1. I understand your hesitation, but depression, anxiety don’t seem to fix themselves. I am old and have had both all my life to some degree. When the doctor prescribed Paxil for me years ago no one discussed side effects and I didn’t have any to mention. It certainly helped, but I foolishly thought I was “cured” and tried to quit without tapering (no one discussed this with me either). That was a huge mistake. Now, many years later I tapered off under doctors supervision. After about a month my anxiety and depression sky rocketed. After trying 1 other antidepressant with major side effects, Lexapro was prescribed. I had all the side effects with some lasting 6 weeks. Now, 7 weeks in I feel “normal” again. It was worth it, although I detested the process. Anxiety, depression and the thought of starting over kept me going. My advice is to start very slowly. Cut the pills to 5mg or get a reduced prescription. Work up slowly. I’m sure it takes longer to feel the intended results, but easier for some of us to adjust. Best wishes.

  2. Waste of time for me. Took zoloft and trazodone for 5 days. Quit them and feel better. Was getting 1-2 hours of sleep with those. Now im back to getting 3-4 without them.

  3. I’m surprised, my doctor had me on trazadone as-needed but once she put me on lexapro she took me off. Rare but the combo of the two can cause seratonin syndrome

  4. This is what I was thinking also. I need to research serotonin syndrome to compare my bodies reaction.

  5. I was prescribed Trazodone just this week for sleep. When doctor mentioned it for sleep, I was unaware it is an old antidepressant that is sometimes off brand for sleep. As I am on Lexapro currently, my research kind of bothered me because I’ve had such side effects from Lexapro. Took 50 mg trazadone on Monday night. It did not help me at all with sleep, but wow, the side effects. Hangover, dizziness and the horrible body aches, which the worst of the lasted at least 24 hours and finally I believe it out of my system today(Friday). I guess I was one of the unlucky ones.

  6. It seems to be helping me with anxiety and depression (6 weeks on). I had a difficult adjustment period, but I’m better and glad I stuck with it.

  7. Wow that’s amazing! I completely relate to the depression and anxiety symptoms. 5 mg. Is a very low dose and if it works like that for you, it must be the medication for you!

  8. I am currently on 20mg of lexapro and I still have some anxiety when I smoke, IF I get too high. But as long as I just take a puff or two, it puts me in the sweet spot to be extremely happy and productive at the same time. I've been learning medical studies through school (college) and sometimes I hyperfixate on my body functions, now that I am starting to understand how they work together. And during those times I have a tendency to put myself into a psychogenic shock, so to speak. So knowing your limits is my advice. But the lexapro and cannabis don't interact in a negative way, for me.

  9. It’s a tough decision. I know what it’s like to be both a mother and need medication. I won’t lie to you, it can be really rough, but so is anxiety and depression. I had to reduce the milligram load and slowly move up, but still had side effects. I could function for the most part through it (not pleasant), but feel the alternative is worse. In fact, I’m still adjusting but feel the rough road has been worth it. For me, I did not feel I had a choice, but to get on a medication. It was that or… On the other hand, when I was introduced to Paxil years ago, I had minimal side effects. You could be lucky. Do you have a supportive partner? This could really help as it did me.

  10. Don't use it longer than 2 weeks or you will pay for it.

  11. Thanks for the information . This is what I’m trying to avoid.

  12. My experience has been a struggle with nearly all the side effects. Doctor started me low dose 5mg, then as side effects lessened bumped up to 10mg, but I spiraled down hard and had all the side effects, so for about 4 days, took 7.5 and the back up to 10mg. Now after 12 days on the 10mg feeling okay. For some of us, it’s a long road, but the feeling of hope overrides the initial side effects. Good luck and best wishes.

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