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  1. He can't leave now. He can't even change his place of residence.

  2. Freedom of movement within Russia. It's an important distinction, traveling out the country is out of the question now.

  3. Word is Wyatt bet his life savings on the success of warbands as a concept to one of Blizzard's executives, so they won't scrap it any time soon.

  4. If I were to guess I'd say it's Salli Safioti, but there's no definite info on the Web.

  5. You had one unlucky instance. Att he end of the day the group that's stronger wins. It's not about who spawns where.

  6. Man, you trying to reinvent capitalism? Let the market work it's magic by the natural way of things - greed. At the end of the day regular player will only benefit.

  7. Resonance and CR still kings in this game. However, howlers call is a overrated gem, If you are looking for reso and CR try to get a cheap 5 star gem in your server, zwenson you can get 5/5 really cheap in most of the servers.

  8. What? It is top tier, at rank 6 my doggy crits for 96k. It is anything but overrated, as long as you rank it up a notch.

  9. Anything that's not tourmaline is equally not worth paying attention to, in my book.

  10. What bugs me is that they are trying to stop capitalism from working. It is so idiotic and hypocritical, that an American company is creating a virtual market and doesn't want it to be efficient/reflective of the real world and decides to implement some artifical measures to try and stop capitalists from exploiting the nature of such economy. All it does in the end is make game experience really inconvenient to the majority of players.

  11. I have found that, unscientifically speaking of course, that my drop rates increase substantially after I spend real money. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me that this is in fact the case with you. That Blizzard has engineered the game into frustrating you so much you swipe the credit card just to upgrade some gems.

  12. Yeah, that's just your imagination. It's normal for one's CR to go stale between he'll difficulties. I'm at 4.8k cr, and most of the upgrades add like 10-20 points.

  13. I said you can sell your account, but didn't say someone will buy it. 15$k is a made up number, no one will buy it at that price. Buying accounts is shady business so it is very unlikely you will find the right buyer.

  14. Short answer - yes. They are reading most of the posts, I'd assume all of them given how few are being made each day. Now, whether or not we get the outcome we desire is a different thing, but they certainly take it into account.

  15. Why is it so difficult to accept that a feature of the game you designed is disliked by your playerbase? Is there a secret warband lobby within Blizzard that is forcing you guys to try and make it work? There is going to be only upside and positive feedback after removing warband as a feature from the game. Just to give you an example of how bad things are, I'm on a rather active server, and the their day some random person wanted to do a wb raid to get the weekly award. This random warband was rank 2 after that raid.

  16. Wth I'm same Para but 800 CR behind you. Where the f do I get 800 more CR :cry:

  17. I'm almost at 3k resonance, so that could play a role. Also I was grinding green set items and they are all pretty decent.

  18. Resonance does not change CR...

  19. Show your stats, more detailed with gear stats and I'll tell you how to improve on them.

  20. ELI5: If these are Putin’s “guys”, why do they keep ending up dead? Is the perception that Putin has extreme paranoia and is knocking people off left and right? Or is it an assumption that another group is taking these guys out?

  21. I don't know if you actually read who the guy was, but no, he wasn't "putin's guy". This title is just circle jerk material to keep some redditors satisfied. The guy that died was the director of corporation for development of far east and arctic, basically an organisation that oversees the investments in dostant/undeveloped and underpopulated side of Russia. The guy was 39 years old, practically no one heard his name until this news came out.

  22. Open a ticket with support, they are the only ones that can help.

  23. It's a overrated gem, it's funny when the red wolf decides to go the wrong way for attack. It's also slow, very easy to dodge. Honestly, it's a bad gem.

  24. My dog crits for 90k dmg and also stuns mobs... While I wouldn't say it's the best gem, it is definitely better than chip, zwenson, phoenix and echo (imo).

  25. Well, if you waited till your account went negative with orbs you'd know for certain whether it was fixed or not.

  26. How tf is buying discounted orbs in any way legit

  27. Because blizzard uses arbitrage logic when it comes to pricing their services across the globe, but at the same time doesn't restrict (or at least ban people) from using different regions to pay for the exact same service. I get why people are upset when they find out that someone paid less than them, but ultimately it should blizzard/netease to blame for not setting the rules the same across board. I pay 20% more than someone in, say, USA while living in a much less developed country.

  28. There are some methods like razor gold where you can get orbs for about 65% price.(Main price difference is regional and cutting out google and apple from the cut.)

  29. There goes last thing I looked forward to. Oh well, what can I do.

  30. Save them until you get to 220, this way you'd be able to obtain bonus effect from magic effects of the same kind (3 of the same kind per gear item provide special magic attributes).

  31. Honestly it's overrated. Pve is already a breeze regardless of what charm gives, and for pvp only resonance matters for the most part. So don't worry is what I'd say.

  32. I'm 2 upgrades away from 3k, but sniping bsj is next to impossible.

  33. dont bother with magic find, mate got 95% and he doesn’t notice a difference

  34. I don't know, I'd say the difference is noticeable. Before I lvld my 5 star gems to rank 5 I rarely got legendaries from objects/bosses. Now I get legendaries from at least 1 raid boss, once in about 10 elder rift runs, and overworked farming too is often enough to notice. I'd say at 95% it is noticeable if you farm long enough.

  35. I went from 0mf to 95% in a matter of days, so in my experience the difference is noticeable.

  36. I think adding new sets that would add to the build variety is something that would keep many players going. I'm at a point where there's no incentive to keep ok grinding.i have the set I need, my cr is 4.7k, and for the next month the game play will be exact same each day. I played as immortal, shadow, adventurer. Got to legend in bg. Defeated all raid bosses. Got my resonance to the maximum amount that I'm comfortable spending, so 0 reason spend a single dime over. Now it's just doing dailies to get my 1-2 lvls a day and then stop. I used to grind for up to 6-8 hours daily, now I spend 1 hour tops, sometimes only 5 min a day. I definitely got my money's worth in terms of hours of entertainment I got out of it, but a bit sad that it's come to end most likely.

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