1. Okay so I feel like it's important to understand the difference between a villain and an antagonist.

  2. Don’t forget about Arthur. He was a very cruel and evil person. Especially in the manga.

  3. For Burst, 100% Phi. Mans literally NUKED a forest upon debut. That's menacery at it's finest.

  4. Haha I agree. Phi really sent Aiger to a dark dimension. That is very evil and cold hearted.

  5. They absolutely NAILED Free in Evolution, this is why he's one of my favorite characters

  6. Exactly. One of my favorite things about Free is his nonchalant personality. As you can see in the video he’s just chill but it’s so funny.

  7. I’m interested in buying some. I pm you about it too.

  8. Lain has almost no personality. His best quality was the hedgehog.

  9. Yeah but that guy had the literal power of a star in his Beyblade. For the most part these are real kids. Any normal person would be afraid by this.

  10. His aura literally opened the door. Doesn’t get any cooler than this. I’ll upload another debut I think is cool.

  11. LITERALLY I THOUGHT THE SAME THING like I can deal with King and some of the other new bladers screaming “Wahhhhh” for some reason but he literally sounds like he’s trying to break a glass

  12. He looks like Steve haha. And no I haven’t watched American Dad.


  14. No, they can't evolve during battle, beyblades are evolved whenever their current bey js either inefficient (an example is that valt had to evolve brave valkryie to Savior valkryie because db system was better) or their bey breaks (when aiga broke winning valkryie). They create a 3d model in the anime which they 3d print

  15. 3D model with a sentient being inside. The logic is crazy.

  16. Why? Cynthia used constant strats the entire battle and after Dragonite went down, Ash was able to keep up with her and his Pokemon have some great moments in each eps and believable comebacks.

  17. He literally had no plot armor the entire battle. The only pokemon of Cynthia's that went down fast was Gastrodon but at least there it was Pikachu. Dragonite and Gengar lost because Ash had no plot armor. Sirfetch'd and Dracovish had clean wins. And finally this is probably the most realistic Lucario's battles have ever been.

  18. Probably the Bullet driver. In real life that is.

  19. Spryzen talking in the Requiem Project. First time an avatar ever spoke and it was terrifying.

  20. For fully evolved Pokemon, between mountain to country level, depending on the Pokemon.

  21. So are you saying that if a saved person commits suicide they’ll go to hell?

  22. Are you baptist by any chance? And if not what denom are you.

  23. So you're not a fan of the teachings of Jesus when he talks about people entering the kingdom of heaven by giving to the needy, or James which says you're justified by works? Okay. That's... interesting

  24. Romans 11:6 KJV debunks anyone who uses James 2 to prove faith+works. Romans 11:6 KJV is talking about how it’s either faith or by works and that it can’t be both. It’s one or the other.

  25. Given that you asked the question from left field, I'll defer to hearing your response first (After all, Jesus asked questions when he himself was asked questions, so I'll follow his example). Plus, again it's nothing to do with our convo about the canon of Scripture, so it's irrelevant really. But as you brought it up, you go first.

  26. Well first and foremost I believe that we are saved by trusting on Christ alone. Which is to believe the death burial and resurrection. Alone. I don’t believe in works salvation. I don’t believe in faith+works. And I certainly don’t believe someone can lose their salvation because if that were true the Bible would say God is a liar. And no I’m not a Calvinist lm an independent fundamental Baptist. Now you go.

  27. I’m crying right now. Tears of joy over that beautiful collection.

  28. Most intimidating is definitely Ryuga. Most intense is Lui by far.

  29. Interesting, so you think lui overall has the best dragon aesthetic

  30. That’s super hard. Overall it’s between Ryuga and Lui in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong tho Tyson and Sakyo are both goats.


  32. Yeah there are only 39 episodes in 4D/Fury. It’s episode 1-39. Or if you want to see it from the entire series point of view it’s episode 103-141.

  33. In my opinion Rago wins this and it isn’t even close. Before you get mad or salty look at the first 3 words in the sentence.

  34. Lol yea when I think about it he’s kind of a main.

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