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  1. Highly recommend Sandia Laboratory FCU. Their membership has opened up so it's not as exclusive as the name indicates. Tend to beat other CUs on rates as well. Nusenda is a close second but I prefer SLFCU

  2. I currently have both Nusenda and SLFCU. SLFCU is the best by far, and it's not even close. I've had Bank of Albuquerque (terrible), Navy Federal, major banks... 👎

  3. Just get a Nightforce SHV. Those hold zero reliably.

  4. Those are massive blinkers, and will consume a ton of blinker fluid given the amount of blowby expected. I'm guessing at least a quart per month.

  5. I got Costco tires once and they were great. Can’t speak to anyone else’s experiences tho.

  6. Costco does not manufacturer tires - they sell the same tires as most other tire shops.

  7. Read your lease. AC is not legally required other than specified in your lease.

  8. Thank you he just finally set that yesterday

  9. Also I had the same problem until I realized that the clock is in 24hr format I think, so if you set it in the afternoon add 12...

  10. Form: e form 4 - SF 300SPS Pending: 2/24/22 Approved: 09/20/22 Standardized Wait: 208 days State: SC

  11. Seems like they’re going backwards this week. I could have sworn they were up to 2/26 already last week…

  12. I would not recommend 5th wheel/gooseneck for offroad. Seen way too many guys smash the cap into the rails/tailgate, especially with newer trucks...

  13. Yeah but it seems like a monumental shift. I was homeless in January and cops were a huge annoyance. Now all the tent cities are just left to their own devices

  14. I think enforcement fatigue is real. Cops complain about arresting the same people over and over to no avail...

  15. Not a tweaker - this guy works near my job. He does this to every vehicle...

  16. There’s also a gold spray painted truck that roams the streets of Albuquerque too.

  17. It's the same guy. I work on the same street - her doesn't drive the gold truck anymore.

  18. I'm recently made the same choice and I went with 308 because of the following reasons.

  19. I don't think 6.5 CM is considered a barrel burner.

  20. I tried this with my 300WM. The Magpul Hunter stock cheek riser interfered with the back of the bolt by millimeters, would have required drilling out. Might not be an issue with non Magnum long actions.

  21. Just a heads up we just purchased a brand new travel trailer (2022 Aspen Trail LE25BH). We have the pre wiring for the Furion back up camera. I priced them around $500. So I figured I’d get an off brand with an adapter….well I called the dealer just to double check before hand and they said that per my warranty, in order to keep it valid they had to do the install on any backup camera. Then they went on to tell me that they’ll only install the brand that the trailer is pre wired for…Furion. So instead of spending $500 plus on a back up camera and I purchased a completely wireless camera that mounts to my license plate Mount. Cost me $200 but didn’t void my warranty and figured when the time comes to put a real back up camera on the trailer I can use it else where. Just a heads up. If your rig isn’t under warranty then you have nothing to worry about. Or maybe it’s just the way Dutchman is. Who knows.

  22. Your dealer is a BS thief, but sounds like you found a workaround.

  23. Those are awesome, but trailer park queens in my opinion - which might be exactly what you’re looking for. My Buddy had one and I’ve own trailers and toyhaulers.

  24. Skechers memory foam loafers for the sex God.

  25. Same guy that built this car. I drive by everyday…

  26. I had that same issue. Turned out to be a lack of cerakote and punisher stickers on my truck.

  27. I just got cadex sticker. Will it work?

  28. Oof. Maybe. How many pic rails are bolted to your Mlok hand guard?

  29. They’re part of the same parent company I believe, but you’re not getting a Bergara barrel and action on a CVA. The HMR stock is great, just heavy. You can also sell it for a couple hundred most likely.

  30. Charge up before you leave and just drive. You’ll get amazing fuel efficiency without focusing (stressing) too much on incremental gains.

  31. Just start it, put it in D and go. It’ll automatically switch from EV to hybrid.

  32. I suspect it has to do with the way the franchise is structured. Probably easier to walk away from than a McDs. And/or owned by the same person that went belly up.

  33. Break in with a few boxes of cheapest you can find. Most 6.5CM love the ELDX for hunting, 147gr match for long range.

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