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  1. He's the same doctor who has Conor Benn as a client, who is part of the whole controversy in boxing right now since he popped for roids but they are gonna go ahead with the bout this week because there is judicial limbo involved.

  2. He didn’t pop for roids, he popped for testosterone. Supposedly from a fertility drug.

  3. He got popped for the same thing as Jon Jones. Besides being a fertility drug (for women) it’s meant to re-start your natural hormone production when you’re coming off your cycle. What’s damning about this finding is that there’s no chance of it coming from tainted supplements. Benn can say whatever he wants but his piss don’t lie.

  4. Apparently Benn got popped by VADA but under the UKAD (another testing agency) it’s not considered “dirty” because they haven’t tested the B-sample to confirm. It’s basically semantics, same shit happened with Dillian Whyte, the B-sample is magically going to dissapear. Eddie Hearn has already been on record saying “we don’t have enough time to test the B-sample before the fight” so basically he’s saying Benn’s going to fight dirty.

  5. as an actual homo, i think dern is waaaaay more attractive than brian. something about his face is kinda uggo but i can't put my finger on it

  6. Tony the type of guy to make a terminally ill kid do a 1 hour workout via facetime.

  7. Assembled in America, forged by some massively underpayed Taiwanese person who probably spends around 90hrs a week in a factory

  8. You’re implying the shitty slave culture also extends to Taiwan, which it doesn’t. Again, you’re mistaking China for Taiwan.

  9. You look 47 my dude, that haircut ain’t doing you any favours either.

  10. It’s a fight they both wanted, both were looking to fight strikers in a fun fight, Wonderboy doesn’t have championship aspirations anymore and Holland realizes he’ll never be a champion because of how far behind his grappling is. I’m glad big mouth was all talk, he’s an entertaining guy to have on the roster.

  11. lol anti-gun laws don't stop people from having guns bud.

  12. It’s the sad truth. When I worked in the downtown core, I can easily find someone that can get me a gun for a reasonable price. Knowing that scared the shit out of me, because if an average Joe like me with no gang ties or anything can even source an illegal firearm whats to stop people that do live that life from getting one?

  13. Who is Schaub cool with still? It’s bad when you lose all your friends. Pretty soon he’s gonna start posting motivation memes that say he doesn’t need that type of energy in his life.

  14. I always thought Schaub was at least smart enough to not bite that hand that feeds him (Rogan) but Schaub must feel like a big boy now and don’t need the endorsement of daddy Rogan anymore. We’ll see how it plays out.

  15. The groceries were a counter-weight for the momentum of his other punch which allows him to reset quicker and throw again with the same arm with the same power.

  16. I have no idea why that subreddit was recommended to me but from what I seen it’s boys flexing that they have girlfriends, posting holding hands pictures or other stupid teenage stuff.

  17. Hey it’s only gay if you’re receiving so in her defence only one of those guys is gay and she will more than likely claim it was mutants the west created in a lab hidden in Ukraine

  18. "...and made sure to photograph it so I could post it online for internet points."

  19. Is he even a good person if he DOESNT take a photo and post onto Reddit for proof?

  20. Don’t fuck around they might actually do this

  21. There’s already rumours about this ever since people heard about rumours of Apple getting rid of the sim tray, which turned out to be true with the 14.

  22. Alexa grasso beats Ariana grande any day cause you know Alexa can cook that bomb ass Mexican food on the reg, Ariana is never going to cook shit for you no matter how hard you dick her down.

  23. All she gonna do is talk about how Mac Miller did it better than you.

  24. You can connect your game to Game Center on iOS if you’re worried about progress loss. I would also try again tmrw for your SS ID if you’re not receiving it yet.

  25. Am I a sick bastard because I wanted to watch him die and disappointed he didn’t?

  26. Only 2 types of people actually say this, those that don’t want to give you any money and those that never had any money.

  27. Joe Rogan is not a MMA fighter, he’s a commentator.

  28. Why tf is the guy who can see the gym getting down voted for clarifying when it's closed? Fucking reddit man

  29. Because he’s clearly wrong. They open on Monday at 5am and don’t close until the end of the week on Friday at 9pm, it’s not 5am-9pm every week day.

  30. Nowadays. They used to always be 24/7.

  31. When’s “use to”? It’s been this way since I’ve first step foot in a 24 hour gym 18 years ago.

  32. I fear for his brain health over the next 10-15 years. The types of shots he took over his career (cro cop head kick immediately comes to mind) will take its toll eventually and I'm afraid we might already be seeing signs of serious CTE.

  33. Might? He’s heavily suffering from the effects of CTE, similar to Gary Goodridge. This is already documented.

  34. I say might because I don't want to fully diagnose someone I don't know and also I'm not a doctor.

  35. There’s a short documentary style video on YouTube recently done by someone about CTE in MMA, it featured a lot of current day Mark Hunt and his health struggles. It’s really sad to see.

  36. They go on sale periodically, I usually grab about 4-6 when they do and stash them in my freezer. Even at $1.50 (which might be what i last saw them for on sale) they’re still handy to have around.

  37. Over here in the Netherlands the cleaning is a seperate company and not a free service, you have to sign up for it and pay. Busted up bins mean they fell into the garbage truck and that happens for 1 of 2 reasons: Too much weight (about 60-80 KG's is the max for us here), or the truck is old and faulty and doesn't grip them as good or it malfunctions and doesn't grip at all. And the faulty truck is probably always on the same route so eventually a lot of bins would get ruined at some point. Replacing them here is free and just 1 phonecall tho.

  38. I’m in Canada, our bins are hand emptied by a guy riding on the back of the truck.

  39. Also in Canada in a city under 90,000 people. We have the fancy trucks that use arms to lift bins and dump them

  40. I’m in the GTA.. I thought those fancy garbage scooping trucks was a US thing only since I’ve only seen men manually chucking bags or dumping bins.

  41. I’ve never watched an exciting Pitbull fight ever.

  42. If that’s your attitude about life you might as well end yours right now too. We all die eventually right?

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