1. Would smoking even effect them due to their immense healing/regenerative capabilities?

  2. If Cyberverse Bumblebee took the color scheme of Transformers Animated Bumblebee, It would be higher on my list. But for now, I don't think anything is gonna beat the upcoming

  3. Definitely will not beat the Rise of the Beasts design for the character Bumblebee.

  4. Originally, Bumblebee was a prequel to the 2007 film, but Paramount decided to make it a reboot of the movies partway through production, which is why it doesn't really line up with the first 5. For instance, Bumblebee originally started with

  5. As for the character Bumblebee, this is before the 2007 film The only difference is the World War II scene of Transformers: The Last Knight has been ignored but everybody else is totally rebooted.

  6. My words exactly. Technically it came from the test screening that gave Paramount and Hasbro the opportunity to get Travis Knight director of the movie Bumblebee to return to do reshoots and Kelly Fremon Craig wrote the new scenes and credit went to Christina Hodson screenwriter of the film.

  7. I have to let you know he served our military and he happened to be a colonel

  8. That is the opposite of what i'm saying. I am saying that bumblebee is an incredible film, however if The Last Knight was never made and never flopped as hard as it did the Bumblebee movie would be much worse than what we got due to them basically re-making the entire film to make it as disconnected from the bayverse as possible. It was supposed to be a prequel for most of it's development.

  9. But here's the thing about Bumblebee if it never was a financial success despite being the lowest grossing film in the franchise we would never get the upcoming film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

  10. And bumblebee would have been even less of a financial success if TLK didn't force them to reshoot most of the film, probably meaning no ROTB.

  11. Yeah you're right about that one and we would have never gotten another Transformers movie

  12. Tina Lark and her friends who gleefully make Charlie's life a living hell in the movie Bumblebee and are implied to torment Memo's life as well, and every time they show up, they always have smug smiles on their faces. Tina fully cements herself as this when she talks Charlie over her dead father. Tina at least got what she deserved by means of Bumblebee destroying her car after Charlie and Memo decided to take a little payback on her.

  13. This film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts which is directed by Steven Caple Jr. and a sequel to Bumblebee directed by Travis Knight.

  14. For those who seem the 15th anniversary re-release in a theater, did any of you see any cut footage from the film or a behind the scenes look at Transformers: Rise of the Beasts?

  15. Spider-Man. Transformers and DC movies both have a pretty bad reputation among general audiences, but Spider-Verse is one of the most beloved movies in recent years.

  16. True. But Bumblebee had four modes in that movie this was going over the modes from the movies directed by Michael Bay.

  17. Because Michael Bay was director of those five, I excluded the Bumblebee movie designs. Travis Knight was the one who directed Bumblebee and Steven Caple Jr is the one directing Rise of the Beasts.

  18. All the bayformer Bumblebee's from the first three looked identical but there's some differences on them round four would be the Dark of the Moon version round five and round six would be Age of Extinction versions. Round 7 and 8 are the versions that were seen in The Last Knight

  19. Ok, no. You can’t just keep posting pictures comparing two different Bumblebees every day until you run out sometime next year. That’s just karma farming and doesn’t contribute meaningful discussion to this sub.

  20. Do you not see any differences on any of those Bumblebee's from the Michael Bay movies next to G1 Bumblebee?

  21. Bayformers Bumblebee is what I grew up with. And it was a design that brought Bumblebee back into the Transformers lore.

  22. Neither, i'm sick of everything being G1 related (except for the Knightverse) and i dislike half of the Transformers Movies made by Bay (designs are neat tho), if anything Prime, Cyberverse for newer fans, and evergreen designs are what i prefer, basically the best of both worlds.

  23. We wouldn't have Knight/Caple verse if it wasn't for G1 or Bayformers tho

  24. As someone who grew up with Bayformers, I would say both Bayfomers and G1 designs are very nostalgic. G1 started Transformers as a whole animation and comics and toys but Bayformers introduced us to live action movies

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