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  1. I live down south and it's $150ish for foils, tone etc at my normal hairdresser who works out of home. If I go to a salon nearby it was $300 for the same service

  2. In the years I have been I'm sure every package sold out, I went solo in 2014 and then with my partner since then.

  3. Did anyone manage to get one of those Harold yo-yos that they would sell or am I completely miss remembering that?

  4. I remember the little pens that fit into a holder that was the body with legs. Stumpy

  5. A comfortable, worn in shoe (not brand new coz you'll probably get blisters)

  6. Had a horrible experience in business class on a long haul flight from Europe to Australia.

  7. I had some like this a while ago, only got two flushes then the block just went yuk so I had to chuck it in the garden

  8. No fucking way Da Orlando is that high... Like it's fine, but overpriced and doesn't make me craze wood fiered pizza.

  9. Join the waitlist & check every day. We were lucky to get a 530pm mid week sitting by chance when I checked each morning for availability (must have been a cancellation)

  10. Have any women gone solo though, I also really want to go but my friends either don’t have money or don’t like rave music. But since I am a female I don’t know how safe it is for me to go alone especially since I would be travelling from Iceland.

  11. Yes I came alone all the way from Australia in 2014. Was an awesome time! Joined some Facebook groups and met some people from all over :)

  12. Are any of the people who said they’ve gone alone women?

  13. Kygo would be a banger, but seems that tml is not interested

  14. 2014 was my favourite until 2018 came along but only because I love the ocean

  15. I got my first box from Kokopelli, which is long established and is near to Centraal Station. Azarius comes highly recommended if you are near to Leidseplein, or The Headshop if you are near to Dam Square. They are my most common, but you won't be short of options, that much is certain. :-)

  16. We've had them in there for months and still fine. If you want to make a lot and longer lasting you could vacuum seal in batches for like a months worth and unseal them when needed

  17. Doesn't look right for an enigma, looks like a mould or fungus 🤔 I'm sure I've seen trip mention this one before

  18. The Bavarian does that weird fee too. And it varies depending on which day you go! 5-15% It's in tiny little writing at the bottom of the menu

  19. I am from Australia and have been going since 2014. First time I got a party flight from Frankfurt, the other years train from London or Amsterdam.

  20. I just got quoted $8,000 two weeks ago at the dentist so depends how much work is needed I guess, also covid and crap price increases. A few years ago quoted $7,400

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