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  1. “The way he looked at it, stealing, raping and pillaging is the ruZZkie birthright, and he’d be damned if the Geneva Conventions or any moral compass would get their greasy hands on his birthright. Five long years he carried this watch up his ass. Then when he died of alcohol withdrawals, I stole this watch from him rather than burying his body in the forest. I hid this uncomfortable piece of Casio pop-metal up my ass for 8 months because ruZZians are fucking stupid and we think that’s the proper way to wear a watch. It looks yellow because I’m dying of dysentery. Blyat”

  2. Fuck the Orcs and all, but this is just a hell of a catch. Textbook fundamentals, just like coach teaches you at mini-camp: Give the QB a wide zone to throw to, get two hands on the rock, both feet in bounds (even if one is detached from your body), maintain possession throughout the explosion. After reviewing the play, NATO confirms the dangling appendage as a “football move” and the call on the field STANDS (something this guy will never do again). Touchdown!!!

  3. So to be clear here, you think that the Ukrainian residents being liberated are really Russian's by virtue of currently residing in Russian territory and potentially getting conscripted at gunpoint? You, completely unbidden, state that the residents of the DPR, LPR, and Crimea are Russian.... and are wholeheartedly enemies of Ukraine.... because they could apparently have escaped otherwise. Right? Even if that meant walking through an active combat zone with no protection or strategic overview. You've even added your own narrative from the post here to make them hardcore fighters, when the Russian source is specifically protesting their total failure at fighting - both through lack of ability and motivation - and how they're getting themselves (and those around them) killed before even being presented with the possibility to choose between fight or surrender.

  4. Acting as if the DPR/LPR forces are largely comprised of kidnapped Ukrainians forced to fight against their brothers is INCREDIBLY disingenuous (to put it lightly). After 8 years of warfare, clear battle lines have been distinctively drawn, and those fighting for the ruZZkies would consider themselves ruZZian well before Ukrainian. Hell, the vast majority of them are 100% ruSSian invaders masquerading as an ‘independent’ population. Although I’m not sure how they can claim themselves to be independent AND subjects of RuZZia, but here I go again trying to find sense in the paradox that is Kremlin propaganda.

  5. I'm literally the one saying that Ukrainians in occupied territories are still Ukrainians, and you're accusing me of Russian propaganda while spouting off that all Ukrainians have left the DPR/LPR and everyone left is Russian? Seriously? That's actual Russian propaganda. Have you even seen the jubilant crowds welcoming Ukrainian liberators? Would you have every one of those Ukrainian citizens put on trial for treason just because they still lived in their homes while their land was occupied? That's some Soviet-era barbarity.

  6. Jesus Christ man, actually go back and read, it’s like you’re arguing with someone other than me. Never did I say that Ukrainian territories are all ruZZian, I’m saying that Ukrainians are fighting ruSSians in these territories, not bewildered Ukrainian citizens that are completely unaware or apathetic to the war around them and therefore shooting at their own Ukrainian brothers because they have no idea what else to do. That’s ruZZian propaganda — that the UAF is at war with peaceful Ukrainian citizens that only want to be independent and a part of ruZZia. These soldiers that you see are not innocent, they are not unaware of what they’re doing, and the small number of them that are in fact being forced into fighting for a side they don’t truly believe in STILL have the choice (albeit an incredibly challenging one) to follow the footsteps of thousands of other soldiers that surrendered, mutinied, or protested until they were throw in jail — all of which are better decisions than killing and raping their way from Ukraine. The DPR/LPR forces are not zombies controlled by ruZZian black magic, they are not innocent human beings that have no choice but to kill those brothers. They are willfully killing/raping/pillaging Ukrainians, and I don’t care if they were coerced, just following orders, or conscripted, they are still the fucking enemy. Stop trying to find excuses and the ‘good’ among this unprecedented villainy. The poor Ukrainian people that live in these parts are incredibly happy to be liberated, and welcome the UAF with open arms, yes of course, but they are not the soldiers that are fighting against them. You’re conflating these two very distinct groups.

  7. Remember, they are still for the war, just not want to fight themself.

  8. https://twitter.com/R82938886/status/1574865224108220423?cxt=HHwWjoCxwfnkhdsrAAAA

  9. I mean the conscripts. The older ones know what they re getting into and deserve it.

  10. The young ones are well-informed about what they’re getting into as well, probably more so. The only thing they’re surprised by is how little training they get, but they all know they’re on their way to slaughter every Ukrainian in sight, indiscriminately.

  11. Everyone who feels sympathy for these murderous pieces of shit should be forced to watch this, and the countless other videos of the documented war crimes these filthy ruZZkie animals put the Ukrainian people through. And shit like this is still going on every day, yet I constantly read “Oh, these poor young ruZZian conscripts, it’s not their fault, they don’t even know what’s going on and are really good boys”. Fuck that entire country

  12. I’m not 100% sure, but if I understand the lyrics correctly, he got a queef from his Momma and he’s really fed up about it. I imagine I’d feel the same way, although I’m not sure I’d put her on blast like this.

  13. I imagine the toilet would only be confused for some kind of large Crockpot to boil cabbage in. Or a baptismal font.

  14. Seriously, the fact that this person could actually write instantly excludes the majority or ruZZkies as suspects

  15. I hope neither of you are from Europe, bc your ancestors were 10X worse and caused Africa to be what it is.

  16. Right, Africa was a fucking peaceful utopia before the Europeans came. No centuries filled with clan wars, genocide, slavery, and famine. Everyone on the continent was filthy rich, sang Kumbaya, and they all loved each other. Not saying Europeans didn’t exploit this, but go read a fucking history book.

  17. You have to watch out when you put too many duvets in there at once, those machines start wandering…

  18. I think it is, looks like the older lady with the short hair was the one fucking regulating and standing up for Ukraine by trying to yank the blind lady’s phone away. Good for her.

  19. Assuming everyone is completely evil is the easy way out and incredibly naive. Most are just doing what they were told to do for better or worse and would like nothing more than to just go home.

  20. Most are just doing what they’re told to do? Now who’s being naive? Unreal how quickly you’ve forgotten the utter destruction of Ukraine, all it took was a couple of poor ruZZkies crying krokodil tears for the desensitized, bleeding hearts to come out and think everyone is good inside again and all this mess was just because of a couple rotten apples. I urge you to just look on this very subreddit, two weeks back, and refresh your memory of the atrocities an entire terrorist nation co-signed on. Then come back and tell me how it’s only a select few who are evil, and how ruZZia is good again (as if they ever were) now that they’re getting a tiny portion of their own medicine. Ukraine is in ashes and deserves so much better than this short-term memory from us in the West. The only person on that entire phone recording that deserves a chance at any kind of forgiveness is the one that’s looking to surrender, because despite how difficult it is to do so, they all had a chance to refuse, surrender, or run away from Ukraine. Yes, they could’ve easily been killed trying, but that’s a better alternative in my book than killing a baby or raping woman at gunpoint after murdering her husband. Instead, the VAST majority chose to rape and pillage a peaceful country, and your exact attitude is so dangerous and only harms Ukraine further. You have it wrong, closing your eyes and pretending that all is right with the world again is the easy way out, and that line of weak thinking is the reason systemic evil like this is allowed to flourish.

  21. If you loose your empathy for people‘s suffering, you are no better than the people you are raving on about. Not every Russian is evil. And believing it to be so, is the stuff genocides are made out off.

  22. Do you have empathy for the SS and Nazi soldiers that were scared when the beaches of Normandy were being stormed by the Allies? Did you find their arguments at Nuremberg to be valid? Never did I say that all ruZZians are evil, but people are fools to feel sympathy for a soldier that took up arms against a peaceful nation. There are plenty of times to quit, surrender, mutiny, whatever. Of course it’s immensely difficult (even though Ukraine provides an avenue for ruZZkie soldiers that abandon their posts, and even offers substantial money to do so) to go against orders, but it’s even worse to fire at innocents and turn a peaceful country into ashes. And equating my lack of empathy to that of a soldier killing people is a bit of a hyperbolic stretch, no? That’s like me calling you a Nazi because you understand SS soldiers had no choice but to turn on the gas chambers, because you know, orders.

  23. I don't understand people who love the LA comedy scene as it's fully of scum bags and pretentious assholes.

  24. I hear you and mostly agree, although there’s absolutely nothing real about The Worm.

  25. I get it, they haven’t been shooting indiscriminately at civilian structures to hurt the local population, they’ve just been installing glory holes on a massive scale.

  26. Those nose bleeds look really bad, a little Claritin-D and a quick spray of Afrin should clear that right up.

  27. 1 smart Russians ran in to the woods the other 3 stupid asses got in that car. Real smart

  28. He wasn’t smart, he just thought he heard a dangerous Ukrainian-Nazi baby in the woods back there and he was on his way to neutralize the threat.

  29. Reminds me of that mobile command unit in Universal soldier.

  30. I wonder if the guy 4th from the right left Russia with those trainers, or if they were stolen in Ukraine?

  31. Those Niet Blyances next in line were definitely stolen off a cold corpse, quite possibly from his own general after one of those wild cigarette-caused fires that keep popping up spontaneously.

  32. “I need ammunition, not a ride” will go down as one of the biggest, suck-my-thunder-cock quotes ever delivered by a politician during wartime. It was like some legendary medieval warrior shit how Zelensky stood up to these powerful fascists and said “I’m right here bitches, come get you some”. Gotta love it.

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