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  1. I know these are just pictures but why does it look like she never blinks 😅

  2. Hi everyone! Question about lighting here! (Polaroid 600 Amigo 620)

  3. I didn’t know there were so many slugs and snails in my area until we started feeding strays!

  4. Does he understand that human beings have muscle, bones, and organs? 😭💀

  5. I have a metal band that I use Midjourney to make some covers for actually haha

  6. That’s cool man! What’s your bands name I’d love to check you guys out!

  7. I doubt bulk tampons or pads from amazon are any good in the first place 😭😭

  8. I love some good ol’ chunky jewelry but this is too much 😳

  9. They’re so pretty but why not coat something else ! Selenite is so pretty just by itself 😭

  10. It happens because of air bubbles inside your cake. Air can build up in the cake itself if the cake layers are room temp when assembled, put in the fridge once iced, and then brought back to room temp. The air molecules constrict and expand, often creating bubbles as they try to escape. When I get a bubble, I pop it with a scribe and then flatten the icing over it again.

  11. Thank you ☺️ I appreciate it- we’ll have to try that! Lucky we just got a bigger freezer!

  12. I’m not the best at spotting them but they definitely could be using video filters here

  13. But without access to abortion more could children be born into unloving homes. I feel like it is more immoral to make people who aren’t suited to be parents carry a fetus they don’t want. Also an unborn child is in a much different stage of development than a newborn kiddo. But I agree the way the OP talks about her sister in laws kid is just awful.. it seems like a terrible situation for everyone

  14. isnt an unloving home better than dying? you still have a chance of a good life. and i dont think your parent not wanting you means you will have an unloving home, you could be adopted. killing a baby is definitely worse than being pregnant.

  15. I feel like the mother didn’t even give her child a chance which is so sad.. people shouldn’t be parents if they won’t love a disabled child, no kid deserves to be in that situation!

  16. So a quick Google search tells me you mean the ‘rubbing in’ method, i.e. adding fat to flour and rubbing together till it looks like breadcrumbs then adding whatever liquid is needed.

  17. We make s’mores cupcakes at work and they’re SO GOOD !! Yours look amazing!

  18. I love your art style! The color palette you chose is so pretty ☺️

  19. I thought Harlan from Umbrella Academy was well done. To me it was a great example of somebody who is overwhelmed by a lot of noise. I was really excited while watching to relate to a character so much in a show I love

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