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  1. FYI: If you see the "Coach + Concert" package tickets showing up on Ticketmaster, go for them even if you don't need the coach ticket. Ticketmaster confirmed concert tickets are valid even if you don't use the coach ones.

  2. Some packages included ticket to the concert plus coach from Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool to London

  3. Ok, so its a London one! That’s why I was confused, haha. I’m in LA

  4. Right?! HIS GIRLFRIEND MAKES MACARONS. How is he not bragging about this to everyone he knows?!

  5. Also, macarons are not super sweet unless you do a super sweet filling. The macaron itself is not crazy sweet. So, if anything, she chose a great dessert option to impress and potentially hit that pack of a sweet tooth your mom has, OP.

  6. Correct, UK only. I've seen a few posts that people have managed to buy LA tickets from TM, so fan to fan sales must just have started over there.

  7. Do you know if the ticket exchange shows up on the regular site as resale tickets, or if it’s somewhere else? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

  8. I wonder what the correlation of kids who had ADHD and kids who were better at the sprints than the long distance events at track and field, or sports day or what have you.

  9. As someone with adhd, running for long distances bored me to death. I did way better at sprinting. Actually, hurdles, because it was way more interesting to jump over things while I ran.

  10. I also had this happen! 20yo cat whose bonded part we had passed two months before, so extra sad. He ate so little and slept under the guest bed almost always. I filled the bowl, refreshed the water, and scooped his litter. I made sure to find him and see him twice a day. When I noticed the next morning that the position of his body and tail were in the exact same spot as my check the night before, I reached out to pet him.

  11. Initials of pick up group, AKA a group of random people.

  12. Thank you! Now I can feel like a cool kid, and not think of a dog every time I read that.

  13. And as a cool kid doing pugs you get an actual pet pug for doing pugs! The mail says

  14. Well now I need to do this! I’m definitely a pet and mount collector.

  15. When I look back, I've been exhibiting BRFBs since 3rd grade and procrastination/all nighters since 5th. I have always been deep in the now (emergency) versus not now (never) mindset. I kept a book under my desk at all times and actively read it during class. I was never diagnosed, though, because I was gifted. Like, valedictorian gifted.

  16. I'll do cream by hand but draw the line at egg whites. Never mind trying to whip the egg whites with one hand while pouring in molten sugar with the other - no way!

  17. Try making royal icing nice and stiff by hand. Whipping egg whites for any recipe by hand requires the buffest arm ever.

  18. I once brought up Gandalf. My wife sighed and said "aaaand sex is now over", I couldn't help but reply "oh you mean I shall not pass ?".

  19. I make way too many jokes during sex. Luckily my husband has a great sense of humor.

  20. I always feel so lucky. When i hyper focus i talk a lot about that subject. A lot a lot. if i was my partner i would be annoyed super quick but hé always listens. Even if i talk straight for half An hour or so. I am Just talking and hé Just says "yes" "oke" "i get that". Sometimes i assume hé Just does it to be polite or is not really listening but sometimes i hear him explaining something about the thing i am hyperfocusig on to someone else in detail and i really think... How the hell did hé remember? And also when i realize i talk to much i Will apologize to him for having a monologue. Hé Will get super cranky if i apologize. Hé says... I was Just enjoying listening to you... Why would you put yourself down And take that away from me? I like listening to you...

  21. Ok, my husband does this too! Sometimes he isn’t listening, but to be fair, I really don’t expect him to listen to most of what I say. Very Kelly Kapoor of me (“What did I say? Honestly, I talk so much I’ve learned to tune myself out.”)

  22. I always feel a little braggy posting about my good relationship but maybe there should be more out there about the good ones. I have shared OP’s concerns, in particular because some of those who seek out hope unfortunately stumble on other subreddits full of discouragement before they find their way here. Even if it isn’t “a lot,” it’s still a disappointing amount, a disappointing number of fellow ADHD women feeling alone, unloved, hopeless.

  23. I also feel braggy, and it makes me want to not share. My husband is such a good partner, and we’ve learnt about my ADHD together. It’s helped us both.

  24. I’m in SoCal and about to switch to Kaiser! Can I dm for psychiatrist recommendation?

  25. He’s no longer accepting new clients, I’m so sorry! At least that I’m aware of. He’s pretty backed up too, and it’s become so hard to get appointments with him. Which I need less of now, to be fair. But still a bit tough.

  26. I have to admit that it does feel more alive. At least I still get fun thoughts on meds but less anxious ones. I didn't like how silent my brain was on a high dose.

  27. My brain has only ever been silent when experiencing brain fog — from long Covid. Weirdest experience ever.

  28. And then you write it somewhere you normally don’t write things and might as well have not written it at all

  29. I usually find post it’s the fastest… and lose them the quickest. So many half notes, lists, to dos all disappeared because post it’s.

  30. And the idea to just pray the depression away, smh. My mom believed in the power of prayer and also said God gave us common sense and doctors and expected us to use them too. OP did what was needed. NTA.

  31. Fwiw I'm probably around the aunt's age and I take my pillow everywhere. People call me a princess all the time but I don't see any virtue in being uncomfortable.

  32. My parents always take their pillows because my mom has neck issues and my dad is a biologist who won’t sleep in pillows that hundreds of other people have drooled on and breathed on. They only ever change pillowcases, not the pillows themselves.

  33. Yeah I don't understand why he's struggling to find a job.

  34. Show your mom this thread and all the comments that people are pointing out about her new husband.

  35. It happens because of air bubbles inside your cake. Air can build up in the cake itself if the cake layers are room temp when assembled, put in the fridge once iced, and then brought back to room temp. The air molecules constrict and expand, often creating bubbles as they try to escape. When I get a bubble, I pop it with a scribe and then flatten the icing over it again.

  36. Thank you ☺️ I appreciate it- we’ll have to try that! Lucky we just got a bigger freezer!

  37. Don’t fully freeze — 30 min is the right time to freeze an assembled cake between crumb coat and decorating. Layers can be individually wrapped and frozen for a month before assembling!

  38. Well that’s just because I’m clumsy, am distracted while walking, and forget I’m even wearing a cape!

  39. They’re so right. Just like a superpower. Like how Mr. Incredible constantly breaks things and ruins stuff in his daily life, but gets to be super strong in limited contexts SOMETIMES. Or like how the Hulk is stuck being green and huge, living in a world that wasn’t built for him. Or like how that one X Woman can’t touch anyone without killing them, but everyone always tells her to accept being a mutant.

  40. This is my favorite take on the superpower rhetoric. Everyone always telling me how to feel about my ADHD, when it can be such a struggle! But also sometimes it does feel like a superpower. Like when there’s a big crisis and my brain had already had the whole worst case scenario ready to go, or I can just handle all the things at once when I have enough stimulation. I feel like a god in those moments. But then it’s like that same super power gets in my way constantly.

  41. I'm the same, but I keep getting a lot of tiny bruises on my left thigh. Pretty sure a higher power is trying to draw some kind of 'join the dots' on there.

  42. Um, it may be your dog. I’m also super clumsy and don’t always walk around things that hit me at upper thighs/hip level. Most bruises are there.

  43. I would be sorting my health out if that was me. It can be fixed

  44. Yeah, I’m working on it. Unfortunately the medical community doesn’t have any solution for what I’m experiencing so I’m just taking supplements and trying to sleep enough. Treating the symptoms, not the problem.

  45. My family has double first cousins! Makes that generation more like siblings genetically. So all of the grandkids are basically first cousins.

  46. OP. You will be living with this woman once you’re married to this man — which means you will never escape this. Look at this right now. This is your life. You will never get privacy, this woman will be in everything you do, always. And then wonder why you aren’t having kids.

  47. 10 year olds who ask “Do you have a mic?”until I want to throw up.

  48. My favorite are the 10 year olds who do that until another 10 yo gets in and then it’s “are you a girl?”

  49. When I don’t have my mic on I will get “dance if you’re a girl”…..”jump if you’re a girl”

  50. Haha, never got that one. Just the 10 yo boys wondering if the other 10 yo boy is a girl.

  51. Never sit down. Sitting down is the enemy.

  52. This is 100 percent truth. Whenever I’m productive and think “I’ll just sit for 10 min” it’s all over.

  53. I'm considering getting a cheap travel alarm clock and a cheap pill box and gluing the two together tbh

  54. They have timed pill boxes. I have alarms for nighttime pills and I’m not always great at right on time. It helps that my husband is invested in the pill being taken right.

  55. or when you finally get hungry enough to recognize it on adderall. One moment is fine then you’re like ‘I’m going to DIE’

  56. I just tested out Ritalin this past month and gained like 10 lbs being off adderall. Because it didn’t do what adderall does with blocking my appetite and mouth stimulation needs, so I eat fir no reason. To keep my mouth busy. I picked up bubble gum but it only works for so long.

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