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  1. Am I the only one who thinks she realized and chose to look the other way or maybe even work through it? She’s said in the past she doesn’t want to know if someone cheats and that she thinks it’s forgivable. Honestly I think some of that was foreshadowing, like maybe Ned had cheated before and she had already dealt with it before. How else could she be so calm compared to Alex’s fiancé.

  2. 3Kel says:

    Sofia's Doner Kebab in West Jordan, Red Basil in South Jordan, and Bombay Garden in West Jordan, Sauce Boss in Draper.

  3. Bombay house is my go to! Definitely second this.

  4. I've always had a crush on Ariel. She just seems like a bright light that never goes out. After listening to the podcast, it's become apparent to me that she also is a powerhouse. Not only is she well educated but she is also very confident in herself, even the silly thing like reading smut. Hearing how she handles so much and always takes care of everyone made me love her more. When she talked about how sad she was that Ned didn't give her credit for running their household and complaining about her cleaning his leftovers I felt so sad for her. She deserves someone who appreciates her.

  5. Inlet hot spring in Saratoga. More private and secluded than others.

  6. Do you know how long of a hike it is to get there?

  7. These are amazing! What equipment did you use if you don't mind me asking?

  8. I've noticed this with traffic. I grew up here, moved away, and came back after covid. The traffic has become insane, especially trying to get to Lehi/Provo. I think the population increase is one thing but also a lack of public transportation. We are starting to become a large metropolitan area similar to Seattle or San Diego, yet we don't have the infrastructure for it.

  9. As someone who was in a toxic relationship, insulting someone’s ex even if they deserve it doesn’t help. People mad comments about how my ex was ugly and they always knew I was too good for him and it just hurt me in the end. What does it say about me I dated someone who was so apparently unattractive? Why did no one say anything if they knew? In these situations it’s best to just support what your friend wants, or in this case Ariel. If she does stay and has to hear about how ugly her partner is that won’t help her. Plus insulting someone’s appearance is a slippery slope. First you justify it because someone cheated, then you do it at other times. Now everyone is just calling everyone ugly. Let’s address the real problem, Ned fucked up in multiple ways and he knew what he was doing was wrong. Hopefully he suffers the consequences.

  10. I just watched that video to see what you’re talking about and ooof they weren’t even being subtle they were just straight up throwing shade. I felt kind of bad at first when I watched it because I know Ned has talked about trying harder to explore fashion but watching now I think they were just calling him out.

  11. i’m a first time au pair in spain right now :) about 3 weeks in. i won’t lie there’s plenty of difficult moment and tears here and there but honestly… like im in spain ?!? its incredible and i’m grateful to myself for taking the plunge. if it really sucks you can always leave but i there’s a good chance it’ll grow on you

  12. May I ask what your day to day is like? I’m just curious what kind of chores are normal in this scenario

  13. I remember being weirded out by that scene when this came out. Nick and Zach's reactions really add to it.

  14. That’s how I felt too, honestly all of their relationships with coworkers felt really weird to me. Like sometimes it was cute that Miles wanted them at his wedding but getting drunk with a female employee when you’re the boss is not a good look.

  15. alex is 30 and he is 35. she is a fully matured adult woman, not a 'younger employee'

  16. Okay I totally thought Alex was younger she has really good genes I guess 😂😂 but I still think it’s weird that a boss and employee went to a concert and club alone. That’s not normal for a good reason. Edit: Also I wasn’t trying to excuse her cheating, she was married too and also in the wrong.

  17. That’s true for sure! In my mind she’s still her twenties because that’s what she was introduced as and she talks a lot about college and all that. You’re right though, 30 is not old at all!

  18. Unfortunately I don't use Trax because of this. At the moment the train is a big place for that kind of thing. I think it's getting better, but until we do some major rethinking on our transportation systems driving is the safest way to travel as a woman. That being said I still get harassed while driving, it's inevitable at this point.

  19. Just got called in while on vacation. I even set my slack mode to vacation so they wouldn’t message me during my time off. I didn’t reply, especially since they found someone to come in minutes after asking me. Came in on Monday, worked my whole shift then was fired at the end of the day. I was the only long term employee left and they still wonder why their turnover rate is so high.

  20. There were paragraphs before I hit send, I don’t know what happened. I smoked a massive blunt first thing after this happened so that probably affected my writing abilities🙃

  21. Please go anyway. This was my exact situation before I went abroad. I was having one of the best summers of my life when I left. I really struggled at first when I left, and I didn’t like my HF as much as I thought I would. When I got home everything back home had fallen out of place. The person I was dating had started dating one of my friends, and it split my friend group up. I was really lonely for a while there. Now, all this being said I’m glad I went. Because in the end, I stayed friends with the people who were meant for me. I had learned a lot about myself on that trip. And if we’re being honest, things would’ve fallen apart anyway if I had stayed. That’s life, things cycle between good and bad. Sure you’re life is great now , but what about when your feeling down again? You’ll probably wish you could’ve travelled when you had the chance. So yes it may be hard, but that means you’re growing as a person. Some lessons are hard because they’re important.

  22. This is true. I just don’t want to be the reason for things to change - even though like you said, things may change anyways. I just know I would blame myself.

  23. I can understand that, a part of me wanted to cancel my trip more than anything. I felt like I was growing apart while all my friends and family were growing closer. The truth is at 22 people are changing constantly. You'll blame yourself if you go, and you'll blame yourself if you stay too. The problem isn't you leaving it's your mindset. It sounds like you are trying to talk yourself out of going because you're scared. I can understand that. However only you can make the decision to go. Only you can make the decision to make the most of it. Or you can stay at home and sulk. That may sound harsh, but it's true. At least that's how I was. I needed a push to do it even though it was extremely difficult at times. The thing is you're going to suffer in life, that's inevitable. Things are going to be hard. Honestly, you'll probably break up with your boyfriend and lose contact with friends anyway. That's one of the reasons people travel, is to make new connections. You'll probably realize late that life isn't as perfect right now as you think. You're in a bubble right now where all you can see is what you have to lose, not what you have to gain. I can tell you most people regret not going more than going. The older you get the harder it is to travel. You'll never be 22 traveling to London again, but you will always have the chance to make new friends and date new people. Just remember it's 5 months, it's not permanent.

  24. I had the same experience when I left home, culture shock is very real and isolating. My therapist told me it’s basically grieving your home, even though nothing is gone permanently it still feels like you lost something. Unfortunately you have to go through it to get to the other side. Some things that helped me were finding things that remind you of home. Old movies you watched as kid, food from home, even scents that remind you of where you are from.

  25. Ok doing that instantly yes that’s such good advice, massive shopping trip will be happening this weekend.

  26. It can! I try not to go overboard and sit in my room all day thinking about home, but it is a transitional process and you might need aids when you’re feeling alone. However you’re right, it is important to try and find things about your host country that you like and remember how great of an experience it is. For that I find journaling helpful, writing down all the things that you are excited about. You can also write emails/letters home, that way if you can’t call home you can read something they sent you and that can be comforting plus you can tell them all the things about your new country that you like.

  27. Depends on which country you are in. If in USA agency is mandatory

  28. How does that work then? Sorry it’s just really overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.

  29. You don't need an agency to aupair from the US to another country. You just may need to get a visa if you're going to Europe but your host family can sponsor that. You can find your family on aupairworld or other host sites yourself.

  30. Ahh that’s very good to know thank you. I really wish people would post on here with happy stories more I definitely got caught up in the negative ones.

  31. The photography business. Especially weddings and families. However breaking into it can be difficult, but it’s doing very well.

  32. I had a similar upbringing except I was the youngest. Because of this I was always expected to act older. My parents didn’t believe in play dates or anything and would get annoyed when I had friends over. They made it hell to even ask if I could hang out with friends. Yet they’d force me to do things with their friends who were all in their 50’s. They’d get personally offended if I wanted to be around people my age or do something kid appropriate. Growing up I didn’t go to arcades or play at the park. I was constantly at parties with drunk adults. I already had social anxiety and would have panic attacks that I’d have to hide because my mom would get mad if I ruined her parties, and my dad was usually too drunk to care. This led to me never connecting with my peers and having inappropriate relationships with adults. When I turned 18 I dated someone who was older than me. I knew it was wrong but it was better then living at home. In a way he was like the parent I never had, teaching me life skills my parents refused to so I couldn’t leave them. The relationship was toxic but I don’t think I would’ve gotten out otherwise. Of course he still wanted me to act older than I am so he didn’t have to admit he was dating a child. I wasn’t even allowed to call myself a teenager even though 18/19 is a teen or talk about high school even though I just graduated. I stayed until 22 mostly because of Covid and also being manipulated into relying on him financially. I’m 23 now and finally able to act care free and childish. It hurts sometimes knowing there are some things I’ll never experience. For example I’ll never have a real college experience. I want to finish my degree but I know I’ll never get the experience of being 18 with a bunch of other kids and just partying. There’s a lot I’ve had to grieve because I know I’ve already missed out. However I am hopeful there are things I still can do, and I’m so grateful I was able to pull myself out. Leaving was the hardest thing ever and I’ve done it twice now. Whenever I grieve the past I have to remind myself all the things I can do now that make living worthwhile.

  33. Not sure if this is related at all but my neighbors just lost a cat that looks exactly like that! Apparently someone was cat sitting and the cat ran out of the house and hasn’t been seen since then.

  34. Hey! 23/F from the US here! I’d love to talk literature and French culture with you!

  35. 23/f from us, I just moved from Texas last year! Dm me if you want to be pen pals:)

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