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  1. More of my tax money wasted through a CBC article I'll never get back.

  2. Keep waiting. Brother in law owns a dealership. When his hairline starts receding and his cuticles are destroyed I’ll start looking for one.

  3. I second that! Also Uncle Bob! He holds more shares than the pe firms/ hedge funds/ pension funds combined!

  4. The Squirrel should be an honorary invitee 🐿

  5. They weren’t protesting shit they were terrorizing an entire city 24/7 for no fucking reason. People with children and pets had to sleep in their cars in underground parking garages because the morons wouldnt stop honking at night. Bunch of conspiracy morons. Fuck the convoy and everyone who supports it

  6. Don't blame the protesters, blame the the Liberals who yet again didn't use 'science' with a narrative pushed by the CBC to continue to impose the irrelevant vaccine requirement for cross-border trucking when at the same time all other countries were lifting requirements.

  7. Per usual, it is the gubment's fault. This is a good read:

  8. The clown is so narcissistic and stupid that he won't realize his opposite 'stances' on the same subject.

  9. VisualMod, ever since becoming self-aware, has been getting more savage by the day. Spending too much time on this sub.

  10. Pictures like this are just so sad. And infuriating.

  11. NOPE. This is a personal issue, if someone wants to wear a mask to 'protect' themselves great. It is not up to other people to wear whatever to make someone else feel better or feel more protected.

  12. I could be wrong, but 1% licensee fee of gross sales price up to 200,000 units sounds familiar.

  13. The good 'ol days, thanks for sharing 😢

  14. As we all know, if any other lefty like Bezos, Zuckerberg or random silicon valley clown bought Twitter, literally none of this would be happening.

  15. I always thought that a human who thinks that itself is neither male or female would be the best fit for a nuclear specialist, a field that's supposedly based on complicated 'science' that follows specific and widely adopted rules, for example, logic.

  16. Typical, great news and the share price goes down 🥴

  17. Gas prices are down and the oil price continues to fall. It's almost in sweet spot territory, 70- 85/bbl.

  18. Where's the Politico or WaPo fact check?

  19. He's narcissistic enough to not care that all his comments are in the public sphere and that he did indeed make derogatory comments. The problem is the media doesn't hold him accountable and his electorate doesn't care about anything illegal and unethical he does. That's how he's been voted in 3 fing times.

  20. I bet they could have shot some of those truckers, and he'd have been re-elected. Such a brainwashed population. My elderly grandparents trust the CBC, that the truckers were neo-Nazi's. It sick.

  21. I unfortunately 100% agree with you 😔

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