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  1. Gangstalkers stalk those that have gifts that even the one being stalked may or may not know about. If your being stalked it’s because your spiritual gifts that pose a threat to the Cabal.

  2. True story I was 20 years old. I would go outside late at night and look for ufos and most nights had the luck to see something I couldn’t identify. On this night I went outside around 1am with this urge knowing I was going to see something. When I walked out of the front door i immediately knew where to look almost like instinctively. When I looked in this direction I was froze and couldn’t move. In the sky was a reptilian. This thing had no ship no jet pack it was hovering in the sky. It was massive had to be 12-15 feet tall if not bigger. As I was in shock and horror this thing starts to talk to me. It was telepathically talking to me. It said “I could come get you right here and no one would ever find you.” I could not move it was like it paralyzed me in fear. I then asked God to help me please to myself In my Mind and this things power broke and I ran back into my house as fast as I could. When I got upstairs I looked to see if it was still there and it wasn’t. True story

  3. Can you describe what it's head and face looked like? Thanks for the story by the way.

  4. So mind you it was night and the details were close enough to know it was humanoid. I will say it had elongated arms and limbs. The color was hard to say since the moon was shining bright off of it. I felt that it was male not female but could be wrong. It had very big hands and they were balled up like a fist. His tail had to be close to the size of his body if not longer his tail was under his feet it was massive. I remember it’s neck being like a damn tree stump it was very long and broad. It’s abdomen looked like a comic book super hero it looked unlike anything I’d ever see with its anatomy but did resemble a human.

  5. It’s not the house. It’s self inducing astral projection. I astral projected all the time. Got real good At it. Truth is when you astral project your not doing it with your power. Your mislead to believe it’s by your will and power that your astral projecting. However when you project entity’s latch onto your astral body and they are the ones that maneuver you. They are able to read your thoughts telepathically and they hide very well which is also why she feels like she’s being chased. Astral projection always starts off so fun and amazing. People will say ask your spirit guides for protection but if you knew who your spirit guides were you would tell them to stay far away from you. When you self induce astral projection you take away your protection from God. It’s like inviting a vampire into your home. They need the invite before they can pounce, it’s spiritual law. Most will tell me I’m full of it and stupid. Yet there is a way to stop these attacks and that is pray over her in the name of Jesus. Ask Jesus for protection and forgiveness. It will make a believer out of your family. Amen

  6. So you don't think something negative here could affect you there? Or that I should encourage her to be flying around at night?

  7. Some people such as myself attract entities and spirits Good or bad. For your daughter at such a young age to astral project tells me she’s similar to people like myself. If she were not projecting then I would think it could be something else maybe the house or object that has a spirit attached to it. I can say with 100% results that calling on Jesus has stopped every and any type of demonic or negative spiritual occurrences. I would have a talk with her and ask if she has and see what she says.

  8. Demonic possession it’s possible. Yet could be a vision from God. I do know lies are sinful. Honesty is Godly. You don’t get to heaven by works you get to heaven by knowing Jesus and accepting him as lord and savior. I can’t help but feel this thing that happened to you was deceptive, since you felt as though lies are not bad and whomever was speaking to you didn’t announce themselves as Jesus or God, which would be the only person to forgive sins. I have to lean towards demonic. When God reveals himself and it’s truly him there is no question you just know.

  9. We’ll that’s how you project. Your not God your not built for astral projection. When you astral project those dark shadows you Saw getting close to you…. Yeah those things latch themselves on to you and they read you allowing them to travel you wherever you want. The noise you heard was the BUZZ. When you hear that usually fear follows and you will see the entities. Stay away from projecting it will only get worse! Good luck

  10. When it’s not fun anymore and you realize it’s a scam to enslave you and have negative effects on your soul, sleep, mind, and life. Ask God for forgiveness and he will forgive you. I at one point had to astral project just because I wanted to experience it. I get it. However it is and will be a bad idea. May not be first, second or 10th time. At some point it goes south and you will want to know how to stop it. The entities there are evil and they will deceive you. That’s my tip to you

  11. I'm sure you were so relieved to have woken up and realize it was a dream!!!

  12. I woke up to my wife’s beautiful face and was so relieved! I told her immediately and she was like omg that could be in a black mirror episode!

  13. This is a terrifying nightmare. It sounds a lot like the struggle, loneliness, unnaturalness and humiliation of capitalism to me. Wishing you peace of mind ♥️

  14. Omg yes! I realized how Technology and AI could totally deplete mankind down to nothing more than a fuel source. The way the people who had been there for so long had got accustomed to eating the human stew was just shocking to me. It was for sure the end game for humanity in this time period I was in. The way the AI tortured us and forced us to live was so horrifying.

  15. Wow. Interdasting. Did you make the connection of reptilians to fallen angels yet?

  16. All of Creation was made by God to be Holy and serve him. Reptilians we’re put on earth to do their part for the kingdom but chose to go against the creator. Part of the deal that Satan offered was to give them dominion over the earth which was ordained by God who gave dominion over the earth to Humans. Near the end of the world expect to see reptilians and alien like humanoid being terrorizing and destroying mankind which was Satans promise to his favorite creatures the reptilians. Fallen angels are over the reptilians. The 1/3rd that fell from heaven and chose Satan are his top tier legion.

  17. So first thing I find it interesting you talk about this dragon that’s Chinese that they worship. I had a Very bad nightmare about a giant dragon with a man on top holding a spear. To make this short this Chinese boy summoned a dragon with blue light. The dragon came out of the ocean with a man on its back holding a spear. The dragon grabbed me by my leg and the held me up while the man kept stabbing me and I felt physical pain the whole time. However I told myself they can’t kill me because I knew I was dreaming and the Dragon became worried and afraid that I knew I was dreaming. On another note my sister has a video of her in the bath. She kept seeing this 3D hologram glitch showing up in front of her and it looked like a face! I may be able to show it to you. She said it felt evil and it scared her a lot. As for Satan and the garden it was not Satan at the garden. If you read it clearly says who the serpent is. It literally says in Genesis 3 Now the serpent(A) was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’? Satan was not a wild animal, he was an arc angle. Also the serpent was cursed for these things Satan wouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing so well if he had to be cursed the way God cursed the serpent. The serpent was a beast God had made that chose to serve Satan

  18. Yes they work for Satan. How do I know? Go back to genesis in the Bible. Who was Eve tempted by in the Garden? The serpent. Was the serpent Satan? No! How do you know? Because it says in scripture that The serpent was the most cunning of all the beast of the field which the Lord had made! The serpent could walk, talk, and was very smart! What do we also know that God did when he made all the animals he made male and female so they could breed and multiply. This is the same for the serpents they not only bred with one another but also with Human Woman! Making them Hybrids! The serpents are clearly reptilians, they made Satan their God which is why they went after man to make them fall. This is why the reptilians are held in such high regard by Satan himself aka “Lucifer”. Your welcome!

  19. I have had this same dream! I’m 31 and the same age today as I am in my dream. Sometimes it’s grade school sometimes it’s high school either way I’m so stressed about graduating and feel and know im going to flunk again! It’s such a horrible experience and am so relieved when I wake up but it’s sadly a reoccurring dream lol

  20. Don’t cry about smurfing. Makes you better. Not like every match you play against a Smurf. You want to play rocket league look at it like working out. Go to the gym and get motivated by others who are swole. A good match with a Smurf is kinda the same thing what you could be…

  21. Learn what the sweet spot is you tube it. Also don’t use boost when allowing the ball to set on sweet spot make sure the bounce is good if so get under ball if not a good bounce stop ball then boost into ball once it’s stopped on the floor allowing it to roll on top of the spot.

  22. It’s not ok. Jesus is God. Jesus was created so God himself could come to earth in the form of man in the flesh to live among us as we see the world and to die for man to forgive his sin. There is no way to truth or eternal life except for the son of man Jesus Christ.

  23. The "demons" came to me and offered me anything I wanted, I refused, and they tormented me to try to make me give in. I called on Jesus and they took off and never made themselves visible again. I was not Christian before this moment. Of course they continue to torment me anytime I drift further from God, but I know I have a savior to protect me.

  24. They are demonic that is the truth. They are evil and they come in different kinds and kindreds. The majority are hybrids which are Angelic DNA mixed with the DNA of woman. When the fallen angels came to earth they had sexual desires for woman for they were beautiful and took whichever ones they wanted and mated with them. Giving an offspring called the nephilim which were the sons and daughters of a mixed race also considered “Men of Renown.” When the flood came in the days of Noah most of the nephilim was wiped out and the spirit that they had didn’t go back to God it was considered an abomination to God. So they stayed on earth wandering and looking for anyone that may allow them to come into their temple to posses them. I’m glad you found Jesus and I’m happy to know you know the truth brother.

  25. The reason a lot of the predictive programming & drop feeding exists through entertainment & media is because they must satisfy the law of free will before enslaving us.. even if it’s indirect consent, they use these methods of mass awareness to tell us what they plan on doing before it is actually executed.. or else the galactic federation would step in and thwart their plans.. it is up to the human race to root out these reptilians from positions of power and inner earth so that we can keep ascending our conscious power to 5D. They want a world of fear & pain to keep living off our loosh

  26. I like your comment. Have you gave thought of becoming a Christian and accepting Jesus as your lord and savior?

  27. Invest in Bitcoin while it’s cheap and do More cocaine binges because I’ll be wealthy later

  28. Mo Mo the monster! I work on the railroad as an engineer. We go threw a town called Louisiana Missouri where we cross the Mississippi River to go from Illinois into Missouri. An old conductor I was riding with told me that in 1972 there were multiple sightings of a Bigfoot that was terrorizing the town. Sights were non stop seen for a while and this Bigfoot they called Mo Mo the monster was hiding out in the bluffs causing havoc to the town. To top this event off even more people were claiming to have seen MoMo driving a flying saucer which to me was crazy. Low and behold I did research on this event and yes it’s documented and they have a documentary on this event. The man that works our bridge lives in Louisiana and he also said that he saw MoMo the monster and that the event spoken of in 1972 really did happen. Check it out look it up!

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