1. Crazy to find out 16 years later that I had a Mortal kombat toy 🤣

  2. When we had that Scorpion as kids, we had only played about 30 minutes of MK on Sega I think, we just loved Ninjas.

  3. Well, I don’t blame you, to this day I find scorpion extremely badass!

  4. Absolutely agreed. He's still the first character I nerd out with when a new game comes out.

  5. Awesome. I might grab a couple myself. They're like Funko Pops, but cooler and more accurate.

  6. Yeah I really dig them! I have the Full TMNT line as well as the Spiderman line they did. Found most of them on clearance at random Walmarts, only had to Amazon 2 of them.

  7. I did this exact same thing beginning last month. Between all the sales recently my collection has skyrocketed!

  8. I have three daughters and I've had this movie on my watchlist forever, but I feel like I'm gonna get super sad so I've been avoiding it. I need to just pull the trigger.

  9. I remember the first time I installed this way back in the day, I just sat and watched him smoke the entire time. Such a dope screen as it installed.

  10. I think it would be dope to have it in the style of Sherlock, the BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Just have like, 3 or 4 movie length episodes per season of Geralt going on monster and human villain quests. It can have a basic through line that ties each story together but for the most part it's just a fun showcase of monsters and Witcher techniques per episode, exploring the lore of the Witcher-verse.

  11. Loved all the classic Raimi camera work in this scene. The crash zooms at the characters as they took hits from each other and the fact that there is almost zero music in this scene, just added to the brutality of this fight. Killer scene 🤘

  12. I had the other cards and never knew this existed, as a magic / Pokémon former man it looks confusing as hell. Like yugi and bingo mashup but 95 style lol. Memory lane tho all the things. Those Angel cards would be like $100 bills in the day sexy currency was rare lol

  13. Yeah maybe I had just the collectible cards, memory is fuzzy, I just remember some spawn cards. That's pretty rad, and yes it looks kinda confusing haha

  14. The long cards made of hard good stock, I remember getting a foil and losing my shit. Now I panic like o where is that. Only 25 years have passed can’t be far

  15. Haha yeah same here. It was the taller card stock ones I had, I remember my mom getting me a baseball card collector book with the little plastic sleeves, and my spawn cards stuck out like an inch above each pocket.

  16. I’m only a few minutes in but did anybody catch the telemarketing job he turned down instantly hahaha bumper for telemaricorp

  17. Episode 3 now, they arnt references from the pod I’m sure but there’s a whole “where’s my snare” bit and he sings bare naked ladies.. this show is silly but im loving it so far

  18. Yeah I saw that part, that cracked us up. I don't hate the show, our boy Devine is great so I'm happy to support the show.

  19. The Spawn movie soundtrack is pretty sick! I also always thought Spawn was a heavy metal book so I always go with some metal playlists.

  20. Should I use the cartoon soundtrack too?

  21. I actually haven't listened to just the soundtrack for the show, love the show though so it's worth a shot.

  22. I couldn't read roman numerals when I was a kid, I just wanted to play the game with the gunblade that I read about. Just knew it was called Final Fantasy, so I went to the local video rental store and found FFVII, and just assumed that was the one with the Gunblade. Ended up loving Cloud and the rest of the gang, and then started tracking down gaming magazines and stuff trying to find where and how to play the rest of the games.

  23. They did an absolutely insane job on both these recent remakes. 3 felt SUUUPER short, but it was still such a killer game.

  24. Man, I really need to play this game. It's been sitting next to my PS5 for a few weeks now because I've been playing other games. These are gorgeous shots homie, makes me want to fire it up now.

  25. I grabbed so many screenshots, first time I did I was so sad there wasnt a photo mode. Hoping (and pretty sure) it comes with NG+

  26. Same! I haven't finished the game yet, I'm only maybe halfway through. Been savoring it a little, but the photo mode is supposed to come with an update soon.

  27. Lol Just saved Freyr, and suddenly a dog ran away. I could head back to sindris house, but i may as well find the dog.

  28. Bruh... I'm doing the exact same thing. I only have time to game about 2ish hours a night and this whole segment has taken me 5 days already 😂

  29. I fully know what Blake means about the coconut and onion thing he brings up during the takebacks portion of the pod. The guys sort of drag him for it, but I fully know what he means. Anyone else?

  30. Love that acoustic intro! Can’t wait to hear it on the new album 🤘🔥🔥🤘 this recording is actually from a livestream they did, that’s why it sounds so good

  31. Yeah I did not realize that's what this was, I actually kinda feel bad it got uploaded though because I know they charged for it.

  32. Its not really a dude that captured it ^^ its from the livestream they had from Veep :) it did cost around 15 bucks to see it live at the time :) But still great its on youtube!

  33. Aw bummer really? I didn't know that actually. I thought someone took this, that kinda sucks because I know they charged for that.

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