1. I take what billionaires say with a grain of salt

  2. I take it with my quesadilla for breakfast just before I smoke my Cuban cigar to Mark a good start to the day.

  3. Nope, it was a few years before that when gaming services started gaining popularity and BBS servers could easily be found. It also wasn’t disrupting nuthin’ in 2000 but itself right before the early wave internet bubble burst when people lost a ton of money. Technically, the browser, which did more for public awareness then anything else, was based off a handful of technologies that had all been around for years or decades prior to early 90’s, but didn’t yet have a use case, like HTTP protocol and HTML, then utilizing a network cable originally built for sharing research papers long before. Kind of like the blockchain (originally developed in 1991) was taken almost two decades later as a building block of the coin layer, then a few years later Smart contracts (around since the ‘90’s) was layered on top of that and all of a sudden we have something approaching transformative.

  4. Yes. And the interest complete revolutionized communication and dissemination. All of a sudden business ENTIRE way of functioning could completely change. From physical location, to advertising, marketing, presentation as well as their efficiency among many others things. None of these things tho were heavily regulated. And at the end of the day all these changes only amounted to presentation of information.

  5. This is cool. I think it could have been improved if the blue and green actually mixed together in places

  6. Yea lol I was sorta rushing from excitement and my hands sorta got sore so I did the best I could

  7. Nah its cool. Feel free to post more. We'd all love to see improvements

  8. The music packs go so hard! Absolutely perfect for Halloween. 🔪👻

  9. ayo. Throwback. I would have missed that if I was playing.

  10. Same issue, have to wait a minute for the gun to load and by then my target has either noticed me or walked off

  11. Tell me what’s epic gonna do to her hair to “fix” it because I don’t think “looking like a brain” is a bug

  12. You obviously haven’t seen the bitches that complain about hair clipping. If this happened, the subreddit would be up in arms.

  13. Oh we have alright. Stay around these parts long enough and that's a surety

  14. Man I have clips on clips of this bug lol, sometimes it actually helps you but like 90% of the time it make you look stupid while the enemies get a free kill.

  15. Yes. Although I think it's also an unfair comparison. Right has a much more dynamic pose with full body. Dynamic poses can make a huge difference. Ask any Jojo character.

  16. I don't know. I've never seen a series s and I've never seen how good or bad it runs games. I was just trying to make a funny avengers joke

  17. That was cool! The environment straight up reminded me of Modern Warfare 1.

  18. How long/often do you play? This is clearly not luck. You're good.

  19. You get unlimited internet hugs from me tho. I'm kinda in the same boat.

  20. I swear people care more about the 2 houses than they do about the actual poi

  21. You care a lot about some things only until you actually get them. Just saying.

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