1. I'm friends with and I meet plenty of white queer people and don't understand this? I mean, I've seen plenty of POCs go on and on about how oppressed they are and things like that too, it's not a thing just white people do. It just seems like you just don't want to be around white queer people or hear them speak their mind?

  2. I agree. There’s plenty of toxic POC who talk about oppression as well. I do get the frustration OP feels though.

  3. I like smoking once a week on Friday nights to destress. Hopefully it isn’t too damaging, but I heard that smoking once a week means you are a ‘regular’ user in some studies.

  4. Trans women don’t usually face the medical and social community doubting their legitimacy as a trans person. Yes, they’re vilified, but trans men deal with people telling them they don’t know anything because they’re AFAB. Society treats AFABs as whiny, confused women who just want special attention, something I don’t see happening as often to AMABs. It’s misogyny and sexism plain and simple. Trans women think they know everything about misogyny and sexism because they face ‘transmisogyny’ but it’s honestly telling that they don’t understand misogyny and sexism past a surface level.

  5. This shit makes me so angry. It’s so disrespectful to our struggles as trans men, struggles they will NEVER understand because they don’t care to listen to us. Honestly I think they’d have a pretty hard time in our shoes, and maybe that’d make them realize that it’s not a competition on who has suffered the most or done the most ‘activism’. Trans men have to deal with misogyny too, ontop of being trans. Yes, trans women deal with ‘transmisogyny’ because they claimed that word (so we can’t use it apparently), but we still face misogyny because we’re seen as women still. AFABs are more likely to be doubted when they come out as trans because we’re seen as confused and impressionable girls who just want to be special, from my observations. We don’t get taken seriously because we’re seen as women, and having someone AMAB try and tell us that it’s not that bad or we don’t go through shit too soley based on being a trans man/AFAB makes me really irate.

  6. It isn’t that hard to buy a 2.5 or 5 gallon tank. They already sell tanks with filters and heaters built in. It’d fit nicely on a table and would be a proper size for a betta. I don’t understand the obsession with keeping bettas in vases. 😔

  7. This is my dream. I love the look of your terrariums, and everything just is aesthetically pleasing.

  8. Gender dysphoria often occurs during puberty, which makes logical sense because that is when the body starts changing in the direction we don’t want it to.

  9. Sorry for being inconsiderate of my wording. I do understand where you’re coming from, the term ‘castration’ can be very loaded in trans spaces because of how its been used against us. Thanks for apologies, I wanted to return with my own apology as well.

  10. It is chemical castration though. That was literally the whole point of them drugging him. It’s not transphobic if you aren’t using the term to harm trans people, and Alan Turing was not trans.

  11. Overall for trans people in general I’ve seen 60/40 trans masc/fem cited, but I don’t have a link and I’m not sure what the breakdown is for enbies specifically. It’s kind of weird to try to do that in general tho.

  12. Discussion of the disparity between AFAB and AMAB numbers always makes me uncomfortable. It feels like a way for transphobes to pass being trans off as some kind of fad, especially with the stereotype of AFABs being impressionable and fad focused.

  13. Um. Most trans surgeries are cosmetic. The adam’s apple surgery is also done on cis men who want a prominent adam’s apple as well. I don’t get what you’re trying to say.

  14. Um, not sure why you are sounding like a prick when i literally said i didnt know the information. I mentioned it being cosmetic because in my case my transition is being covered by insurance because its medically necessary even though some of it is cosmetic, i did not know that surgery like that happened (though not surprised) but i mean be an unpleasent human being, that will get you far.

  15. Why would you make a response on a topic you know nothing about? You’re just spreading misinformation to people.

  16. Tried looking for this book in English and couldn’t find it. I hope they translate it soon!

  17. It’s funny how people who aren’t adopted have knee-jerk reactions to silence adoptees who speak out and talk about their (not always positive) experiences. It’s being a minority but not even being afforded a platform on which to speak, which is what makes it so infuriating to me. All the downsides of being a minority and none of the protections or support.

  18. Gay men can like 🐈. It’s about being attracted to men, and it’s not always about genitalia. Acting like we should be ashamed of our bottom parts to appease cis gay men who are “100% gay” and insinuating that we’re using our womanly temptress powers to attract straight men with our vaginas is honestly disgusting and insulting to trans men.

  19. I mean? I'm a trans guy. I have a trans gf and I'm into PIV sex with her. I totally do have bottom dysphoria, but I enjoy it with someone I trust who I know sees me as a man. I don't think we need to shame dudes for using what they have to enjoy themselves.

  20. Agreed. This post kind of comes off as victim-blamey. I don’t see other trans people (rarely) shaming trans women for using their birth parts, but it’s perfectly okay to shame trans men for using theirs? It feels like coverted sexism against trans men.

  21. I’m diagnosed with schizophrenia and weed has been good and bad for me. I definitely get an increase in psychotic symptoms, but I also feel happy and relaxed. I might not be the most responsible person because I smoke weed with my diagnosis and so far many people say it’s not a good idea, so be wary. I will not give up smoking weed unless my symptoms get worse, and so far it has been a stress reliever in my life, so I see no reason to stop. It’s a gamble though.

  22. Tampa was so much more grotesque than Lolita, but I couldn’t put it down.

  23. I feel like adding some artificial lashes would help you look more feminine. I don’t know a thing about how to do that though, as a guy. You’re really close to passing though, and you have fairly feminine features. :)

  24. No, sorry. Your physical features are still fairly feminine and the hair looks like a pixie cut (especially with the pointed sideburns).

  25. I love folk music in general as well so I’m cool with all kinds of folk. I do like “Wolf an Dro” by OMNIA and that’s mostly just folk I believe.

  26. Why would you not want songs to stick in your head? Isn't that what a good song does?

  27. I find it distracting to where I can’t concentrate. It’ll make it hard for me to read or listen to a person’s words. Not super great while I’m trying to be a student lol.

  28. In college right now. I sleep too much because of my antipsychotic and I’m behind in everything. My mom advised me against asking for accommodations because “the real world doesn’t have accommodations.” I have such a hard time staying focused and I barely leave my dorm room because I can’t muster the energy to socialize. My social life is almost nonexistent.

  29. I like your hair the way it is, and I really like your style. Dark academia is cool

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