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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/CelsiusNetwork/comments/xx7dgf/how_to_find_your_claim_balance/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb

  2. Has anyone had any activity since the stoppage? The chain halt message no longer appears, but I've had no activity for 18hrs

  3. I had two activities today with only one of my two miners. The amount of HNT dropped was HUGE compared to the normal rate. First one was 1,3 HNT and the second one 0,7 HNT. Just for witnessing.

  4. Thanks for the info. Thats a nice reward! I will try a power cycle and just wait. Up untill the halt my hotspot had been running smoothly for about 90 days. I hope it won't go back to on & off issues like before.. ill just hurry up and wait😂

  5. I know I'm super late to the party... I found 2 names which matches my real name. Is there a way to find out correctly my name is there? Would be great to DM you directly if that's okay?

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/CelsiusNetwork/comments/xx7dgf/how_to_find_your_claim_balance/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb

  7. I made a post called how to find your claim. See if you can find that it has step by step directions. The link on this thread isn't the correct ond

  8. Hey dude , I will send in an email . I made this Reddit page a while ago , I will try to help you

  9. Thanks for the reply. But shortly after posting this and changing my password again I was finally able to login, and get the game downloaded

  10. Anyone know if the whole “accredited investor” thing was legit? Lots of money poured in to get staked ahead of the deadline. Was that just a final play for more $$?

  11. Wow! I definitely deposited more prior to the cutoff. If that was BS Alex needs to hang

  12. Here is an explanation for your point (A) above regarding balances. It comes from page 92 right below the boxes:

  13. Can't find my name... My name is Timothy William Kolberg and am American with all my holdings in s GUSD and USDC. What should I do? Any help is appreciated!

  14. It shows more assets then I actually had, is that normal?

  15. Yes as mentioned in another comment above page 92 explains why some amounts may be higher because of rewards.

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/CelsiusNetwork/comments/xx7dgf/how_to_find_your_claim_balance/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  17. He's resigning from CEO, but keeping his role as director. Doesn't that mean he will still have input to the ch11 process?

  18. Not to be "that guy" but it was a fork, not an air drop.

  19. You're right. "FORK" my mistake. I guess my point was they want to sell stablescoins for $, but they could sell ETHW. I dont know how much actual ETH they possess, but they could make some $ to help fund the bankruptcy, without selling/stealing anymore customer funds

  20. Seems simple enough. Fingers crossed we can recover something.

  21. Idk how much eth they have staked, but most cannot be unstaked for 6months-1yr after the merge.

  22. Delta is in the business of flying airplanes. If they crashed every flight would you "fly delta"? Cel was in the c-fi space and went bankrupt. Who would trust them with crypto again?

  23. The explorer was having some cloudflare issue loading yesterday. But it seems to be working now. Were you able to get it installed?

  24. Do you have a helium wallet installed, so you can connect the hotspot to your wallet?

  25. Cloudflare was having dns issues yesterday, maybe this was playing a role in your issue? I would check again in 48hrs. Hopefully it will be synced

  26. Do you have to register or anything else to be a creditor?

  27. This honestly is all around good news for us. I doubt the judge will just ignore 20 states. This potentially could be a way for the states to force Celsius out of this chapter 11 by fining them more $$ then they have, and then disbursing it to us.

  28. This was not even mentioned once today and I listened to the entire zoom conference

  29. Its due to the transcation fee. It costs a small amount of btc in order to move btc

  30. In my case yes. My unit has been plugged in for 6 months and never witnessed another hotspot. After moving it 4 witnessed in 24hrs. I guess the wifi interference was too much noise???

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