1. What is Ben Shapiro trying to say here? That Biden is a badass but empathetic alien robot? Because this just did the opposite of what I think it was intended to do, I actually like Biden slightly more just imagining him as a transformer

  2. He was saying Biden sucks but he didn't have to make fun of Bumblebee

  3. Psst. He’s not president any more. Get out of the past because yesterday’s gone and you’ll have to live tomorrow.

  4. I read countless times that the studio considered it a failure so they were rebooting it again. With Beasthunters.

  5. I think if Zoltan Bathory, Chris Kael, Charlie Engen, Andy James are up for it and if they have the energy to start a new band or find a new vocalist

  6. I really wish they were on Spotify, they are so good, but only exclusive to different versions of their respected albums.

  7. Too early to tell. We JUST got a new album. It's gonna be a long time before there's any remote discussion about the next one, especially with all the touring the band is planning on doing over the next couple of years.

  8. Ok... and that doesn't change the fact that it'll be a long time before they even start the next album.

  9. I already made my estimated guess late 2024 or early 2025. Five Finger Death Punch has been a band since 2005 and thought of title too

  10. Didn't care for it. Alone at the Top is personal favorite

  11. off road comes later earlier he is that same Camaro from the ending of Bumblebee

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