1. the thought of a creature mimicking human voices sends shivers down my spine lol, it's just unsettling

  2. What has me wondering if you found one of those weird spots in the woods, is that you didn't find the stand, either. Could this be like when people find stairs in the woods? Maybe you slipped into another place for a minute? Good thing you didn't get closer or go in. This gives me the creeps and I'm inside with the light on.

  3. Pretty sure the "stairs in the woods" stories have been verified as fictional by the original author, just to clarify

  4. I have had encounters with fairies in north georgia. They try to get you off trail so stay in marked trails. Also, if you do any waterfall hikes, I recommend staying off the rocks.

  5. Can you share the footage? As someone who has previously mistaken Starlink for a UFO, your description doesn't seem to match.

  6. Seemed like demi lovato was heading in that direction for a bit, lol

  7. What, she can't tell her the truth? The least mother can do is make it up to her. Sister was just being honest about where her mom was. She would have found out sooner or later more than likely. Almost all secrets come out sooner or later.

  8. Sometimes brutal honesty isn't the best tactic when a 10 year old is already crying.

  9. I mean, depending on the boob job, it might not have been a change that she could have hid that was suddenly different on THAT particular day.

  10. As OP said, the kid already knew about the boob job. No doubt the confrontational speaker phone call just exacerbated the kid's feelings.

  11. Not everyone can afford to just stop working, especially with jobs that offer little to no paid maternity leave. That said, it does sound like she could put in a little more effort, and definitely overreacted. NTA

  12. Yes, paid maternity leave is a problem in our country, but it should absolutely not be OP's problem in this situation.

  13. In the first story, it sounds like you may have met the same sort of creatures Mark Barton claims he encountered. Super long interview- he describes malicious, invisible beings who come from "beneath the Earth" or something to that effect. I haven't watched since it first came out because it really spooked me. It seems like it really spooked Mark too.

  14. This sounds like a demonic entity in every way. As others have said, they feed on the energy of negative human emotions. An exorcism of the space is the only way to remove it. If you want to go this route, find a priest or shaman with experience. A failed exorcism could make things much worse.

  15. I mean, aliens and interdimensional entities don't have to be mutually exclusive categories...

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