1. I bet they have a joint Facebook account and each of them knows only half the password.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know that existed. I’ve got a bunch of research chambers at the core on Glacio with arms pulling from spires to load those little nuggets into the research chambers. Does that mean they’re not getting placed right now?

  3. I got my car this summer. Today has been the coldest it has been and you’re probably right, it might be due to the cold. Thank you for this info!

  4. Welcome to every season EXCEPT summer! Luckily there’s a setting now that blends friction brakes with the regen braking to make up for it. Before, you would take your foot off the pedal and then start wondering why your car wasn’t slowing down. Lol.

  5. Something changed in the last week or two. I have been paying for ad-free non-Live service and never saw ads. Recently moved to the ad-free Live version and there are way more ads... No, I'm not talking about live tv or DVR commercials. In shows like Chicago Fire I've never had ads, now they do for some reason.

  6. Content in their streaming only library will always be ad free if you’re on the no ads plan. If you have Live TV, anything OnDemand will have ads, just like any other TV provider. The problem is, everything is all in one place, so one could think that ALL streaming content is experiencing ads, but it’s not. Their ad free service is still ad free, as long as it’s content that’s available without their Live TV service.

  7. Once enough chevrons are encoded, the stargate opens.....just kidding....the explanation is here:

  8. did a bit more research and it looks like new deliveries are affected primarily. I'm on 28.100

  9. Is this why my new 22MYP doesn’t have a VENT command in the app while my 21MYLR does?

  10. That sink is DISGUSTING! HE should use that money to hire a housekeeper.

  11. I guess I’m the oddball. A place for everything, and everything in its place. I have a storage container for everything. If I’m not working with it, it goes back to storage. I even have an underground extension from my main base for long term storage of unused stuff and rovers I don’t need on the regular.

  12. This is great! Love the ability to see where your energy is going!

  13. When does this event end? I’m not seeing any prompt for it in my game.

  14. Just get an exo platform and you can start the event. Pumpkins are growing in sporadic places and I’d go to Atrox to get the fastest coledrengia (sp?).

  15. Me after reading the first page: “oh god, there’s a page two… and a page 3…”

  16. Wow. I didn’t know there was an update recently.

  17. The update was literally the day that you posted this LMAO, check the patch notes.

  18. I must have missed the update somehow. I’ll start my Xbox and hit A a couple of times while doing other things so the game is ready for me when I get to it. It probably went right by the notes.

  19. I ordered in October 2021 with an initial delivery estimate for April 2022.

  20. Oh, it’s definitely still like that. We rejected a VIN this month and we had a new VIN within 4 days and a new delivery appointment within a week. We bought it Wednesday and the parking lot was packed with dozens of cars, when normally there’s no more than 10 there waiting to be delivered.

  21. You’re approving an estimate. If there is an actual repair related charge, they will confirm again with you before they begin the work.

  22. Thank you. Why does it allow me to adjust it though? I can move it to 12. I would think the amps would be determined by the outlet, not the app?

  23. The car will have an upper limit, as determined by the power source. In this case, 12A. You can adjust it lower than this limit, but not higher.

  24. that’s what i’ve heard in the past, haven’t had issues myself

  25. I did a calibration on both cars and I THINK that did the trick. I went back and forth between the cars and it went to the correct position. I’m going to try again when the 2nd Y gets back home tonight to make sure it stays that way.

  26. go into settings and service and do a seat calibration on both, report back if it helps!

  27. A seat calibration! I forgot that existed. I bet that’s exactly what needs to happen to both. I’ll do it tonight and let ya know!

  28. Got the buyers agreement and it says the odometer is 15 miles. So…we’ll see it tomorrow

  29. All the paperwork lists 15 miles. Every Tesla we purchased says that. We picked up our MYP today with 3 miles on it.

  30. Silo on station, auto arm from thumper to silo. Set station to stop trains and load stopped. Silo on train, storage sensor on silo set to full or empty. Train should always be back at station waiting before station silo is filled back up.

  31. Are you in a state that required paying prior to delivery? If not, I would not submit payment before inspecting car. Delays happen for various reasons during transport, especially if you are far from Fremont. Happened to me.

  32. Same. Every time we bought one, we never transferred a dime until we looked over the car inside and out.

  33. It’s SO tedious to get helium for NCA for RTG’s because you need RTG’s to adequately run atmosphere collectors. LOL. I head there with a few batteries and medium generators until I have enough to make 5 RTG’s, peace out, get back, and from there it’s golden.

  34. How did you change the order? I don't see an option to do it on my order.

  35. https://www.tesla.com/teslaaccount/edit-design/RN#######

  36. Does that affect price changes? I ordered before much of the price bump upwards

  37. Not any more. They changed the policy a while back. Before, any change would update to current prices. Now, you’re locked into the price book at the time. You can change from P to LR or vice versa and you’ll pay the price those items were at the time you ordered. I think even FSD is locked into the price it was when you ordered. Even though it’s 15K now, you can add it for 12K.

  38. You have to order a long range and be offered to switch your order to the new standard range by Tesla, or find one in existing inventory, if available. You can not custom order it as of now (probably due to the supply constraints of the 4680 packs).

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