1. Im tryna move to north jersey, guess where I’m applying first, USPS. 😊

  2. Im lookin long term on this one. I want a pension one day.

  3. Nope im tellin my lead to take 20-30 stops off me or im going home

  4. Theres no bottom in crypto and flexa employees gotta get paid lol …

  5. Shut up OP stop ordering chewy ya dog doesnt give one fuck about it, you should of came outside and said something…. But you wont pussy lol

  6. Fuck your desk bro. Order from a site that does their own furniture delivery.

  7. Someone could say a DSP name anonymously here… what are you talking about

  8. I feel like group stops are just an excuse to give us more stops than we otherwise would get. Like say you have 300 locations to deliver to, it sounds way better to say you have 180 stops. People would freak out if it said they had 300 stops even though its the same as the 180 stops grouped.

  9. Straight scam. Drivers are being underpaid, and their pockets getting fatter!

  10. You get it lol unless your your day trading like hell on this one i wouldn’t touch this until sound positive news cones out

  11. You get it lol unless your your day trading like hell on this one i wouldn’t touch this until sound positive news comes out

  12. 0...having zero amp means zero loss.wait until 2024 and stop trying to catch a falling knife.

  13. This Charles Hoskinson being involved is just bs right?…right???? I’ll leave the cosmos if that MFer is a part of it.

  14. Lets just not care at all about what j kwon has to say… not like he didn’t create something as wildly successful as cosmos right? He doesn’t know shit though right? He says a couple curse words and people are saying he’s not mentally stable…. I would be pissed too. The project is wildly successful why change it to be more inflationary. Im with Jae Kwon

  15. I work at FedEx, I always leave packages at the end of a long drive way. We don’t get paid enough and have too much work to do to walk all the way up a drive way. The customer is more than capable of walking down their driveway and getting their package. Though I normally try to find a spot to hide the package.

  16. You reply to old ass posts. Give it up get a life trump rider

  17. I guess.. dont support trump but hey whatever helps you feel better.

  18. Nothing will get us to $0.12 by EOY

  19. Right because it will go parabolic from present level to .50 and won’t even stop at .12

  20. Coin dilution will fuck ya over. Paying stakers millions of coins daily with not enough usage. And they wonder why it keeps going down 😫

  21. You know doing more for your dsp is never going to get you further in life. Being taken advantage of and being proud of it. Is just going to keep you where you are.

  22. Work on airplane mode. I would tell me dsp i dont have signal and what can they say lol. Everything was just smoother on airplane Mode

  23. Ups and fed ex is probably worse but at least they actually pay you for it…. Unless your a warehouse worker lol

  24. Everyone should just quit amazon and never look back… when there is 0 employees things will change or they will be forced to stop business. When theres jobs that pay nearly the same for not nearly the same workload. Fuck amazon. Quitting was a great decision for me.

  25. it's my hip joints that are killin me fr 😩

  26. Im 6ft never felt hip pain or spine pain when i was doing this job… but my knees were fried…

  27. I was at the game right behind the Astros bullpen. So classless these guys are. Bryce walker was pointing at laughing at my son and I every time we started to cheer. Ridiculous. Respect the fans

  28. Lmfao even weirder i was tryna think who the fuck that was lol

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