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  1. Try drawing/painting or really any visual art to help with your problem, I promise it’ll help

  2. Life IS flashing in your eyes right before you die, right now in real time..

  3. I suspect that sapient, technologically advanced, civilisations are rare. 'Life' may be ubiquitous but there is no reason to suppose sapience is.

  4. You can’t claim to know dinosaurs didn’t evolve into a technological society

  5. bro - this is legally actionable . it is excessive volume. which is measured by a loudness scale.

  6. there’s big waves of weird shit flying around the universe and sometimes they’ll pass by and warp our shit up , it happens but isn’t really a big deal

  7. I’m curious to what actual magic is going on here, who is doing what and why, it can’t just be for this picture

  8. I’m married to my best friend and am generally happy, but Am really sure it’s going to make dying more confusing than it has to be.

  9. Thankfully Musk can never be Prez as an apartheid emerald mines owning South Afrikaan.

  10. Keep it up, eventually you might be able to make something good enough to be considered not just practicing

  11. I drink “socially” by that I mean, I have a beer to dumb my self down in public sometimes

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