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  1. Man, Mike the hard-core and awesome really turned into Mike the mainstream and mediocre.

  2. I mean what did you expect in forever alone if you weren't really forever alone. They're people who have never even experienced a glint of affection, let alone engaged in a relationship, of course they're going to be jealous and call you out.

  3. Yeah, FAs like me definitely care. It's semi-irrational, but love/companionship is described as common place and "easy", and it's faceted in almost every aspect of our culture. When you reach your mid 20s and no one has every shown you affection or been attracted to you, you feel very left out and that there is some nebulous defect with you.

  4. I met a girl online from Mexico at the start of the year, and she recently "broke up" (ghosted me) I can't get over it. I thought I could because I never met her, and no one approved. But she was the only girl to just say "I like you", or "I think you're cute" we even planned on having kids and expanding my cat sanctuary. She was perfect. Then she just stopped talking to me. It took me 25 years to basically get the "Her" movie experience. There are too many lives that depend on me, so I can't act out the way I used to. My mom is healthier now and never in the hospital, but she lives with me. I'm not even able to whip or burn myself anymore. The best I can do is hold hot drill bits and let wood/mason/stone cuttings hit me without protection. Unfortunately I've ripped all my toenails off and peeled too much of my foot skin off.

  5. My mom always criticizes me for having friends that never celebrate me, but I go to and gift them every holiday or special occasion. I thought being used would fill this hole, but it doesn't.

  6. I do. I'm not worried about the sex thing, I would just like one person to love me. I've been pretty depressed lately. Now it's turning to rage.

  7. Ytyyeeeaaahh suuure....I'm sure the emaciated, tortured, squalid slaves of the 1800s south would agree.

  8. I expect if you'd lived in those times, you'd have justified that slavery too.

  9. No, I'm a gay half native half black jewish man, hence the biggie references with a gay spin on it. I just don't agree with the objectively incorrect belief that modern day prisoners are suffering anywhere near the actual slaves of the not so distant past. I mean, half of my ancestors were almost exterminated because of slavery and then those slaves being raped to recover that lost work force. The other side was essentially given the option to attempt to live longer (and maybe survive if the NAZIs lost in time) in exchange for being worked to death, experimented in (to death), or just tortured for fun.

  10. Is that why "crumbs" are used to describe amounts of pussy? Having your name mentioned on a stream is a crumb and penetration is the full loaf, lol.

  11. Does your dad like not work or something? Seems to have plenty of time on his hands.

  12. Wow, your mom is one dumb bitch. Here, show her how not that great america is, you know, being the only first world country with starvation and the farthest behind in Education and housing.

  13. Quarter mil for 15 acres? What year is this from? Or is this guy just woefully out of touch (and delusional).

  14. Her kids are definitely gonna take their mom's side, why would they care about some new hussie. She's definitely out of line, but I really doubt anyone will ever be in shaeedas corner.

  15. Sure, but who is doing this? I saw one post about looks, and it was against that monstress that is Summit's mom. She is truly ugly inside and out.

  16. I thought a good idea might be to have like a gauntlet. Rather than having one 5 gen map, you progress through a 3-5 with fewer gens, facing a new killer each map. It could be a way for killers to experience a sort of co-op

  17. Bail out for rich kids? Do they think student in debt are rich? How does that even make sense? Also I kinda get the starving artist jeer, but we should be at a point where everyone does mostly what they want to do. I like that business majors got called out. That's like a pretty practical degree. How were these guys supposed to know everything would end up automated, seedy, or that an almost recession would happen? Or the the trade schools (diploma mills) that basically scammed millions of people and ruined our work force. I guess those people should just get fucked for thinking they were actually doing something smart and useful. Also it's not like they are being taxed more, you were already paying that, now it's going to something useful rather than paying young men to sit an army base in Japan, fuck whores, party, and then later just get their education (completely not 10%-20%) paid for.

  18. Sarah is this you? Buy fucking curtains/blinds! Although, that light is obscenely bright.

  19. Only 1.4mil for probably the servants quarter of the mansion behind it!

  20. Yeah this seems more like a land leech rant. You know damn well that house was probably in disrepair (you say you live out of the state, how would you know what kind of state it would be in?). When you say you bought it when you were younger, I'm guessing at least 20 years ago, so when it was likely a buyers market. You also really seem to feel above your tenants: putting the blame on them, "low balling" (gee, maybe they'd have more money if they weren't paying for your house/investment you couldn't really afford on your own), seeing them as a nuisance. Also, yeah you definitely sold to someone one who's going to live there, definitely not just a house flipper or anything.

  21. Wouldn't barefoot create the least noise? Are you just bot allowed to moving during the night? How can some old bag hear that anyway?

  22. And like 100 pounds, being Irish, and being a bartender who is also probably sometimes a bouncer.

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