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  1. Is he brand new? If not may I ask what the tub is for?

  2. I'm confused on why a question about frogs is in a subreddit about reptiles.

  3. The subreddit states in its about section that it's for amphibians as well

  4. I have not found a safe chemical to use that will kill leeches and freshwater limpets

  5. Woah, it looks like a stary night sky, it's so beautiful

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so adorable, the baby looks so cute

  7. I think it would be so cool to have a gator in my pond

  8. Unfortunately it's under a window and I can go up higher or I would've bought a 4ft rather than 3ft tall but I'm planning on handling and letting them out (in a supervised, secure space) for exercise and enrichment regularly

  9. They might of meant that you should add more climbing options in the enclosure to fill the empty space

  10. Absolutely!! Whats his morph, because he is the most handsome gecko I've ever seen

  11. How should I remove hard water stains from my cars paint and windows?

  12. Yea I can see that getting annoying quick. I have my south Americans and one pleco in a 450 litre tank and 1 oscar, 1 geophagus steindachneri, 6 corys, 5 starrynight pleco, 1 albino and 2 brown bristlenose In my 240 litre tank. Probably overstocked on paper but most them fish are still juvenile so I can move some to my big tank if it becomes hard to maintain.

  13. I feel like something might get ate, mostly the corys, good luck with that tho I hope they all live happily

  14. The animal is spelled mussel. Not a big deal but I thought you might want to know. Also, if it's a freshwater tank it may be limpets and not a mussels. Freshwater mussels can get pretty big and they're bivalves. The limpets that commonly infest aquariums stay very small and have one flat shell.

  15. Ah okay, thank you for correcting me on the spelling, it is indeed a freshwater tank, and with a closer inspection they do not appear to be mussels as i do not see the two separate shells a bivalve would have, I guess I'll just squish them on the glass and see if I can get rid of most of them, they seem to only live on the glass, and will these infect a septic system or drain pipe? Thank you for your response

  16. Honestly if it stays this way it might be great for breeding. If you manage to pass this trait along you could kickstart a new variant (or morph I think it's called?) Hard to judge the potential demand for these, but you might be able to get some extra pennies out of it

  17. I mean that looks cool enough that I'd buy one if the traits would pass on, I'd give em a pretty penny for that

  18. What kind of lizard is Maui? I think he looks really cool

  19. they will attack crustaceans, but don't usually pay fish any mind. However i don't know if that stays the case if they run out of their normal food options and begin to starve.

  20. Okay well I guess I'll be doing an experiment on both our part to see if they will prey on fish

  21. you're probably better just taking them out as you see them if you want them gone quickly. leeches can go a while without food

  22. Well I will be taking them out as I see them, but I might not get them all out since they can hide in the gravel, I'll just be keeping an eye on my fish for leeches

  23. No you dont have to take either of those out, what would need to be taken out would be those little pads that go inside of hang on the back filters because those contain carbon. Sponges and rings contain no carbon

  24. How long has the wild colony been breeding without any new wild isopods being added

  25. I'd say your probably pretty set to just add them, I've read that after being bred out for a couple generations of pods that the parasites will mostly be gone if not completely gone

  26. I'm probably the biggest fan of the one with waves in the first pic

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