1. I got offered McCafferey for Stevenson. Do I do it? PPR

  2. I don't like 1 for 1 positional trades like this one. Creates a winner and a loser

  3. Your ratings would suggest McCafferey is much better than Stevenson going forward, right? The knee situation doesn’t bother you?

  4. Chicken prices in the US are very regional. Except in specific market-strong cities.

  5. That's the price I'm getting directly from a vendor. Wholesale prices are what a market pays. They then add their mark-up and sell it for profit. That's how you get different prices at different markets. They all have their mark-ups.

  6. Absolutely amazing deal, I saw this on Newegg last night. I bought my CX for $1,800 in Oct 2020 so $1,300 is wild.

  7. Have you looked at this manual for programming?

  8. Yes I have and the options they give me do not work on my machine. I can’t change the settings

  9. What’s the best deal on a TV for Black Friday When do the Best Buy deals come out? I’m eyeing the Walmart TCL 65” Series-4…

  10. You can put the condition you used in identifying overtime in the conditional formatting in a COUNTIF formula

  11. The problem is there’s a lot of pay periods and each pay period there’s a different condition. So the formula would be very long and take awhile to construct

  12. The 65” tv sounds like a good deal. Any oppositions?

  13. I have the same microwave. I was so annoyed with the beeping that I removed the speaker.

  14. When Taylor Heinicke beat the eagles he was drinking a Busch on the flight home

  15. No, they’ll be able to run the numbers a lot better than you. They get a cut from the insurance themselves.

  16. where does the insurance company get money? from you and me. we pay for it.

  17. Imo, putting down as much as you're comfortable with makes a lot of sense in this current market. We're in the process of closing and were deciding between 40% or 20% down. The key for us was that we could do a 15-year at 40% or a 30-year at 20% and the monthly payments would be just about equal.

  18. Putting as much as you can excluding retirement funds and emergency savings. Just an FYI for OP

  19. They say that because typically you can earn more through other investment opportunities. So you can put 20% down on this house, and then put the money elsewhere to have your future net worth increase more than it otherwise would with 45% down

  20. Haha better to not take a pic of the road this time

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