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  1. This is becoming a black vs white war - it’s totally motivated by racism and revenge and a need to smash the white royal family and their supporters into the dust.

  2. Meghan needs to have a sit down with Morgan Freeman. What he said about “I’m gonna stop calling you a white man, and I’m gonna ask you to stop calling me a black man”. The way he said such a simple thing so powerfully really made me respect him even more than I already had.

  3. At this point I am literally saying to the tv when I’m watching our content creators

  4. Oh please come! It’s great here! I just might be New England’s biggest cheerleader. It’s such a great place to be and live…

  5. It’s… a bit twisted. Caught the top of the fort section like a sail and toppled the whole thing. So now it’s wood for the fire pit. My kids have longggggg outgrown it, so it’s more for visitors, mainly because the damn thing is so large and heavy to get rid of. But now I have an excuse. I’ll just pull apart and chop up what remains. Maybe hang the swings from a tree.

  6. Well, the news cycle just changed and now it's Meghan and Harry's Trailer about how the "stakes" are high LOL.

  7. Now we’ve just got a third story down with “UK Royals Have Eye on Environmental Prize”….

  8. Her clothes shouldn't have come up, the focus should've been her charity. After making several embarrassing remarks early on in my professional life (none racist), I learned to keep small talk as neutral as possible. Ngozi was likely baiting people with her clothes, but everyone representing the royals should've been able to recognize the trap and avoid it.

  9. I'm like Mitzi Gaynor singing that song in the movie "South Pacific"----- the "Cockeyed Optimist".

  10. I’ve just read the book “Say Nothing” about aspects (not a full blown history) of “The Troubles.” It’s an extraordinary book—even to me who previously had absolutely no interest in the Irish & their worries. Can’t recommend it enough.

  11. Yes. Watch me be spontaneously intimate with my princely hubby while 15 people take pictures!

  12. It's one of the first comments. You might have to scroll. Here it is again:

  13. God, the royals have GOT to stop using stupid outdated terms like “charm offensive”. Get with the times, for crying out loud

  14. As someone who knows a few of these types, I can assure you that all the daytime yoga, and clean eating and alkaline water is to make up for all the cocaine and cigarettes and wine from the night before.

  15. M.'s a sick duck. But don't worry. Right now The Wales' have Caroline Kennedy as their superpower. She knows more about how to re-focus the media's attention than most and has the will to do so.

  16. Sounds like a lot of inter-family competitions going on with the royals and the Kennedys. Cutthroat.

  17. I think it’s really gross that Harry isn’t promoting Earthshot. Like for someone who allegedly cares about the environment he should be one hundred percent on board and praising his brother. The earth should be more important than his ego but apparently not.

  18. The article is referring to them not being able to make it to today's welcome ceremony, which is understandable given the weather. It's not that they shunned the entire Earthshot Prize. Let's not get into a panic and declare it an utter failure already.

  19. The weather was BAD! Cannot stress enough. I’m sure they had a rocky landing/ flight.

  20. Yeah, even some of our fellow Yanks are becoming rabid royalists, something else we can blame on MM!

  21. Disliking one doesn’t necessarily equate to living the others. What a weird viewpoint?

  22. Yikes! The Midwest gets hit sometimes, but the storms you guys have been getting are insane. Stay safe!

  23. Their account is still active. The Feds definitely watch all social media, and they can track about everything you do.

  24. That is scary. Always good to have protection around you, and a dog or two!

  25. Did they delete their account? Which I believe was brand new? There's another I'm curious about that continually seems to take up for them. If any of these people were my damn sister/friend, I would be calling the FBI myself!

  26. No but she said something to me, and I clapped back with “don’t break my neck”. They replied something saying I was cold and then I asked how they even knew it was then I was talking about since I never mentioned them by name. I’m like what do you have a guilty conscience or something? And they never answered after that. I have no idea if they deleted their account.

  27. The thing that bothers me is that particularly in the US in academia, there's a strong desire to portray plantation slavery as a unique evil. It's a tenet of a faith, not an evidence-based thing. They will use euphemisms like saying slavery in Native American and other societies as "adoption" into a tribal group. That's not how kidnapped colonists experienced it, lol. They were not happy about being un-free. But also no one wants to portray early colonists and Native Americans as fairly evenly matched, because the disparities later on became so huge. No one wants to admit that at the beginning, it's both small groups of starving people fighting for resources. The colonists got the edge mostly accidentally due to better smallpox immunity. In the 1970s-90s the historical literature about Africa-to-US slavery does talk more honestly about things like this, and about agency. West Africans selling slaves aren't just victims, they have agency and decided to do that to their local foes. But right now any talk of agency is basically being reframed as gaslighting or lying. They're portraying these not-very-advanced European explorers and traders as like Thanos-level baddies. They were just jerks trying to make money, like CRE brokers today. Not especially evil or especially smart.

  28. We didn’t lose power, but we did lose the swingset. Toppled it right over. Caught the roof of the fort like a sail! It’s firewood now.

  29. We had a HUGE storm yesterday. Crazy rain and crazy winds. Knocked my kids’ wooden playground over. Toppled it!

  30. Lol. I always laugh at the UK media who somehow think Markle is a viable candidate here. They are the only ones who print these trash articles

  31. That’s what these people are there for. They go into it willingly knowing they might have to take the fall for their boss.

  32. He’s always been weak. He’s too busy focusing on himself. I mean, just HOW do you think Harry got like he is? He takes after his father

  33. Honestly, main stream media has always pushed Meghan's racism claims. This is nothing new. Most people, with any common sense, can see their 83 year old relative inadvertently saying something inappropriate to a POC...and cringe at the thought of it. Most people have already made up their minds and picked a team in the Royals vs.the the Harkle's fight. I think Meghan and Harry have already overplayed their hand. By the night of the awards (Catherine had better pull out all the stops with her gown) and the glamor of the occasion will lure people in. Any footage of the Boston Celtics game I have watched, and the response from the people of Boston have been pretty positive.The two big opportunities for protest were the public greeting at the town hall and the Celtics game. They were treated well at both events. The rest of the visit should be a cakewalk. Ironically it will just draw more eyes to Earthshot which will sell itself. It is a great event!

  34. Local news interviewed people in the crowd at City Hall. The majority were from out of town/ flown in/ tourists.

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