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  1. Everyone who has ever tried to guess my sign gueeses everything but Aquarius. Then forgets Aquarius exists. Then tells me I don't have Aquarius energy. Clearly Aquarius energy is to be able to blend into any role

  2. No one ever guesses it for me either. But then when I tell them, suddenly I'm so obviously an Aquarius 🤨

  3. I've noticed that you don't tend to clean the edges on the top of the cake, is that a stylistic choice of yours? A watermark for what cakes you've done?

  4. Exactly why we should ban children attending church services. We need to protect kids from the real pedophiles!

  5. Dude, this happened to me TWICE in a week. I don't like men but have to associate with them for work. I was so fucking shocked it happened. Thought it couldn't be. It mustn't be. Maybe it was my cats. Then put some new sheets while I washed the others and had someone else over the next day. HAPPENED AGAIN. I have a bidet and I started forcing them to clean themselves.

  6. When my cats voluntarily rest their beans on me, I feel like the luckiest person in the world

  7. To clear up any confusion, these are drinks that people ordered and paid for through the app to pick up on their way to work. They get to Starbucks to pickup their drink and are told (or not told) they are an hour behind. So at that point, the customer can either wait and be an hour late to work, or just leave. So the customer leaves and an hour later Starbucks puts their drink up for the customer, who is already long gone. These are all drinks from customers who ordered and chose to not wait.

  8. Massive appreciation for this. I've been looking at buying those combo espresso and drip machines. Would've just left it on the counter but this looks infinitely cooler.

  9. Yup!! Met my fiancé on Tinder and it was the same for me. I made the move and he maintains that he never anticipated any physical ending to our first date. If a guy actually is serious about something with you, he won’t have the response your date did OP. I’m sorry! Couple of frogs before your prince :(

  10. My girlfriend and I met on tinder. Had an amazing date then came back to mine. I got her into my bed, aaaaand we just slept. It was late and I didn't want her to drive back home 40 minutes in the dark. Repeat that 4x before we finally kissed.

  11. I have to take the exact same meds and dose. I’m beyond scared

  12. Goodluck! Everywhere I've read is that you have to eat something before

  13. Yes I’ve been told that, funny part is I’ve had to take these before at the hospital and I did it on an empty stomach and was fine before. No clue why I’m so scared now

  14. I've had to take medication before for h pylori when I had ulcers and I remember being perfectly fine too. Helps to remember that

  15. Pitbulls are the only breed that you will see case after case of being raised from puppies and still snapping. A recent one is of a family of 4 raising one from a puppy and it killed the two children and severely injured and hospitalized the mom when she tried to save her kids. No other breed.

  16. I think you're mistaken. Any dog can snap dude. They're all animals, how they're trained, how children treat the dogs all has an effect. I've been attacked by an old German Shepard before that previously showed zero aggression. Shit happens.

  17. I highly recommend you look at the statistics on this. Whole countries have banned the dog outright and it saves tens of lives every year. These dogs have been pushed to be nanny dogs when they have the higher likelihood to attack. A child can tug at a golden and be fine, but even looking at a pit the wrong way will cause it to attack. And if you want to be anecdotal. My previous partner had two pits. Raised from puppies. And though they were fine most days, if you looked at one wrong, he'd attack your face. If you walked by the other, she'd bite your ankles. All dependent on the day. Never had this issue with any other dog breed.

  18. You think you are better off with a person working 65 plus hours per week here. You voting for the homeless over a super hard worker. Well luckily for me you don’t control me. I live where I wish and talk how I wish.

  19. Working all those hours clearly jeopardized your thinking abilities because throwing homeless into jails doesn't solve the issue.

  20. I have a really bad back thanks to a motorcycle accident so this hurts a lot. And even if I switch sides with my partner or even go to the couch, I'll find them slowly pushing me in all sorts of directions.

  21. Cats like to cuddle. When they all pile up its called a cuddle puddle. Mine will lay by my face or in between my husband and I. Try a heated bed on your night stand, it's a good substitute for warm bodies.

  22. They have heated beds and heat mats in their cat tree. They just love me too much since they have two other humans to go bombard but still choose me. Suffering from success.

  23. i dont know! ive never heard the term color morphs before and i got him from petsmart so they couldn't tell me much about him (not even a hatch date 😢) but his little sign said pogona vitticeps if that means anything to you! and yes hes a very pretty boy :) the small patches look grey at a glance but if you look very close its actually lavender!! hes very gorgeous

  24. If you haven't looked into it already, his head and tail have stuck shed. He needs humidity and more baths.

  25. I've absolutely fallen in love with blue rare steaks but not for something with that much fat. I'd be happier with a med rare to even medium as long as the fat cap melts in my mouth.

  26. The fat cap did melt each bite i made sure to really cook that side just forgot to post the pic but i seared/cooked the fat side for 2 mins in ghee and it was like butter. But yea i can’t eat a steak if it’s not rare or blue rare 😭

  27. Sheeeeeeesh that must've been heaven. Reading your other comment, I love fat. I will die for it. Except unpopular opinion, I wouldn't eat something with a lot of intramuscular fat like a high grade wagyu. I've done it once, and I shat and shat and shat oil. Not a fun time.

  28. Way to tell the internet you have a floppy dick

  29. Aww mine do this and slap it against me when they want attention

  30. A best practice for cooking steak is to cook the outside such that it forms a crust and leaves the inside rare. The goal isn't to cook everything to the same amount of doneness. And I assumed you were being hyperbolic by calling it raw. Is it rare, maybe blue? Sure. Is it raw? Doesn't look like it.

  31. Hey hey! Come on! This guy achieves edge to edge med rare every time, every cut.

  32. Good to know. I wasn't sure how you like your steak, now I do. This is valuable information. Thanks for sharing. You are a hero banned wagon.

  33. You know, I actually find it very complimenting that someone who doesn't typically enjoy this, would enjoy mine.

  34. You don't know what rare is if you're calling this rare. It's blue through and through

  35. I'm sorry you're being down voted. This was absolutely blue rare. Little cool touch in the middle and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to see intramuscular fat for rare like it shows in mine.

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