1. /:( bruh you should have said that before I LITERALLY ARIVED IN LOST CITY

  2. this screencap really just looks like devil is desperately trying to hold in a sneeze

  3. I've caught it multiple times, and I have a question. Where did you get it? I hope you didn't spend too long getting it. In my opinion, getting it in sizzlin sands is the easiest. Just shoot a specific part of the sand with cheese to keep the lollive there. Once cappuceetle comes around, shoot it with cheese and the lolive will pick it up. Then, place a trip shot on the 2 trees to trip the lollive. They will both fall, allowing you to catch them. I wrote this incase anyone else sees this post or you're planning on getting more. And to get It to go to sizzlin sands, just run at it in boiling Bay where it immediately runs out to once you wake it up. Running at it in boiling bay will cause it to run to sizzlin sands.

  4. How did you get it? Did you get a minimaki or something to attack it?

  5. it’s achievements. The switch doesn’t have an innate achievements system so it’s kept in the game itself

  6. I'm sorry what? I'm confused at what you just said..

  7. But I'm NOT. Do you know how to make a game? So you know how to make good pixel art? I didn't think so.

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