine they didn't lose their prize money or constructers standing for the year they used it either.

  29. Because the FIA couldn't figure out how they did it. You can't just sentence someone for a crime if you have no proof of method. That's asking for a messy legal battle.

  30. So easy they've been looking at it for the better part of a year and are still not sure.

  31. Hey, I was speaking in general. I wasn't accounting for the FIA being...well, the FIA.

  32. Everything about that was gorgeous.

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