1. SS: Bush put Robert Mueller in at FBI Director 7 Days before 9/11. Mueller is Skull and Bones, as is Bush

  2. SS: The photos are real, from AP and CNN. Unedited. Mark Phillips took the top one. Barbara Bush is the daughter of Aleister Crowley. The timelines check out of you look deep into it. The elites use numerology, timing, and mass rituals like 9/11 and Sandy Hook to alter our timeline to their favor and open off-world spacetime portals using the collective attention consciousness of the masses. CERN is part of this now. Techno-magick they call it.

  3. SS: We are all puppet states of RothschildMossad/RockefellerCIA. Biden is a puppet. Trump is a puppet. Warp Speed

  4. SS: heard she was heading down there. Jardin. Jarden. Whatever tf. Going to meet her boss?

  5. SS: The WEF needs a stronger presence on the internet. Elon will help integrate the IoT

  6. Because he's worn the scarf thing on many other occasions and it looks identical to the image I linked.

  7. I'm just pointing out that you're spreading an edited image, that's all.

  8. That's fair if true. Doesn't change the fact that the Vatican is Luciferian and Jesus was killed by organized religion

  9. Lots of people intern at the CIA, dude. Just like lots of people work for the CIA, doing normal and boring things like monitoring news reports from other countries.

  10. You're afraid of ladders, now? And owls? And a little boy making a heart with his hands? You're afraid of the sun and the moon and "pillars"? You're afraid of eyes?

  11. No, I'm not of afraid of luciferian scum. They are pathetic. Remember how 33° Scottish Rite founder Albert Pike said lucifer is god?

  12. I would love to blame Biden but I doubt he can be blamed for the massive (~175 Mt) drop in Europe oil production since 2000. Or, the drop (~125 Mt) in Latin American oil production. Or, the drop (~100 Mt) in Africa oil production. (Pacific is down too but hardly worth noting.) As oil production has been going down, need has been going up which leads to acceleration of economic woes.

  13. Wrong. US production is down, hasn't recovered at all since pandemic. The chart is in the bottom left of post infographic. Here's data:

  14. SS: These are legends. If anyone is gonna help humanity become free, it's people with influence on culture. Nobody's perfect. They're not gonna word everything perfect or be perfect humans. But we appreciate them infinitely for trying

  15. SS: CIA/Soros/Nazis overthrew Ukraine in 2014 and began bombing Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine Donbas region non-stop. It's been 8 years of bombing/genocide by CIA-controlled Kiev. 14k+ deaths of innocent Ukrainian civilians.

  16. Meanwhile, Shell Oil doubled their profits from last year.

  17. Because Joe Biden vowed to "end fossil fuel" and crushed US oil production. We aren't even at pre-pandemic levels

  18. This sub isn't fun anymore when people have lame political posts. Show me something good

  19. SS: might be good to know what we're up against. Let's get non-occult people into office please

  20. SS: Kabbalah in and of itself is fine. But everything is a double edged sword. The left hand path crew uses that knowledge for evil. Kabbalah teaches everything is Mind. There is no physical matter. That's correct

  21. SS: he only banned Epstein AFTER it all became public. Trump loves Bill Gates and gave GAVI billions, pressured FDA to approve his death jab

  22. You have a photo of Nick Phelps above a photo of the Florida family that was allegedly the "actors" that played the Phelps family. I know nothing of Laura Phelps, though I did see a brief video of her role as an actress in some artsy drama piece. However, Nick Phelps, and this association, has had my interest for quite some time.

  23. I'm more concerned about the guy doing devil horns behind Vicki Soto (teacher victim) and the connection to that last photo

  24. I remember this part of the CT but I don’t remember the “GPS shows he visited the Freemason lodge one day before the shooting”

  25. Probably because it's necessary and if you think you understand it trust me you do not unless you have a degree in economics then maybe but it's not that simple.

  26. SS: Because Trump, like Biden and everyone else, is a Rothschild agent. They run the world

  27. I heard she is a witch and they had goblins running the emerald mines in South Africa.

  28. We can only hope it’s because he and his family were born into a system where they had no choice and now they’ve flipped and are actively working with white hats to expose the plan these satanists had for humanity.

  29. Who is "they" and why would they need our consent anyway?

  30. Jones claims the bases are far side of the moon. Unfortunately no footage of that

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