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  1. It used to be fine to use and credit but there's a shift happening in that sentiment and not everyone will appreciate.

  2. When you move thru the initiative list, say whose turn is starting, and who has their turn after that. That's an extra cue.

  3. Look up 'astroturfing'. There's stupid, and then there's intent to destabilize (using aforementioned stupid)

  4. Our Pixels are twinsies! Our Pixel was also born in May and came home in August. He is extreme golden blotched tabby, so not much black. Yours looks like she's set to look very regal as well ❤

  5. I cut off the old fabric, cut the new fabric from the old pieces and tried reconstructing using a million photos of the old fabric's construction. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm happy I could pull it off as a professional job would have cost me almost 1000$.

  6. Oh that looks great! I got an old baroque chair I want to reupholster so can I ask if you encountered any problems after stripping the old fabric? I'm new to it as well but some chairs are just too pretty to let go to waste.

  7. NTA but you do need to tell your BIL that the child should not be left in the care of your wife and that you are against the child being left alone with her without supervision. They will ask you why. Then you tell them what you discovered and that you do not agree with acting on another's child without their parents consent like that.

  8. I'm going with YTA, but hear me out on this, because HOLY CHRIST DUDE! How long have you been sitting on this info? Days? WEEKS?!? This is a complete violation of your BIL & his wife's child. What if CPS finds out about this? What kinda hell would rain down on your family?

  9. The wording is vague but he walked in on her then learned she's been doing that for weeks. No indication how long he knows, and more importantly, if the child has been at the house again since he learned of it.

  10. I went for xxl on account of sibs a bit older already hitting the weight limit of the xl one.

  11. Ours just wants to be wherever we are. Car ride still has some comfort methods to explore bc carrier confinement is a complaint. But he needs to be with us*, so for christmas we got him a travel litterbox so all bases are covered for a family stay ( box is plastic so if not a success it can serve as a laundry bin)

  12. I'll owe you an animated version. After working with Whirl I wanted to try and improve animation skills a bit more. So I made a Trypticon to continue this training. Here's the image, animation later =)

  13. Ours do this and we’ve never been able to get them to stop. Our kibble is now in a dish that opens based on detecting their chip - which originally was to stop the older one from stealing all the younger one’s food, but also helped with this. It’s mostly the older one that scratches but he rarely flips things anymore.

  14. Good to know, we might have to look into a smart way to make it not possible to do the scratching at the food dish...

  15. give this guy glowing golden wings the ability to punch bullets and recolor sibling

  16. I tried but I'm not getting the reference..? 😅 can you explain?

  17. are the normals flipped on that side? try going to display and turning on double or flip to see if that helps

  18. Oh geez. No, that wasn't it but returning to examine that menu a bit closer did get me an answer. Because of the blockout I was using array mesh in mirror mode.

  19. Update: We figured it out! Some objects were mirrored using Arraymesh. Zbrush apparently cannot calculate subtools with active arrays if it hasn't been applied yet. The original subtool in that case gets clipping issues.

  20. Haha yeah, that's pretty typical. Mine became more bold with the 'wrestling hugs' over time. I think once he realized I was playing too and wasn't going to react negatively, he got more confident with actually trying to take me down like I'm a baby impala. Never with claws though, which I appreciate.

  21. Haha nice to know! Yeah it's very nice they hold in their little maiming tools, and notice if they're too enthusiastic and slip a bit!

  22. Usually these ones come in the format of "I got my girl pregnant and convinced her not to get the abortion she wanted bc she didn't want a kid but she still didn't warm up to the baby and now I have to take care of the baby and I'm Upset I have to take care of the baby like I was literally forewarned many times."

  23. It's been at least 5 years since the EU was gonna ban bee-killing insecticides. That's the actual news: the EU is slower than old overcooked oatmeal through a sieve.

  24. The frustration you're feeling is understandable, but the best thing to do is move on, and focus solely on your best interest. There are many paths into the industry, pick one that suits you. As you keep working on undeniably your path the hooks any toxic people has in your work will fade. Avoid associating with them. If they want to talk, decline. Be busy. Be busy making games.

  25. Love using the renderset presets. Fun model.

  26. They're so much fun! And a great gateway into playing with the filters for custom renders. And thank you!

  27. Dug up this old model made in Maya, to rework and 3D print as a model kit.

  28. March is 5 months out. Determine how much time you can spend each month. Cut that time estimate in half. Then make a work breakdown list, going granular per section, so you have a guide.

  29. Absolutely gorgeous! I love this colour of Siberian, so hard to find.

  30. It's so pretty! We're not quite versed in the colours, he reminds me of a bread freshly baked from the wood oven, with a brush of soot on his tail and paw pads.

  31. Been admiring all the cute Sibs so want to add our little sunny boy. He's 3 to 4 months old and doing great. Very cuddly, with plenty of zoomie moments.

  32. Tried to complete the model renders with a turntable. It's surprisingly tricky to get a centered rotation, having to fiddle with placeholder focal points =( but in the end it worked.

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