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  1. Am schnellste wieder heim kasch, wend Vorstrafe hesch. Weis nid wie fest sich das lohnt. Ansunste ärztliche Atest zu untauglicher Physe und Psyche.

  2. have y'all seen the reactions of groups like LEXIT or others in the proud boy vicinity to this group? its hilarious infighting

  3. BBC Persia confirms this is NOT Hadis Nafaji in the video. She was murdered by the Iranian state but the woman in the video is not her. The woman in the video said: "im not her but I'll gladly fight for Hadis, Mahsa Amini and all others affected"

  4. For sure. I hope other folks maybe have some clues to help

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/fuckcars/comments/xazylp/ive_been_drunk_driving_my_bike_for_15_years_and/

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/fuckcars/comments/xazylp/ive_been_drunk_driving_my_bike_for_15_years_and/

  7. It’s cool op but the international sign for medic is reversed. Red Cross on white ground. Like this it looks like Swiss nationalism

  8. It’s just a thinly veiled antisemitic dog whistle. They don’t mean the Amish

  9. this isn't centrist. it's further left than democrat. not that exceptional if you look at global politics

  10. „We are not your enemy [..] We are the only thing standing between order and anarchy“

  11. lol I got my (non existent at the time) drivers license suspended for 3 years because I was cycling drunk

  12. Thanks :). Do they have individual pad or mitts session? Lastly do they allow clients to rent wraps, jump rope and boxing gloves?

  13. I don’t know, I’m sorry. But if you write them an email (English no problem) I’m sure they’ll answer you

  14. My English isn’t perfect but shouldn’t this be: Brick pronouns are brick/wall. If you call wall by anything else brick will cancel you. Brick is a brick wall and brick needs you to accept that if you deny that brick is a brick wall, wall will scream at you. Please respect bricks decision to identify as a brick wall

  15. Well, no: preferred pronouns are always the pronouns for the 3rd person singular only. 1st and 2nd person pronouns (so I/me and you) and plural pronouns (we/us, you and they/them) are gender neutral and are used for anyone.

  16. Also, and this is bigger picture, rumors of snuff films, as in murder movies for sale have existed since the Charles Manson days (1971 was the first claim).

  17. I don’t know if you and this article only talk about the US but Armin M. „The cannibal of Rotenburg“ made a 4 hour movie of his crime, murder including. Police definitely found it and it was used to determine his guilt in court. So it definitely exists.

  18. Just curious. Did you talk to anyone who’s gay before making that shirt?

  19. I can’t explain it but when Dwight sings the song he learnt as a child about following rules. I really don’t know why but the singing part just physically cringes my whole body

  20. „Get away, stop, back up“ all in 10 seconds.. how is anyone supposed to follow these commands?

  21. How do you write 72 page eulogy in 12hours? Or did they have it ready?

  22. Big media corporations have eulogies for all celebrities ready to go. This leads to this

  23. Ah yes the conspiracy considered too crazy even for our local anti vaccine protesters. They excluded a guy from their actions so he went and kidnapped the head of the health agency and shot himself when the police found him

  24. They’re misogynistic fascists who should be fought with any means possible, but being from a place where it’s illegal to cover your face at protests: be glad they can

  25. I know the US doesn’t subscribe to the Geneva human rights convention but it would be against it

  26. This is a still from the movie 'At Play in the fields of the Lord'

  27. "at play in the fields of the lord" is difficult to get a hold of, but I've a poor vhs copy, and that is the exact shot of the plane overflying the tribe where 'moon' eventually 'goes native'

  28. Ok either you stumbled on a true conspiracy in which someone used stills from a movie to convince Peruvian and Brazilian offices for land development that these lands can’t be opened for gold miners. Or it’s just similar. I kind of hope you’re right though, this would be exciting

  29. Every five minutes? That’s when the snooze hits anyway. You need to put them four or seven minutes apart with a 13 minute gap between alarm two and three.

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