1. That’s weird, could of sworn we carried them. Let me look into this for you.

  2. When you’re balling on a budget that extra $100 between the 407 and 507 goes a long way haha

  3. We can get them, I’ll see about adding them to our system.

  4. Anyone use these guys? I've got a bunch of older guns I used to like to cc without optics cuts that I might put back into the rotation at $65.

  5. Check out nameless arms, he does CZ slides and match fits all your slides to your optic. Plus this company doesn't seem to machine out the 2 recoil lugs that are suppose to be near the front....

  6. We can mill your slide for you no issue. We’re currently running a sale too!

  7. Haha no problem. I'll keep you in mind if I do the glock. Still debating which to mill haha. Thanks!

  8. We can get that squared away for you! We also offer optics with your purchase at very competitive MAP prices!

  9. We got you covered! $65 for the basic setup right now with a code.

  10. Thanks for the reply! If I buy today but can’t send it quite yet is there an expiration date?

  11. This sale will be going on for a few weeks. You are also welcome to purchase now and send in whenever you please.

  12. Is there somewhere I can see an example of the different color options?

  13. Very true. Although we quote our lead times at 3 weeks, turn arounds are usually much quicker than that. It just gives us some flexibility if we get a lot of work in ;)

  14. I have a Glock 19 gen 5 with a blank slide. I want to add a crimson trace red dot to it, can you guys do the slide cut for that?

  15. Never mind, i want a rmr cut. Do you have already made ones? or do I have to send a blank one? If possible, I'd be interested in buying a slide with the rmr cut. Thank you.

  16. You would send in your OEM slide, and we wild cut it and send it back.

  17. We like the 407/507k lineup from Holosun, they’re pretty competitive price wise for their performance.

  18. Maybe i’m reading the website wrong but can I get a Glock 31 cut for a Holosun 507 or is it just Trijicon?

  19. Can you cerakote just the cut and leave the rest of the slide alone? My slide is the old frying pan finish and I kinda like all the wear and marks she's gotten over the years.

  20. Sadly no. In order to ensure a good bond, the entire slide must be sand blasted and refinished.

  21. gotcha. Thanks and sorry for posting in the old thread instead of the new one lol. I didn't realize it until I hit post

  22. So just to verify, the non detent version will work in a SP9A3S?

  23. While I don't deny that these are awesome, if you want to try making your own I designed these a while back and they've been flawless.

  24. We have a pretty good slide cutting deal going on over in gun deals 👀

  25. Can you do an acro cut with the rear sight remaining in place?

  26. Not yet, we've just begun talks with Aimpoint to receive some of their optics for testing.

  27. Did you use the stock lower or one of the AR trigger lowers?

  28. It’s insane. This is even slowed down to increase reliability.

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