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  1. It’s this scene where jenelle and Nathan are having one of their infamous knock down drag outs right before jenelles baby shower. Jenelle is screaming and crying, repeatedly calling Nathan begging him to act like he’s happy about the situation. The whole time tiny jace is like trying to soothe jenelle and tell her he loves her and they don’t need him. Then he suddenly switches and disassociates because he realizes nothing he says is going change the situation, and starts quietly singing a song about rainbows to keep himself chill. It’s like one of the saddest scenes in teenmom history imo.

  2. I just want to hug baby jace so bad... I just watched it again & am on the verge of tears.

  3. She recently said that she doesnt have a savings also I believe. So yeah, that hurt her pockets idc what she says.

  4. I definitely don’t, and the eye drops advice was in earnest because moisture helps. But maybe you have big, fat, uncoordinated bear paws for hands 🤷🏼‍♀️ lmao

  5. If I was a kid & knew my friend was on a TV show you can bet your bottom dollar I'd find it and watch it. Shit as an adult, my friends went on Steve Wilkos and I watched it over and over lol.

  6. I answered in another comment lol basically she just liked going on talk shows. They made up a story line & went with it. It was her, her sister and her sisters boyfriend. But on the show they said the guy was actually her boyfriend & he cheated on her and beat her or something lmao it was all made up. The name of the episode was "She's a cheater so I beat her".

  7. I meant I can’t imagine why anyone would ever check their email. Emails are just there to collect junk email. No need to ever check them.

  8. I am so over that stamped on eye liner. & the purple eye shadow could look good with her eye color if she didnt just slap it on up to her eyebrows.

  9. This is my first time hearing about him dying. It always fascinates me when other people have experienced a celebrity dying twice.

  10. For some reason I had am image of Kailyns dad in my mind and not Catelynns, and I was very concerned for the both of you 😂 very relieved when I realised my mistake!

  11. Omgosh I am so ashamed to say this but if I would have known him back then I would have been really attracted to him 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. I'm finding it very difficult to understand what any of this has to do with this sub?

  13. Omg nothing will be funnier to me than when Amy Schumer gave Kim Kardashian "advice" on her SNL jokes. You could tell Amy was being a bitch & wanted Kim to bomb so bad. Kims jokes were decent & Amy shot them all down.

  14. I always thought it was so weird when people called their kids sexy or hottie or fine... Whatever. I doubt they're thinking of it sexually, but those are sexually charged words and there are SO many better words to describe cute kids.

  15. Imagine being her neighbor... Watching her stand in her driveway, shirtless, yelling in to a fucking ladle during a hurricane.

  16. Fake a stomach ache or some other ailment & tell her you need to go to the ER asap. Tell them whats going on & they will help you. Sorry you even have to do that, your mom should be the one person you can go to for anything.

  17. I don't sleepwalk either, never have. BUT about a year ago I woke up with a half-chewed cigarette in my mouth. I sleep-ate a cigarette! Not paranormal (I don't think) but super weird nevertheless.

  18. I hit my vape in my sleep. I wake up with it in my hand every morning.

  19. Can I have a link for the guys who read scary Reddit stories?

  20. Creators I like are Mr. Nightmare, Blue_Spooky, and Mr. Revenant :)

  21. It's hard to say without knowing exactly what the sound was, but some people have described their water heater and/or pipes giving off a high pitched noise like a whistle or siren. A house I used to live in made sounds like that.

  22. What you're describing sounds like exploding head syndrome. I get it frequently. Its actually really scary if you dont know whats happening.

  23. "This isnt your show" it isnt yours either stupid 😂 she really believes shes the main character.

  24. Same lol shame on me I thought Gary from earlier seasons was hot as well.

  25. the photos of her the other day vs this video are the perfect example of why you should never bother envying someone else’s life bc of their bullshit on social media.. not saying she can’t love her kids but ofc ppl try and make it look like it’s all easy peasy going kids meanwhile those photos you saw a couple days ago are much closer to what her life is actually like daily as a single mom of four x three, soon-to-be five x four. messy, stressful, exhausting, and kinda depressing.

  26. I just realized the post downvotes only go down to 0 but comments can go below 0, pls downvote this comment to save the princess

  27. https://radaronline.com/photos/jenelle-evans-court-david-eason-new-evidence-lose-kids-custody-court/

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